All-rounder Healer Chapter 208: New Abilities Gained Down the Mountain and Original Well Scene

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 After descending the mountain, passing through a cave, and riding in a horse-drawn carriage in the Tanla Village, we were again jostled around for several hours before breaking up in the forest near Arnorn.



“Then we will disband here. The reward will be after I report to the Duke. And, I know this may sound a bit harsh, but please don’t tell anyone about what I said. No one will receive anything if someone talks.” (Mimi)


“Yeah.” (Seam)


“I understand”. (Cyrus)


“Now, ladies and gentlemen of the Duke’s family. Will you accompany me later to report to the Duke?” (Mimi)


“Yeah.” (Dalita)


“Of course.” (Sem)



 Ms. Dalita and Count Moss answered, while Mr. Trisun just nodded.


 Then, with the hood of their cloaks deeply pulled over their heads, they disembarked from the carriage and entered the town after some time.


 The town is the same as usual, but it looks unfamiliar to me because I have been away from it for a while.



“I think I’ll take a break for a while. The rewards this time should be good enough!” (Cyrus)


“Me too! I want to go back to my room soon!” (Seam)


“Kyu!” (Shion)


“Oh, does Shion want to do that too?” (Rook)



 So for a while, we took a break from adventuring.


 Walking around town chatting and laughing, I returned to the Clan House and entered my room.



“To the impure, may your soul rest in peace, [Purification].” (Rook)



 At the same time, I purified the dirt from the past few days and used Purification on Shion. When I was with everyone, I couldn’t use it as usual, so I always felt something was wrong. The power of purification is tremendous, and the stickiness and dirt that could not be removed by just wiping it off are completely removed, and it feels great.



“Hmm, I really can’t stop using this.” (Rook)


“Kyu, kyu!” (Shion)



 Shion seemed to feel the same way.


 As I was thinking this, a light rose up from around my body and was absorbed into my body.


 It was the Goddess’s Blessing.



“What’s with the timing!?” (Rook)



 I had heard that the blessing sometimes happens outside of battle, but I never thought it would happen at such a time.



“This is the sixteenth time, I think. I don’t know if it happened while I was sleeping.” (Rook)



 I feel like I haven’t been up in a while. I was about to pick up Shion when I thought, “I’m tired today, let’s go to bed.”



[Holy Beast Riofanel]


“Huh?” (Rook)



 Looking up at the ceiling and then looked at Shion again.



[Holy Beast Riofanel]



“Really……?” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)



 What does this mean? This is the same as those mysterious appraisal skills. I couldn’t see it before, but Shion’s race is now visible. Does this mean I can now appraise living things? The question is, to what extent does this work?


 While holding Shion, I hurriedly opened the wooden window of the room, peeked in, looked around to see if anyone was there, and just then I spotted a middle-aged man wiping himself in the garden below the window, so I stared at him. Stare, stare, stare.



“…” (Man)


“Hng, Hng… Hng…!?” (Rook)



 However, nothing was displayed on the middle-aged man. He remains a naked middle-aged man.


 So is this only applicable to Shion? No, when Shion was an egg, I certainly saw a display of his as the Holy Beast Riofanel, just like this time. In other words, it must have an effect only on Sacred things, they are an existence that can react to my mysterious appraisal. Does that mean that only Holy Beasts can be identified this time? But isn’t that too narrow? I am not about to come into a bargain sale of Holy Beasts where I will meet with a lot of Holy beasts. …It’s not going to happen, right?


 I close the wooden window and sit on the bed and put Shion on my bed.


 Hmmm… for now, it seems that nothing much will change with this.


 Thinking about this, I decided to sleep that day.





 The next day, I go to Grandma Ulke’s store in the morning.



“Excuse me.” (Rook)


“It’s you, isn’t it? I won’t accept any complaints for the Dark Crystal Attribute Arms.” (Ulke)


“Ah, no, that’s not the thing. I have a question today.” (Rook)


“Why don’t you go home if you’re not buying anything!” (Ulke)


“Ah! No, I’m getting this one…!” (Rook)



 I grabbed an item from the shelf at random and put it on the counter table.



“Hmm… That’s one gold coin.” (Ulke)


“That’s… well, okay, one gold coin… Well, about the stove. Do you know who made those…” (Rook)


“…Well, I only learned of those once they are sold. Well, if you go to Aluppo, there may be some records left. Well, such records will not be shown to the general public, you know.” (Ulke)



 The Aluppo or I think the name was mentioned before… I believe it was the town where a Rift Dungeon is located.



“If I go to the City of Aluppo, what’s in there?” (Rook)


“There is an alchemists’ guild there, a big one. I used to train there myself.” (Ulke)


“I see.” (Rook)



 Aluppo? I’m interested in it, but as long as I’m in a clan, I don’t think it will be easy to move around. Hmmm, I still feel the disadvantages of belonging to an organization at times like this. But it was thanks to the clan that I was able to see the Golden Dragon’s nest and the ancient ruins, so it’s a bit complicated.


 I thanked Grandma Ulke and opened the door of her store.



“Oh, and. The magic potion will expire in about seven days. Use it before then. If it expires, it won’t work!” (Ulke)


“What… oh, this one?” (Rook)



 I grabbed it at random a while ago and bought it. Now I know why it is it’s expensive, it’s a magic potion… I’ve never had to deal with any of that before, and it’s impossible to use it up within seven days… It’s no use, I’m going to reduce the magic power appropriately and check the effects.



 For a few days, I enjoyed my vacation by buying and stocking up on my reduced supplies and drinking alcohol with Mr. Borok, who was staying at the Clan House because he couldn’t return home because the waterfall still running.


 Mr. Borok seemed happy to see his children and grandchildren for the first time in a long time. I have a lot of feelings about Subs, but from Mr. Borok’s point of view, he is his grandson, and I guess he is also special enough to get candy from him.


 As for the Golden Dragon’s nest, Mr. Borok said that the report to the Duke is taking a long time and the reward will take a little longer.



 We’ll see what happens next…




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