All-rounder Healer Chapter 202: Traces of Japanese in Unexpected Places

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“Then… on the right.” (Mimi)



 Ms. Mimi is leading the way with a map.


 This cave used to be a mine, and it is so intricate that we would get lost without a map.


 I had learned how to read the dwarven map symbols from Mr. Borok, but those symbols indicated the exit and direction to the back of the cave, and following them did not necessarily lead us to the dwarven village.



“There are monsters ahead.” (Mimi)



 Mimi stopped, looking beyond the darkness.



“How many?” (Gordo)


“Three, Fungus.” (Mimi)


“I see.” (Gordo)



 When Mr. Gordo hears that much, he walks with Stasta.


 Everyone else hears it and proceeds as if nothing had happened.


 Fungus, how nostalgic… it was the staple food and main dish when I was in the dwarven village… It is a memory I don’t want to recall that much after all.


 But how did Ms. Mimi figure out the monsters in the dark? I don’t think she could see or hear anything beyond the darkness.



“Hmm.” (Gordo)



 Ahead of us, Mr. Gordo had knocked down three Fungus without even having to pull out his sword with a triple combo of back fist and straight from a spinning kick to the Fungus.


 As Mimi said, there really were three Fungus. Neither Gordo nor the others had any pretense of doubting it, and maybe they understood that Mimi had that kind of ability.



“I’ll just pull out the magic stone and move on.” (Gordo)


“Got it.” (Mimi)



 When you defeat a monster in the field, it is best to bury or otherwise clean up the corpse so that it does not become food for other monsters, but if that is not possible, it seems to be a rule of thumb to remove only the magic stone. Since leaving it inside the monster’s body may cause it to become undead.


 I had to go through the cave several times while defeating Fungus, but each time Mr. Gordo and the others would kill them instantly. But I began to wonder if I, the newest of all the newcomers, should be taking it easy and not doing anything. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable, so I decided to step forward and join in the battle, when I heard a voice from an unexpected place.



“Oh, mage don’t move too far forward.” (Sem)



 It was Count Moss.


 I thought about making some kind of rebuttal, but I didn’t think it would be a good idea against the Count, so I simply said, “Yes,” and withdrew.


 I’ve been doing it solo for a long time, and even in parties I’ve been fighting in the front, but I don’t think I’ve ever been treated as a complete rearguard. It’s a bit new to me, but that’s because in this world, there are RPG rules like, “Mages can only wear light clothes!” Even if you can use magic, you have to wear armor to increase your defense. There is no such rule as “You can’t use magic without a staff! In other words, there is no concept of a vanguard or rear guard among adventurers, and everyone is considered to have to fight at least a little in the front. However, I think I have heard that some high-ranking mages specialize completely in the rear guard, or that in the military, the vanguard and rear guard are operated separately, so there are cases where mages specialize in the rear guard. So it is not strange that Count Moss, who belongs to a knighthood, is aware of this, but then I thought about it and realized.


 I’m wearing armor but a robe over it, and even though I have a dagger at my waist, I’ve been holding a staff ever since my spear broke, so this is clearly a rear-guard type of outfit, right? I’m clearly a mage! Isn’t it no wonder that with this I would be considered a specialized rear-guard type of mage?


 Come to think of it, I was dressed like this the last time I observed the knights practicing. Count Moss would have thought that I was a young mage who came to observe the knighthood, and if I had been rude, I might have resulted in a negative impression that I was a mage who came to chill out and kill some time there. It is understandable that Count Moss’s attitude at that time was cold and indifferent.



“That’s why the ‘event of being challenged to a fight’ never happened… ” (Rook)



 When I went to watch him practice, he said, “You try it, too!”, a classic mock battle trope would start with an event trigger.


 If I was dressed as an ordinary adventurer, that might have happened, but with their opponent looking like this, if I had won, I would just come out as a mage kid winning in a mock battle. That would only be a shameful loss 100 points on everyone’s reputation. I can’t do that.


 I feel like we should resolve this misunderstanding, but I don’t know how to say it. I feel like I’m thinking too much in the first place, and it’s difficult…


 We walked for a few hours while thinking about this. The air around me became damp, and soon I heard the loud sound of water.



“We’re here.” (Mimi)



 When we turned right down the path and saw a tremendous spray of water at the end of the road.



“It’s amazing…” (Mimi)


“Did you really pass through here?” (Gordo)



 I miss it. I feel like have come back.


 I know, because I’ve been through here before, but that spray is a waterfall, and ahead of it is the dwarven village where Mr. Borok lives.



“The waterfall ahead stops at a certain cycle so that a path can be formed. According to our calculations, that should be around the time the day changes. Until then, please take a rest.” (Mimi)



 Ms. Mimi said that, pulled a drawstring bag out of the pocket of her maid’s uniform and began to take out supplies from it.


 Apparently, this was Mimi’s magic bag. I heard that magic bags don’t have a specific shape, but they are very different from mine.


 Everyone was sitting or lying down on the ground to rest, so I took out my cloak from my backpack, laid it on the ground, and sat down on it.



“So long.” (Seam)



 Ms. Seam sat down on the ground and said this.


 It certainly feels like it’s already been more than ten hours since we left Arnorn.



“According to the literature, we haven’t reached midway yet.” (Mimi)


“What~? No way…” (Seam)



 Hmmm…it’s true, we haven’t even reached the dwarven village yet, and we still have a long way to go.


 More than that.



“According to the literature, is there such a book? Wasn’t this top secret? ” (Rook)



 When I heard that, Lucille tilted her head as if thinking for a moment and said, “I’ve read the top-secret material.”


 It’s kind of curious, but it’s better not to ask too deeply… At any rate, I responded, “I see…”


 I heard an unfamiliar clicking sound and turned my head to see Mimi placing a pot on top of a square box and pressing her fingers into the round protrusions on the sides of the box.


 Then flames burst from the top of the box.



“That thing!” (Rook)



 I hurried up and observed.


 It was a square metal box about 30 centimeters on a side and about 10 centimeters high. At the top of the box was a trivet-like thing, and a fire was shooting out of it. This is–



“What’s the matter Mr. Rook?” (Mimi)


“Oh, Ms. Mimi! What is this!?” (Rook)


“This? It’s a kind of magic tool and is called a [Stove].” (Mimi) [T/N: They said “Konro” a.k.a. Hibachi grill.]


“Stove?” (Rook)



 Isn’t this Japanese? Could it be that it was developed by a Japanese who had been transferred?



“It is convenient to use fire immediately anywhere, but it consumes a lot of magic stones and is not commonly used, so it may be rare.” (Mimi)


“Do you know who made this?” (Rook)



 Mimi thought for a moment and then answered, “I don’t know that much.


 The maker or founder must be Japanese, because of the name. I never thought I would find traces of similar reincarnators in such a place as this…



“The soup is ready, please come and get it.” (Mimi)



 I noticed that a delicious smell was wafting from the pot on the stove.



“It looks good!” (Dalita)


“It’s nice to have hot soup outside.” (Trisun)



 Dalita and Trisun were pouring soup into the cups they had brought.


 I also took a cup out of my backpack and asked Mimi to pour it for me. Then I soaked the black bread that was handed to me in the soup and threw it into my mouth.


 Could it be that one of Masa and the others developed the stove? I can’t deny that possibility, but I can’t say for sure either. It is said that there were other Japanese in that white place before we reincarnated, and it is also possible that there were Japanese who were reincarnated before us.



 But it seems worth looking into.




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