All-rounder Healer Chapter 197: Let’s Go to the Duke’s Residence!

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 The next day I went out in the morning to continue my experiment.


 Two experiments. One was an experiment to see what happens when magic is poured into the Orichalcum ring, and the other was an experiment using [Earth Manipulation].


 First, I tried to channel magic power into the Orichalcum ring. But nothing happened. In other words, I think there is a high possibility that it is not a Magical Arms. As far as I know, Magical Arms are things that have a mechanism like circuits powered by Magic Crystals or a person’s magic power. If this is the case, then the question becomes whether it is an Artifact or not, but I am not sure about that either, so I will reserve my conclusion for now.


 Next, is the spell [Earth Manipulation].



“Earth, move by my hand, [Earth Manipulation].” (Rook)



 At the same time as the magic was activated, the ground beneath my feet rose about five centimeters.



“…Hmm.” (Rook)



 The effect was indescribably subtle. I feel that it would be faster to dig with a shovel if this is the effect. After all, like other Life Magic, it may be because I have no aptitude or I forcibly learned it, or it only has this limited effect.


 However, while water-type and wind-type Life Magic called matter into existence, earth-type Life Magic only moved the existing soil. What is the difference?



“Well, Holy Earth also created Holy Stones, didn’t it?” (Rook)



 I guess I somehow thought, “It’s Sacred Magic, so anything is possible, right?” I hadn’t really paid much attention to it until now, but when it comes to this, I think Holy Earth is a bit strange. It’s creating matter in my hand.


 After that, I tried the [Earth Manipulation] spell repeatedly, and found that I could move the earth within a radius of about one meter for a moment, just a little bit. And that this magic does not work on gravel or rock.


 If it worked on stone, I could have hollowed out the stone wall and dug a hole or broken the wall, but that didn’t seem to be possible. It seems to have less use than expected. Perhaps it would be more effective if my level were higher.





 The next day, I woke up, cleaned myself up, and headed downstairs to the cafeteria. And there I met up with everyone and left the Clan House.


 Today is the day we finally meet the Duke.


 We walk westward down the main street, making small talk.



“Wow! I’m nervous!” (Seam)



 Ms. Seam shouted as we entered the area of expensive stores.



“Is this everyone’s first time to meet the duke?” (Rook)


“That’s right! I’ve seen him from a distance though.” (Cyrus)



 Mr. Cyrus said.


 Well, of course, it is, isn’t it? Normally, you don’t have much chance to talk to nobles, especially if they are high-ranking nobles like the duke. Ordinary people don’t get a chance to talk to them. I was getting nervous thinking about it!


 In the meantime, I found myself in a familiar place. That is the… mansion.


 At the time of the ghost incident, I went searching for the mansion I saw at the end of the underground tunnel on the surface, and there I found it. The duke’s mansion.


 At that time, I only checked the house and the gate and returned, but today, I can enter the house without any hesitation. It felt strange to think about it.



“I am Cyrus, who was granted an audience today. I would like to ask you to convey my greeting.” (Cyrus)


“I have been informed. Let me guide you.” (Guard)



 When Mr. Cyrus talked to the guard who seemed to be the gatekeeper, the gate opened easily and the guard guided us to our destination.


  I think it would have been a template that the gatekeeper would have insolently refused to let us in, leading to an argument and later to a disappointing ending, but in reality that does not seem to be the case. If the gatekeeper, who is the first person to deal with all the guests, were a dangerous person, there would be a lot of problems, so I guess he or she is chosen to be a decent person.


 As the guard led us along a cobblestone path lined with stone statues of knights holding swords and flowerbeds on either side, we saw the large door to the mansion.


 While walking, I look around.


 On the left, I see a place where several trees are growing. Perhaps that is where the exit of the underground passageway and the pavilion were located. Suddenly, I looked at Lucille, who was walking next to me, and saw that she had no expression on her face, and looked more nervous than usual. We walk around lightly chatting until we arrived here, but that’s not the case now. Well, it’s not that kind of atmosphere. I get the feeling that Mr. Cyrus and Ms. Seam, who are walking in front of us, are nervous too.


 When the guard arrives at the door and knocks on the door, an elderly man who looks like a butler appears from inside. After saying a word or two to the butler, the guard bowed lightly and said, “Well then,” and went back toward the gate.



“Please come in. The duke is waiting for you.” (Butler)



 As I was led into the house, I glanced at the butler’s movements.


 Earlier, when this butler bowed, he lightly placed his right hand on his stomach. And the soldier earlier did the same. Is this a formal etiquette in this country? I can’t be sure just yet.


 We continued walking through the house in silence, with no one speaking, and when we reached the door at the end of the hall, the butler turned around and said,



“This is the duke’s office…. are you ready to enter?” (Butler)



 After the four of us looked at each other and adjusted our appearance, Mr. Cyrus said, “Yes, please.”


 The butler nodded lightly and knocked on the door.



“Come in!” (Voice)


“Excuse me.” (Butler)



 The heavy-looking door was opened with a bang, revealing a luxurious room.


 The floor was covered with a red carpet. And a solid wooden desk. And a red-haired man sitting there.


 The man was sitting on the desk with his fingers crossed and his sharp eyes looking at us.


 This man must be the duke. He indeed looks like Ms. Dalita. And I don’t think he and Lucille look even alike.


 The butler enters the room and says, “Here are the guests, milord”, as he bows deeply to the duke.


 The butler’s right hand is placed in front of his chest.



“It seems that you found a hair of the Golden Dragon.” (Duke)


“Yes, milord! This is it.” (Cyrus)



 Mr. Cyrus took out a neatly folded cloth from his pocket and handed it to the butler, who was standing beside him before we noticed. The butler took it, walked up next to the duke, and handed it to him.


 Apparently, this kind of bucket relay is a formal requirement for aristocrats.


 The duke opened the cloth he had received and picked up the golden thread, the hair of the Golden Dragon, that was inside to verify them.



“It is indeed the hair of a Golden Dragon.” (Duke)


“Father, didn’t I say that I had confirmed it in advance?” (Dalita)



 I looked to the right where the voice was coming from and saw Ms. Dalita sitting on a luxurious couch, sipping from a white porcelain teacup.


 I was so focused on the duke that I did not notice her.


 But still, Ms. Dalita’s tone was a little different from usual, and it felt a little uncomfortable. Normally, I would have thought that she would be speaking in a more informal tone. I wonder if Ms. Dalita is only acting polite when in front of the duke.



“That’s right. Still, I have to see these things with my own eyes.” (Duke)


“My Clan wouldn’t resort to such low levels of deceit.” (Dalita)



 When Ms. Dalita said this a little angrily, the duke took a pause, replied, “That may be so,” and then turned his head toward her.




“Well, you brought it without any problems. I am pleased to see that leaks about the Golden Dragon’s material have been averted. … I will have to offer you a reward. Is there anything you wish for?” (Duke)




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