All-rounder Healer Chapter 205: The Golden Dragon’s Nest, Huh?

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“Are you okay?” (Rook)


“Oh, it is just a little cut.” (Dalita)



 When I looked at Ms. Dalita’s arm, I saw that it was split open and blood was seeping out.


 The actuality that this is the extent to which you can get away with this even though you have been hit by a Killer Mantis that can cut down even trees is a testament to the power of the Goddess’ Blessing.



“Light healing [Heal].” (Rook)



 And with my recovery magic, the wound is restored to its original state. It’s a fantasy world after all.


 After that, we proceeded through the forest along the river while defeating Killer Mantis and Fungus, and when the sun was setting, we decided to camp in an open area. Apparently, we were not quite there yet.



“Earth, become a wall that protects me [Stone Wall].” (Borok)



 When Mr. Borok uses magic, the ground rises and a large wall is created.


 This is the same magic that was used to stop the monsters from attacking during the stampede at Rankfurt.


 Mr. Borok built several walls in a circle, similar to Stonehenge.



“Did you bring some insect repellent?” (Borok)


“Yes, I have them.” (Mimi)


“Do you need fire?” (Borok)


“That would be nice.” (Mimi)



 After such a conversation between Mr. Borok and Ms. Mimi, Ms. Mimi took out a cloth bag from her Magic Bag.



“Then everyone, we have decided to use fire, so please go gather firewood.” (Mimi)



 That being said, So I looked around.


 Fortunately, there were fallen trees and branches everywhere in the forest, so there was no shortage of things to burn.


 When I returned to the fire, I found that a bonfire had been built in the center of Stonehenge, and Mimi was spreading powder from a cloth bag into the fire. The powder crackled in the fire and burned with a roar.



“Burning this powder produces smoke that insect monsters don’t like, so the person in charge of the fire must keep burning the right amount.” (Mimi)



 I see. Is it a mosquito repellent-like effect? I wondered what the ingredients were.


 I was curious, so I put my hand into the bag placed near the fire and took out the powder within, the grains were unexpectedly larger for a powder, there were some dried leaves and stems that were crushed into small pieces. It looked like dried leaves or stems of something that would be delicious sprinkled on pasta, like dried basil often sold in supermarkets.



“What kind of leaf is this?” (Rook)


“Well, you’d have to ask an apothecary but… I don’t think they will tell you.” (Cyrus)



 Mr. Cyrus replied.


 Well, I guess so. That’s what they do for a living.


 As I was doing so, Mimi came walking toward me.



“This time we are going to use fire because there are insect monsters in the area and we have insect repellent, but please be careful because fire can attract monsters, especially intelligent monsters. Especially intelligent monsters are not afraid of fire.” (Mimi)


“I understand.” (Rook)



 That’s right. Thinking about it, it was forest wolves that used to haunt the road from Rankfurt to the forest village where we camped before, and I think it was right to use fire, but it might not have made sense if these were goblins or other monsters with some intelligence. But…



“Um, if we don’t use fire, how can we be on the lookout for monster attacks?” (Rook)



 Fire, in essence, is also a light, and without it, it would be pitch black, and in total darkness, it should be difficult to detect the presence of an enemy.



“It depends on the person and the case. For example, if there is an Earth Attribute magic user, it is one way to surround the area with a stone wall.” (Mimi)



 Saying this, Ms. Mimi glanced at the surroundings.


 There are a number of Stone Walls made by Mr. Borok in the surrounding area, leaving no space between them.


 I see… we can surround it with Stone Walls without leaving any gaps. That is certainly one way to go.



“Then there’s also the magic to know the location of the monsters, you know?” (Mimi)


“I see… Ms. Mimi, can you use that kind of magic?” (Rook)


“Well, I don’t know?” (Mimi)



 Then she left me hanging. It’s not considered a compliment among adventurers to pry into people’s abilities or try to find out their trump cards, so I’ll stop there.


 Well… Is Ms. Mimi an adventurer in the first place? Isn’t she a maid? No, a maid would have never come to a place like this, haha. …Well, that’s fine. That kind of magic was not in the grimoires I saw before, but I guess it exists after all. So, does that mean that the reason Ms. Mimi seemed to know my movements during the ghost thing before had something to do with that magic? According to what I saw earlier, Ms. Mimi’s strongest attribute is Darkness. I associate the word “darkness” with a stealth and spying…



“A strong adventurer has several means of protecting himself, you see. At lower ranks, where such means are not yet available, encamping on their own can be fatal, so be careful. If you are going to camp out, it is safer to gather a large number of people like this.” (Mimi)



 Ms. Mimi looked like a senior adventurer as she said this.


 And somehow, she reminded me of Mr. Hans, who was quite far from how she looked.





 In the morning, we departed, throwing the dried meat that had been handed out into our mouths.


 I remember what we talked about yesterday.


 At first, when I heard that this many people would be going to the Golden Dragon’s nest, I thought it was a bit too many. Some games had a mysterious rule that only a certain number of individuals could participate in a battle even though there were others in the carriage. I guess I had a bias that a party in a fantasy world should be made up of a certain number of people.


 When we camped on the road from Rankfurt to the forest village before, there were only four of us, so we didn’t sleep well, but this time there were nine of us, so the watch time was shorter and much easier. It is also less stressful on the body. If it was just for one day, we could manage with a small number of people, but in an environment like this, where the encampment continues, it might be tough without a certain number of people.


 Or, as Mimi said, we could become strong adventurers and learn how to protect ourselves.


 I mean, if we want to enter unexplored areas and search for ruins in the future, such means of protection are essential. Skills, magic, items, etc. that can be used when camping alone or with a small group.


 I think I’m beginning to see the direction I should aim for in the future.



 After a few hours of going through the forest while defeating monsters like that, I began to see light in the depths of the forest, which had been dimly lit, and suddenly the forest opened up and I could see the sky.



“Oh, that is…” (Someone)



 Someone shouted in surprise.


 A lake spread out all over. Green grasslands. Mountains with bare rock surfaces.



“Wait a minute! Hey, uncle, what’s that? I haven’t heard anything about that!” (Gordo)



 Mr. Gordo shouted at Mr. Borok.


 Beyond the green meadow. At the end of a slow slope, there was a building. A stone building.


 At the top of the hill, on the side of the mountain’s face, was a town.


 There was a town made of stone buildings.



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