All-rounder Healer Chapter 206: God of Light and God of Darkness

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“You’ll understand when you see it in person.” (Borok)



 With that said, Mr. Borok began to move forward alone.


 Hmm… from everyone’s reactions, it seems they didn’t know there was a town here. No, I don’t think they would have known that the golden dragon’s lair was in a place like this to begin with. At first I thought it was like a cave or a huge bird’s nest.


 Following Mr. Borok, we all walked to the town.


 Looking around, we saw a large stone sluice gate on a large lake connected to the river. It was now open.


 Did the waterfall stop when that sluice was closed?


 We continued walking for a while and finally arrived in front of the town.



“Is this place… abandoned? These ruins?” (Rook)



 The walls surrounding the town were made of gray stones of uniform size and shape, but they were crumbling in places. The cobblestone streets, which must have been well-maintained in the past, now have grass growing between the stones, indicating that no people or carriages have passed through here in a long time. The gate at the entrance to the town is also gone, perhaps in decay, and it is hard to imagine anyone living here.


 I try to brush the dust off the stones on the wall near the entrance.


 It is gray, large enough for a person to carry, and appears to be uniform in size. Normally, when a stone wall is built, it is constructed by combining stones of different sizes that are easy to carry. In fact, this has been the case in the towns I have seen so far, and I think it is the norm in this world as well. Here, however, the walls are built with large stones.


 I have seen this kind of structure only once before. It was the ruins between Rankfurt and the Forest Village. I felt the structure was similar to the one there.


 We all passed through the gate and entered the town.


 The buildings in the town had missing roofs, collapsed, and moss growing on their surfaces, and it was certain that they had been abandoned for at least 10 years. No, it may be in the order of 100 years if not more. If Ms. Dalita and Lucille, who have easy access to the history of this country, do not know of the existence of this place, such a possibility would be more likely.


 This place may have been abandoned here since before the founding of the Republic of Canadaira, or even before the establishment of the Kingdom of Canadaira.


 I looked next door and saw Lucille scribbling on a piece of paper while investigating something in front of a house.


 I wondered if this place had sparked her curiosity.



“Is this an ancient ruin…?” (Gordo)


“Maybe it is.” (Borok)



 Mr. Borok did not turn around, but answered Mr. Gordo’s question.



“Then why hasn’t this been reported? If we had known that something like this existed, we could have taken the opportunity to organize a large, formal investigation team! Let’s look into this place and see what we can find… ” (Sem)



 Count Moss said with regret in his tone.



“I reported it to the former duke. But Elk didn’t put it in writing and didn’t tell his heir until the last minute. The result is what we have now.” (Borok)



 The pattern is that he did not tell his heirs until the very last minute, and when he thought everything was still fine, he died suddenly and was unable to pass on the information. This is a common story in the traditional crafts and martial arts of the past. In order to prevent the leakage of information, the tradition is passed down from one generation to the next, and as a result, important skills are lost forever because they cannot be passed on due to unforeseen accidents, etc.



 Mr. Borok nudged his chin in a direction saying, “Follow me,” and he moved toward the mountains behind the town.


 Following Mr. Borok’s lead, we followed a moss-covered path that must have once been the main street, climbed a flight of stairs, and proceeded deeper into town, where we came upon a large cave on a cliff-like mountain face. On either side of the cave, large stone pillars stood to the depths of the cave, making the place look like a temple built in a cave.



“A temple of the Holy Church? I didn’t expect to find it in a place like this.” (Cyrus)


“Many books said that the Holy Church has existed for thousands of years. It would not be surprising if there was a temple of the Holy Church in the ancient ruins. ” (Lucille)



 Lucille replied to Mr. Cyrus’s musings.


 Mr. Borok lowered the backpack on his back and pulled out a cloth bag from inside.



“The actual Golden Dragon’s nest just up ahead. Rub Fuzz Grass all over your body so as not to irritate the Golden Dragon when it returns.” (Borok)



 Saying this, Mr. Borok took a handful of powder from a cloth bag and tossed it to me..



“What is Fuzz Grass?” (Rook)


“It’s an odor remover. Some monsters have a good sense of smell, so it’s very useful.” (Borok)


“I don’t smell!” (Seam)


“Monsters with a good sense of smell can smell things that people can’t. They can smell things that people can’t. Why don’t you just go and pour it on your head!” (Borok)


 Ms. Seam was really angry as powder was thrown on his head.


 Hmmm, guess there is such a thing after all. Such items may also be essential if you want to walk around outside while avoiding monsters. …Well, but I have purification magic, so I may not need it. Well, I can’t use it now, so I should just rub this powder quietly.


After everyone has rubbed the fuzz grass powder on, we go deeper into the temple.


 Sometimes there are small side paths on the side, but we ignore them and walk about 200 meters until we see a light ahead of us. We continued in that direction and came to a large hall with light pouring from the ceiling.


 The ceiling of the cave had disappeared completely, and the place was paved with cobblestones, which were shining in a golden color.


 There were golden scales, hairs, and what appeared to be claws. They were scattered in everywhere, and the sun’s light made them glow with a golden color.



“Wow… Seriously!” (Seam)


“All of these are Golden Dragon materials!?” (Cyrus)



 When Cyrus and Seam nearly dived in, Mr. Borok shouts, “Wait a damn minute!”



“Don’t touch them carelessly. Even if you want to take some home, you can only take a small part so that the Golden Dragon won’t notice.” (Borok)


“As I told you in advance, the Golden Dragon material obtained here will be handed over to the Duke. You are not allowed to take it back without permission.” (Mimi)



 Mimi moves to the hall while her gaze nailing them in place.


 She took one, two, three steps and turned her head to the left.



“……eh?” (Mimi)



 Ms. Mimi stopped and looked surprised.


 Her eyes were glued to one direction.


 That bothered me, so I stepped forward and looked in that direction, too.



“Hmm?” (Rook)



 The thing on the left side of the wall after advancing from the cave. An altar.


 Three on the right side of the altar, and three on the left side. There were six stone statues in total.


 When I glanced at the three stone statues on the left, my eyes were caught by a stone statue of a gentle woman in a robe on the far side.



“Hmm…” (Rook)



 I have seen this statue… somewhere before. Where was it? I can’t remember.



“…That’s what you mean, huh…?” (Mimi)



 Ms. Mimi, who was looking at the stone statue in the same way next to me, said so in a slightly trembling voice.


 When Ms. Mimi turns on her heels, walking in front of Mr. Borok.



“This is the problem, isn’t it?” (Mimi)


“Yes, that’s right. That’s probably going to be a big problem.” (Borok)



 Mimi let out a very deep sigh.



“That’s why I told you to stay out of this place.” (Borok)


“Hey, don’t talk and decide between the two of you, please explain it so that everyone can understand.” (Gordo)


“…Yeah, of course. This is something that everyone here needs to understand.” (Borok)



 Hmm? I don’t really understand. I know that stone statue should have some meaning, but I don’t know what it means.


 I think I recognize the stone statue on the far left…


 Ms. Mimi turned to us and began to talk.



“Don’t you all recognize that stone statue?” (Mimi)


“Hey! I don’t understand at all!” (Gordo)


“Me too!” (Seam)



 Mr. Gordo and Ms. Seam replied lightning speed fast.


 No, it’s not something you should be so proud of! I don’t know either!


 Looking around, it seemed that Mr. Cyrus and Ms. Dalita did not understand either.


 Then Mr. Trisun opened his mouth, raising his hand.



“Is that the statue of the Goddess?” (Trisun)


“Well, it resembles the statue of the Supreme God Tessretia in the church.” (Sem)



 Count Moss agreed.


 Oh, I see! Certainly, the statue on the far left resembles the statue of Tessretia!


 Once you don’t think about it, it’s a statue in a temple and it’s the image of the goddess.



“Yes, it is. That statue is the god of this world, worshipped in the Holy Church. They are probably statues of Tessretia, the supreme goddess, and Frayed, Vines, Wolfe, and Ashes, who preside over the four attributes.” (Mimi)



 I see. I think I have seen such statues in the temple in Elem. I think I saw a statue of Tessretia in the Cave of Death, too. …What?


“Sure, that might be the case. But what’s the matter? It wouldn’t be strange if there was an image of the Goddess in a temple?” (Gordo)


“That’s right, but haven’t you overlooked something?” (Mimi)


“…what do you mean?” (Gordo)


“The supreme god Tessretia who controls Light and the gods who control the four attributes. They are the gods that the Holy Church believes. But how many statues of gods are here?” (Mimi)


“…” (Everyone)



 When Ms. Mimi said that, everyone’s eyes turned to the statues of the gods.



“…They are one too many.” (Rook)



 That’s right. In the church, the statue of Tessretia should have been placed in the center, and the statues of the gods of the four attributes with two statues on the right side and two on the left side. But here, there are three on the right side and three on the left. This is…



“The question is, who is the statue of the man in the right representing?” (Trisun)


“A new god has been found! Don’t we have to do something about that?” (Gordo)


“How unreasonable.” (Dalita)


“That is impossible” (Seam)


“That’s impossible” (Cyrus)


“It is impossible to decide” (Sem)



 Well, I didn’t have much chance to know more about the religions practiced in this world, so I’m not sure, and I don’t know how much this is can cause a problem. I know from everyone’s reaction that it’s a big problem, but how big is it?



“If you think about it theoretically, there is only one god left. Teslaid, the God of Darkness. The god that the demons believe in.” (Lucille)


“…That’s right. That’s a plausible answer, right?” (Mimi)



 Ms. Mimi nodded to Lucille’s words.



“But we don’t believe in the god of darkness in the Holy Church.” (Lucille)


“Then, doesn’t that mean that this is a town of demons?” (Gordo)



 Everyone reacted to Gordo’s words.


 The word “demons” must have a great meaning.


 Lucille shakes her head as she answers.



“According to the literature, demons do not believe in Tessretia, the God of Light. In other words, this place should not be a town of demons.” (Lucille)


“Then what is this place?” (Gordo)


“Yes! That’s why I’m saying it’s a problem in and of itself!” (Borok)


“I don’t know what this place is, but there is no doubt that this temple believed in a different doctrine than the Holy Church of this present time period. In that line of statues… that one, Tessretia and Teslaid are lined up as if they were equal. How would the Holy Church see that…” (Mimi)


“At best, the destruction of this place. At worst, all the witnesses will be–” (Borok)



 Mr. Borok made a gesture like he was slitting his throat with his thumb as he said this.



“It will come at a huge cost.” (Mimi)



“That’s why I told you not to enter this place.” (Borok)




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