All-rounder Healer Chapter 203: Reunion with Borok-san

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 A few hours later, the waterfall suddenly stopped and the end of the cave became visible.



“Let’s move.” (Mimi)



 Mimi urged us all to go out of the cave, and we were met with the same view we had seen one day.


 In total darkness, the waterfall basin surrounded by steep cliffs and two moons shining faintly on it. It was a beautiful sight, a little frightening at the same time.


 I was back here again.



“Wow……” (Seam)


“Did the water really stop? How does it work?” (Lucille)



 We all scurried around and proceeded to the cave on the opposite cliff.


 After walking along the road for a while, the dwarven village finally came into view.


 I really miss this place. I didn’t think I would ever be able to come back.


 In the pitch darkness, relying on the magical light of the light source, we proceeded along a road lined with stone houses, until we came to a house where light was leaking through a wooden window. I knew this house well. It is Mr. Borok’s house. The fact that light was leaking out of the window meant that he was probably at home.


 Ms. Mimi knocked on the door of the house and heard the presence of someone inside, and the door opened to reveal a familiar face.



“I thought I heard a lot of noise, but it’s you.” (Borok)


“It’s been a long time, Master Borok.” (Mimi)


“What’s the deal with such a large group of people? Well, Gordo and Count Moss… well there’s even Rook?” (Borok)


“It’s been a long time, Mr. Borok.” (Rook)


“This isn’t just some normal visit… huh. Come in for the time being.” (Borok)





“I see, it is the Golden Dragon… No wonder the atmosphere in the cave has changed.” (Borok)



 Ms. Mimi told Mr. Borok all about the current situation and he let out a deep sigh.


 He then looked around at our faces and continued.



“So, you want to enter the Golden Dragon’s nest, and you want me to show you around?” (Borok)


“Generally, as you might have expected.” (Mimi)


“Hmm……” (Borok)



 After muttering this, Mr. Borok stroked his beard while crossing his arms with a difficult look on his face as he began thinking about something.



“What’s the matter, Uncle Borok? Is there something wrong?” (Gordo)



 Mr. Gordo raises his voice, perhaps because he was unsettled by Mr. Borok, who fell into an uncomfortable silence.



“There’s nothing wrong! That place is not a nice place you can just enter on a whim. Don’t you know that?” (Borok)


“Hey, that’s something ridiculous to say for the person who went to that place, you know?” (Gordo)


“Well… I was young and naive.” (Borok)


“Is there a reason why we can’t go to the Golden Dragon’s Nest, Master Borok? I am sure you understand the importance and danger of the Golden Dragon’s nest, but there is no Golden Dragon there now. This investigation is a direct request from the Duke, so I can’t just leave without doing anything…” (Mimi)



 Ms. Mimi said with a slightly puzzled look on her face.


 This is the first time I saw Ms. Mimi’s face with an expression like this is.



“…is this really decided by the Duke himself?” (Borok)


“Master Borok, that I guarantee. This is certainly commanded by the Duke.” (Sem)



 Count Moss assured him emphatically.



“…Elk passed away without telling his son anything about it. I told him to tell the next generation about that place… but he died suddenly, as I recall. So the succession—” (Borok)



 Elk was the name of the former duke, I believe. The diary had also suddenly stopped being updated and ended. Lucille’s existence should not have been made public because of that.


 But what kind of place is the nest of the Golden Dragon? My interest was piqued.



“I guess I have no choice. I will guide you. But each one of you must not tell anyone about that place, okay? And be sure to report the details to the Duke.” (Borok)



 Mr. Borok then said, “I’ll go get ready,” and retreated to the back of the room.


 Mr. Gordo, who saw off his back, asked a question.



“Hey. The Golden Dragon’s lair is off-limits because we don’t want to provoke the Golden Dragon, right?” (Gordo)


“Yes, that’s what I heard.” (Mimi)



 Mimi answered his question.


 The two looked at each other and then at Ms. Dalita.



“None, I heard that from my father, too. What about you, Grandpa Sem?” (Dalita)


“I’m the same… Well, as I recall, the former duke said something about ‘many problems within the Golden Dragon’s nest’ or something like that…” (Sem)



 Hmmm, I feel like the conversation is going in a slightly different direction than I expected, but is it my imagination?


 Let’s get something straight.


 The Golden Dragon’s nest is a treasure trove of Golden Dragon materials, mainly scales and hairs.


 However, it is usually off-limits because it is dangerous to provoke the Golden Dragon.


 In the first place, only Mr. Borok knows the way there, so it is usually inaccessible.


 Now that the golden dragon is away, it is likely to be relatively safe to enter the nest.


 Mr. Borok has succeeded in the past.


 The current timing is a great opportunity to investigate and collect materials.


 But if Mr. Borok doesn’t want to do it, is there some other problem?







“Ready to go?” (Borok)



 So we leave the dwarven village with Mr. Borok and head back down the road.


 It seems that the path leading to the Golden Dragon’s nest is near the waterfall.



“Mr. Borok, it’s been a long time. ” (Rook)



 I hadn’t been able to greet Mr. Borok properly because I had been busy with various things since I returned here, so I greeted him again as we proceeded through the cave.



“Oh Rook, it’s been a long time. You’ve been caught up in all this again…” (Borok)


“Well, it’s because Mr. Borok recommended me. ” (Rook)



 The reason I was selected for such an important assignment was mostly because of Mr. Borok. If Mr. Borok had not written so many things in his letter, this would not have happened.



“Mr. Borok, why did you recommend me to the clan? ” (Rook)


“…I can’t afford to overlook you… Especially with such potent recovery magic.” (Borok)



 Well, that might be true. I have cured the Death Dust illness that Borok said could not be cured by magic.


 I had also considered the possibility that Mr. Borok would think I was weird. But I didn’t choose to abandon Mr. Borok, and even if he thought I was weird, I thought that with Mr. Borok, who was hiding deep in the mountains, would not have that much effect, and even if Mr. Borok did had some influence. I was planning to leave the town of Arnorn soon, so I thought it wouldn’t be a problem.


 As it turned out, though, there was a big problem.



“What is in the Golden Dragon’s nest, Mr. Borok?” (Rook)



 I asked him what was on my mind at the moment.



“…You might not believe it even if I say it here. Since you’ve come this far, you’ll understand when you see it in person. You can’t tell anyone what you saw there, got it?” (Borok)



 Mr. Borok said that and looked forward again.



 Hmmm, this sounds a bit worrisome, but what could it be?




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