All-rounder Healer Chapter 2: My Game Companions

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 A few seconds after he disappeared, I exhaled, “Whew…,” and then I felt like I stepped on a soft floor, confused by the sensation of being instantly back in my lower body.


 Apparently, I could speak again and move my legs.


  I closed my eyes lightly and tried to remember “him”.


 He told us the bare minimum… of what we needed to know, but it gave us an understanding of who he was and what we were up against.


 Anyway, we should check two things right now. First, we need to check our surroundings. Moreover, what appeared when he said, “Look”? I had to check the translucent board that was floating in front of me, following me as I moved.


 I scurried around to check my surroundings.


 I could not tell when my feet were frozen, but there were over a hundred people in the white space. We were not evenly lined up but seemed to be sorted into groups of several individuals.


 I could not see anything but people in this pure white space. If I needed to check anything, it would be people, and this tightly packed group must have some meaning.




 I check the people around me again.


 There were six people around me. The first was a tall, muscular man who looked to be around thirty years old. The second was a handsome blond guy who looked like a playboy. The third was a petite girl with twin-tails who looked to be in her teens. The fourth is a middle-aged man with a medium build. The fifth was an overweight man in his twenties. They were all looking at each other with confused expressions on their faces. I probably have a similar expression.


 Yeah, what can I say about them…? Who are they…?


 To be frank, I do not remember meeting any of them. I do not know who they are at all.



“Can I have a word?” (Tall Guy)



 First, the tall man talked to us.


“There was no point in remaining silent. Why do not we introduce ourselves to each other for now?” (Tall Guy)


 He suggests to everyone.


 However, as if to interrupt him, the handsome man spoke up from the side.


“No, wait a minute. Isn’t that voice ‘Masa’ by any chance?” (Playboy)


 People around me also say, “That is right.”


 I somehow understood what they are saying.


“Oh… so you’re “Tanupon”, is that right?” (Tall Guy => Masa)


“Yes, that is correct, I am Tanupon. Moreover, that girl there is Kanon, right? The fat guy with the glasses is Wota, and the boring guy over there is Bishop…? In addition, that old guy over there is… Elfman?” (Playboy => Tanupon)


 Looked around everyone’s faces while saying.



 “I do not like this…” (Rook)





 So that is what you think of my appearance?” (Tanupon)


 However, when Tanupon raised his hand lightly with a wry smile. It affirmed that this person would not change even if we came to such a place. He called “Wota” who is screaming in anger beside me.


“Listen! I always say that my name is Ricchan LOVE! Wota is not my name!” (Wota)


“Because it is too long to call. The name before LOVE changes regularly. Before this, it was Haru LOVE, and before that, it was Chi LOVE? It is too much trouble, why do not you just call you Wota.” (Tanupon)


“It is not good! Ricchan is…” (Wota)


 You cannot help but smile at the usual banter. I am not sure what to make of it, but I think it is a good idea. It seems that I was a little nervous.


 From the side, I think I heard a voice saying, “My name is not Elfman, but Henrik Strombus III,” but I ignored it for the time being because everything seemed to be getting out of control.



“That is it. For now, we do not have time for this. If it is the members of ‘Nine of Dawn’ that are here, we can talk quickly. Right now, we need to discuss this as soon as possible.” (Masa)



 The leader, Masa, quickly summarized the situation.



The “Nine of Dawn”. That is the name of our clan in the MMORPG ListAge. The leader, Masa, is a knight and a tank, Tanupon is a grappler and a physical attacker, Kanon is a Mage and a magic attacker, Elfman is a ranger and a debuffer, and Wota is a warlock and a buffer. In addition, I, Bishop, was the Priest and healer.


 It may be difficult to understand, but Bishop is my character’s name, Priest is my profession, and my role is the healer.


 In addition, since I was always talking in voice chat, they knew my voice but not my face. That is how it seems.


 By the way, although we are called “Nine”, there are actually not nine members. The same logic applies to a certain idol group with the number 48, but not 48 members. [T/N: The reference is for AKB48. Google sensei has more info.]



“So, Masa. What’s the problem with not having enough time?” (Kanon)


 Kanon the only woman group talked.


 She is always bright, but for now, she has only said a few words. As with the anomaly of this situation, this should be the first time we have met in real life, as we are always talking in voice chat, and she cannot help but be nervous.


 First, I think it is difficult to know if this situation is really real or not.



“I guess so. For now, I want you to look at the upper left part of this translucent board that is floating in front of you, like a game window screen. No, before that, is this floating in front of everyone’s eyes properly? I am sure it is fine from your perspective, but I can’t seem to see other people’s boards.” (Masa)



 Taking a closer look at the upper left part that Masa says. It says 1-49-15. The next moment, it changed to 1-49-14.


 In other words, this is…


“Do you understand? Those numbers, it is a timer… I think it is reasonable to think of it as some kind of time limit. If so, then we should have to do something within this period, and now we should use our time effectively.” (Masa)


 While listening to Masa’s voice, everyone is trying to touch the translucent board.


 This board— I will call it a window because it is complicated. What is written on this is [Avatar] [Ability] [Item] [Reincarnation], the characters [SP100] at the top, and the time on the upper left. Only. If you think about it normally, you should create a character like a game and literally reincarnate somewhere with [Reincarnation].


I lightly touch the character of [Avatar]. Then, all the characters disappeared, and my stylized full-body view and various items came to be displayed.



“For now, it is best not to touch the word [Reincarnation] until the very last second. I do not think it is designed to be user-friendly, judging from that guy’s attitude. It is possible that the moment you touch it, you’ll be reincarnated with or without asking.” (Masa)


 Tanupon freaked out at Masa’s words and withdrew his hand.


 It seems that he tried to touch it without thinking about it.


 After glancing at him, Masa continues to talk.


“I did some quick research, and it looks like you can do something like character building, which is common in games. In short, I guess you can talk to each other in time to create a character and reincarnate somewhere in the world. –And.” (Masa)



 Masa cut off his words once and looked around at all of us before continuing.



“It must mean something when we are grouped like this. It is not like we do not know each other, so why do not we work together as we did with ListAge?” (Masa)




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