All-rounder Healer Chapter 210: [No Title]

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 I decided to go to work solo that morning.


 Passing through the usual main street, I walked past the usual cityscape and opened the door to the Adventurers’ Guild.


 The guild in the morning is full of adventurers as usual and is thriving today..


 I used to go to the Adventurers’ Guild every day in Rankfurt and Elem, but not so much in this town. I was busy with things from the clan.


 I looked over someone’s shoulder at the bulletin board on the left side of the door.


 Let’s see… “Pona Grass collection, limited to those who can harvest it properly,” “Outer wall expansion construction workers wanted, no experience welcome,” “Outer wall expansion construction escort, D-rank and above,” Hmmm, it seems there are no requests that look good. I thought, “Let’s just go out and hunt again, shall we?” As I turned on my heel, I heard a voice from an unexpected person.



“Oh, Mr. Rook. May I have a minute?” (Elinanza)


“Ms. Elinanza. Good morning.” (Rook)



 Her name is Ms. Elinanza. She was the person who helped me register as an adventurer at the Adventurers’ Guild. I have been a regular visitor to the guild ever since.


 When Ms. Elinanza took me to a corner in the guild, she began to speak in a whisper.



“Actually, the guild wants to raise Mr. Rook’s rank to D.” (Elinanza)


“D-rank, all of a sudden?” (Rook)



 This surprised me a little. I mean I’ll be skipping ranks, but is that okay? No, as I recall, adventurers’ ranks are determined at the discretion of their respective guilds up to a certain point, so is this a problem? I’m not sure if it’s okay that I’ve done so little for the Adventurers Guild here before.



“Mr. Rook’s ability and performance were recommended by the Golden Dragon’s Claw, so there is no problem. However–” (Elinanza)


“However?” (Rook)


“Well… I was told by the Golden Dragon’s Claw that they are unable to disclose the specifics of Mr. Rook’s achievements…” (Elinanza)


“Yeah…” (Rook)



 I think my achievements are the discovery of the Golden Dragon’s hair and the investigation of the Golden Dragon’s nest, which I am not be able to divulge.



“So, the Adventurers’ Guild would like to have something to write about as a reason.” (Elinanza)


“I see.” (Rook)


“So can you accept a request?” (Elinanza)



 After receiving a complete explanation from Ms. Elinanza, I accepted the request and left the guild.



“I’m just getting used to this town.” (Rook)



 I left the town and entered the forest, activating [Magi Location]. I search for a target.


 It’s good that I’m getting used to it, but right now I’m just dealing with the situation in front of me and not really looking ahead.



“I wonder if this is alright…” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)


“No, nothing.” (Rook)



 I glanced at Shion on my shoulder and patted his head.


 I want to grow in many ways, but it’s hard to know what to work on.


 Even if you want to gather information or study, there is too little information and materials available to the general public, making it difficult to learn. And because there is so little information, it is also difficult to find a goal.


 Aiming for level up with the Goddess’ Blessing is a simple and easy-to-understand goal, but even that has been stagnant recently. When I was in Elem, I could level up in the dungeon, but after the 10th level-up, the speed of leveling up started to slow down, and nowadays I can hardly level up at all.



“First of all, I don’t really understand the level-up system.” (Rook)



 If you kill a lot of strong monsters, it is easier to get the Goddess’ Blessing. This is the unanimous opinion of various adventurers.


 However, I did not get the Goddess’ blessing when I defeated the Great Boar at Rankfurt, nor when I defeated the Huge Black Slime in the Death Cave. In other words, there is a strong possibility that you do not gain huge experience even if you defeat a stronger monster.



“Maybe there is a lottery system? Or maybe there is an experience cap…” (Rook)



 It could be that every time you defeat a monster, the lottery for leveling up rotates, and the probability changes depending on the difference in strength between you and the monster. Like, if you beat a monster stronger than you, you get more experience, but there’s a cap on it, so it doesn’t matter if you beat a monster that’s too strong. This is a system I used to have in my old games that I used to play.



“Maybe there are other conditions besides experience.” (Rook)



 Maybe there is a certain amount of physical strength required, or a certain number of times a certain action must be performed, or something. If there is such a setting, it might explain why you sometimes get the Goddess’ Blessing when you sleep.


 Well, in the end, I’m not sure.


 It would be easier to understand and maintain motivation if there was something like an appraisal ability or status screen where you could check your experience and skills.



“…I don’t know.” (Rook)



 I spent an hour looking for the target monster. I used [Magi Location], but I could not find the target.


 If there were monsters springing up an hour away from the village, it would be a big problem from the travelers of view, but from the adventurer’s wallet point of view, it would also be a big problem.



“If I want to grow stronger, the option is probably to get in a dungeon?” (Rook)



 In a dungeon, you can walk for a while and monsters will spring up, so the efficiency of experience and money is very good. But I have learned from experience that there are many troubles attacked in dungeons, but I can only think of dungeons if I want to improve my abilities.



“Or maybe I could go to school and become an apprentice of someone?” (Rook)



 It seems that among adventurers, there are cases where veterans teach newcomers the basics… or rather, I learned a lot from Mr. Hans at first. But I heard that there is not much in the way of learning from someone in earnest. Most people learn on the job while doing things on their own.


 It is the power of the Goddess’s Blessing that makes it possible.


 Power mashing and improving the ability through leveling up. In short, you don’t have to think too hard, you can win with a series of button presses as you level up. If there is a simple and easy direction to go, people will flow in that direction.


 There is no school-like facility yet, and the only way to learn something is to become an apprentice.



“Hmm.” (Rook)



 I feel like I have a lot to learn.


 The other day, I went to the Golden Dragon’s Nest and encountered ancient ruins for the first time, but in the end I didn’t really understand what those ancient ruins were all about. I’ve always wanted to explore ancient ruins, but when I actually went to the ancient ruins, all I did was look for gold and silver treasure artifacts. I felt like I had no choice but to be cursed by the colonel, “This is a good distraction for you idiots.”


 I certainly achieved my goal of going to the ancient ruins. And I also achieved my goal of finding the artifact. I did, but it’s kind of like nothing… I don’t feel different. I think that place had a different value and fun. There must have been something over there that was full of history and romance.


 I want to be able to find that.



“Yeah! I think this is it.” (Rook)


“Kyu, kyu?” (Shion)



 I stroked Shion’s head again.


 I feel like I’ve decided on the direction I want to go. Once that is decided, let’s just keep going in that direction! I’m still groping in the dark, though.


 And then I caught the reaction of a moving object ahead.


 I kept my posture low and moved forward in that direction, trying to kill the sound of my footsteps.



“There they are.” (Rook)



 Three Goblins wearing armor and holding swords. They were eating the carcass of some animal, munching on it while it was still raw.


 They were about one size larger than the goblins I had seen in dungeons before. As I recall, the Goblins I saw in the forest village were eating tree bark, and did not seem capable of hunting other creatures, but these Goblins seemed capable of hunting.


 According to the explanation at the guild, these guys are called Goblin Soldiers. Whether they are the same race as Goblins or a different race is a mystery, but while ordinary Goblins are at the bottom of the F-rank, Goblin Soldiers are treated as E-rank, and since they are stronger than ordinary Goblins, they are treated as a separate species.


 Well, if there is a difference in ability so that the rank changes, it will be dangerous in various ways unless it they are considered different, and it is a reasonable choice.


 Well, let’s try the magic I just learned.


 Lately I haven’t been able to go out after the big job, so this is the perfect opportunity to do it.


 The magic I found in the ancient ruins inside Golden Dragon’s Nest.



“Sacred light, unleash a white blade [Holy Ray].” (Rook)



 Concentrating on the staff in my right hand, I chanted the spell immediately.


 Magic power gathered from my tanden then running through my body, gathering in the right hand, and is released from my staff.


 As soon as the magic power was released, it turned into a blade of light in the air, like the blade of a 50 cm long katana, like an icicle, it pierced the goblin in the center, armor, and all.



“Guga!” (Goblin Soldier)


“Gugaga!” (Goblin Soldier)



 The two goblins finally noticed me and began to panic. At the same time, the blade of light that was still stuck in the goblin popped and shattered like pieces of glass.


 This is amazing. I finally have a decent offensive magic. I knew the Light Ball didn’t have enough firepower.



“But I can’t use it in public, ugh! Sacred light, unleash a white blade [Holy Ray].” (Rook)



 Following the Goblin Soldier heading towards me, a Holy Ray is fired and it was killed.


 It might be a luxury, but it’s time to get some magic potions. It would be great if I could kill them with a single shot without firing a lot of shots in a situation like this. Well, that’s something to look forward to in the future.



“Do you want to hunt more?” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)




 And so that day, I hunted all the Goblin Soldiers I could find and was promoted to D rank. In other words, I was back.




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