All-rounder Healer Chapter 198: Wishes and Unexpected Words

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 Hearing the Duke’s words, we all looked at each other unintentionally.


 I had thought that the duke would unilaterally offer money or something that would be a reward and that we would just accept it and be done with it. …Hmmm, it’s not that I hadn’t considered this possibility, but it’s hard to know how much to ask for. …If my request is too high, I’m likely to get stares, and if it’s too low, I’ll lose money. In the first place, this golden dragon’s hair could have a ”market value” like tuna at an expensive sushi restaurant, so it is difficult to determine the standard, and in the end, I think it depends on the person you are talking to.


 Now, what should I do? …Mr. Cyrus spoke first about his wish with a powerful look in his eyes.



“If so, would the duke be willing to make me his knight?” (Cyrus)



 The duke’s eyebrows twitched, and he laced his fingers together on his desk.


 Knight. It is a familiar existence in fantasy, but I don’t know what knights are like in this world, in this country. But somehow, I feel sure that their status is reasonably high, or that they are special.



“I don’t think I can do that. A knighthood is not something one can easily receive.” (Duke)


“…I see.” (Cyrus)



 Mr. Cyrus nodded sadly.


 I’m not sure why knighthood is attractive even to Mr. Cyrus, who is an adventurer that belongs to a clan.



“A knighthood is the exclusive domain of a dukedom, and the responsibility for them rests with the duke that appointed him.” (Rook)



 Dalita waved her hand in a flutter as she explained this.


 Well… isn’t that the way it is? I think it’s normal for the person who gave the authority to take that responsibility. …Ah, but in a normal country, the king, who usually has the highest power gives knighthood. I seem to remember that English soccer players were given knighthoods by the Queen. This country doesn’t have that king, so each of the three dukes gives it, but I guess that’s why the person you knight is attacked by the other dukes if he causes problems, and wouldn’t that be troublesome?


 It kind of feels like the politics of this country is getting a lot more complex because of the semi-distribution of authority.



“Well. …It is going to be difficult to knight you at this moment, but I will give you a chance in the future. If something happens, I will make use of you. We’ll see how well you do then.” (Duke)


“Oh, thank you, milord!” (Cyrus)



 The duke’s words made Mr. Cyrus bow his head greatly.


 Seeing this, the duke nodded his head and said, “Then, does the rest wish the same?” The moment we heard that, Ms. Seam cried out.



“I want to eat the food that the duke is eating!” (Seam)



 Whoa! Hey! This person is really speaking her mind! What is the duke going to do? …If she makes a mistake, I really don’t know what will happen! However, the duke seemed to be more tolerant than I expected, “Oh, I see… well, that can be arranged.” He replied, looking puzzled, and glanced at the butler.


 After the butler made a deep bow, he walked out the door. Ms. Seam, seeing this, gave a small guts pose and murmured, “Yes!”


 Phew… at least the duke didn’t seem to be offended. What a relief…


 But maybe this was a good thing. I think I would have been on the route to becoming a knight if I hadn’t done that. At this point, I don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a knight, so I can’t make a decision, but I couldn’t say, “No, I don’t wish to become a knight.”


 Now, what should I ask for?



“…I want to read books.” (Lucille)



 While I was wondering what to ask for, Lucille, who was sitting next to me, said what she wanted.


 It’s a wish very much like Lucille. I also want information, which may be a good idea.



“Oh, books. I’ll give you access to the duke’s library, but you’re not allowed to take them out.” (Duke)


“Thank you.” (Lucille)



 The duke smiled a little when Lucille bowed her head.


 It seems that the duke’s library will be opened to us. I can’t think of anything else to wish for, so I might as well take advantage of it.


 I told him that “I wanted to see the books in the library too”, and he replied with something I hadn’t expected.



“You too… Well, you can’t.” (Duke)


“Eh?” (Rook)



 I shouted out unintentionally and looked at Lucille. She looked surprised. I should have the same look on my face.


 What does this …… mean? I didn’t think I was the only one who was turned down. …… The duke was not happy with the idea. Or is there something else?


 Could it be that the Duke “knows” about Lucille?



“Father?” (Dalita)


“Some books in the library cannot be easily shown to others.” (Duke)


“Then why did you allow Lucille to see them?” (Dalita)


“…No, it’s no good. You can ask for something else.” (Duke)



 Looking towards the duke and Dalita, he shook his head a little while looking at her.


 …I mean, there’s a very tense feeling in the air. Lucille and everyone look a little confused. However, there would be a big disadvantage if I force myself, or there is no point of negotiation that I can take advantage of. We have no choice but to keep quiet.


 Anyway, I have to ask for something else… That’s right.



“May I watch the Knights practice?” (Rook)


“That would be fine. Dalita, guide him.” (Duke)


“I understand.” (Dalita)



 I let out a relieved sigh as my shoulders relaxed.


 I couldn’t think of any other good ideas. I’m not sure what I could ask for after all, so it’s difficult. I would have been happy with money, but I wanted to get information and experience that money couldn’t buy. As I was thinking about it, I remembered that Mr. Cyrus had mentioned before that there was a family that “taught swordsmanship to the knights”, and I became interested.


 Most of the adventurers I had seen in my life had honed their skills in actual combat. While they may have learned how to grip and swing a sword from their parents or older adventurers when they were young, not many of them had studied martial arts in earnest.


 When I think back to my days in Japan, most of the swordsmanship skills I learned at home were concentrated on how to avoid or repel an opponent’s sword and how to hit the opponent’s vital point with my own sword. For example, there is no such thing as a martial arts technique to defeat a Great Boar that appeared in Rankfurt at the time of the Stampede. The only way to defeat the Great Boar is to raise one’s own power and endurance by raising one’s level. I imagine that this is why adventurers in this world do not try to learn martial arts very often.


 However, it is said that the knightly orders, which have many opportunities to fight against others, are learning martial arts against others.



 I think it would be great to be able to observe this firsthand.




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