All-rounder Healer Chapter 194: New Things! Let’s Start Considering Things Before I Do Things…

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 It feels like my hands have connected to something.


 Slowly pull out the bag from the magic bag.



“The Water Drop Grimoire?” (Rook)



 This is a Life Magic Grimoire that I got from a temple-like building in a cave. …Legendary heroes also break into a private home from time to time and keep the items, so it’s okay, right? Besides, it seems that it was left unattended for 10 years, and the owner should have already abandoned it. Yeah, it must be.


 …No, that’s not it.



“Why is the [Water Drop] grimoire reacting?” (Rook)



 I was in a state where I could use the Water Drop grimoire that I couldn’t use before, now, I was in a state where I could learn the spell.


 Life Magic is considered the easiest magic, and even if you don’t have the aptitude for it, you can generally learn to use it someday if you keep training. That is what I heard. I don’t know the method of this training, but I assume it is the number of times of practicing magic or receiving the Goddess’ Blessing.


 I only have an aptitude for Light Magic, and although I was able to use Light Source Magic from the beginning, I was not yet able to use any other Life Magic. So after I got the grimoires for the other Life Magic at the temple in the cave, I periodically touched them to see if I could learn them. …However, they had not responded at all, but now it is reacting strongly.


 I think the last time I checked it was a few days ago, but did something happen in the last few days to fulfill the conditions for learning living magic? Or–



“No, no way…” (Rook)



 Removing the Orichalcum ring, I reach for the Water Drop Grimoire again.


 A little nervous, I slowly touched it – there was no reaction.



“Woah…” (Rook)



 Once again, I put on the Orichalcum ring and touch the grimoire, and this time it responds.


 In other words, if I equip the Orichalcum ring, I can learn [Water Drop].


 This is a little… I don’t know how to say it.



“What about the other spells?” (Rook)



 I was curious, so I took out other grimoires from the Magic Bag and checked them.


 The [Breeze] grimoire can be used. I can also use the Grimoire of [Earth Manipulation], [Weight Reduction] grimoire, [Fire Seed] grimoire. The [Dis-Poison] [Strengthen], [Earth Skin] grimoires cannot be used. The [Large Heal] grimoire, can’t also be used.


 I see. I have verified that all of the Life Magic grimoires are usable, but the other grimoires did not respond. Apparently, it is not a super-powerful item that allows all spells to be learned unconditionally.


 I feel both relieved and disappointed.


 I’m happy with it not being a super-strong item, and it’s dangerous and my stomach hurts. I don’t have the power to protect such a precious item at present.



“Well, I’m glad it’s not a super-powerful ability. …Well, am I really glad?” (Rook)



 I think as I look over my notes again.


 There is no general definition of an artifact. However, items that cannot be made by humans are called artifacts.


 Items that humans cannot make… This Orichalcum ring… can humans make things like this?


 It raises the status, makes it possible to learn magic that cannot be learned, and allows me to see things that cannot be seen. This ring might be.


 I don’t know much about Magical Arms, and I don’t know exactly what they are.



“…Isn’t it impossible?” (Rook)



 I don’t recall seeing such items sold in stores. No, I’ve only been to the commoner stores, so maybe if I go to a high-end store, they might have them.


 So far, I have heard about Magical Arms, for example, many of them are items with relatively easy-to-imagine abilities, such as a sword that emits fire, a shield that activates defensive magic, or a knife that emits poison effects like the Paralysis Knife that I used to own. With such items, even if I did not know how to make them, I wonder, “If magical power is converted into fire or poison in some way like a spell.” However, I can’t imagine how the effect of “being able to learn magic faster” is created.



“No, in the first place…” (Rook)



 If the effect of being able to learn magic faster happens, I didn’t channel magic power into the ring, right? It is like a status increase, and this is obviously triggered automatically. But I believe magic tools and Magical Arms had a mechanism that used the magic power of the user or a Magic Crystal to activate.


 …Maybe there is a mechanism for a cursed item that can be activated by using the user’s magical power without consent?


 Hmmm, I’ll have to look deeper into this area.



“Ah!” (Rook)



 Wait a minute. I had thought that this Orichalcum ring had the effect of making me learn magic faster, but is there a possibility that the spells I can learn changes depending on the MND value?


 It is almost certain that MND has been increased by this Orichalcum ring, and the spells that can be learned have increased due to the increase in MND. It could be that.



“Well, I don’t really know for sure.” (Rook)



 Personally, it would be nice to have a system message that says “more magic can be learned because your level has risen”, but if that is the case, it would not be surprising if something like a standard for how long it takes for magic to be learned were more generally known. …However, I have never heard of something like “How much Goddess’ Blessing to learn the spell XX”. In other words, it’s hard to see the trend.



“Maybe it can be determined by the number of Goddess’ Blessing and the numerical value of the parameters like MND…” (Rook)



 To learn the magic of XX, you need at least 10 Goddess’ Blessings and 20 INT.


 But that raises the question of what magical aptitude is, which makes it difficult.



“…I don’t know if I think about it anymore.” (Rook)



 I collapse on the bed and exhale with a huff.


 There is too little information now.


 This world makes it difficult and troubling to get information anyway, doesn’t it? Well, for most people, this kind of information is not important, so I guess that’s why it doesn’t spread. In Japan, I didn’t care what was stuck in the gray bucket on top of the telephone pole, and I still used electricity day in and day out. Maybe there was a little old man running a generator in there, or maybe there was a house mouse generating electricity on a hamster wheel, but I never thought to check it out. I came to a world with a completely different system, so I just bit into what was in front of me like a baby biting into something in its mouth, and I guess it doesn’t matter to the average person in this world.



“Well!” (Rook)



 I raise myself vigorously from the bed.


 So much for the ring discussion for now, I have other things to do now!


 I pick one at random from the grimoires scattered on the bed.



“The Water Drop grimoire?” (Rook)



 I remember seeing water drop magic used by Mel a few times before.


 While reminiscing the nostalgic memories, I turn the pages one by one.


 At the moment I read the last page, the grimoire disappeared in a blaze of flames.




“Okay! Let’s remember everything at once!” (Rook)




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