All-rounder Healer Chapter 211.1: Footsteps in a Knight’s Shoes and the Identity of the Golden Dragon

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A/N: I thought it would be better not to separate the chapters, so I’ve put them together about three chapters worth.

T/N: Cutting it in two. It’s too long.



“Hmm… it’s kind of noisy.” (Rook)



 That day, there was a lot of noise inside the clan that morning.


 I got out of bed and did my usual cleansing before going out of the room and down the stairs.



“Excuse me. What’s happening?” (Rook)



 When I stopped a busy staff worker and listened to him, he mumbled a bit, “I’m sorry. I don’t know anything for sure,” before leaving.



“What is happening?” (Rook)



 I went to the cafeteria looking for someone I could talk to, where I asked the Auntie in the cafeteria the question I had just asked before, and she replied, “I don’t know,” and I went to the library and finally found Lucille.



“Good, Lucille, there’s a lot of noise in the clan, do you know what’s going on?” (Rook)



 Lucille answered without taking her eyes off the book.



“…there are rumors that the Duke of Grespo has moved his troops.” (Lucille)


“Move his troops… where and for what purpose?” (Rook)



 Lucille said, “Well,” and then looked at me.



“Maybe it is about the materials from the Golden Dragon.” (Lucille)


“Eh.” (Rook)


“Duke Grespo is not on good terms with Duke Schumer. He has been demanding for a long time to give him the materials for the golden dragon. Then he probably thinks it is okay to grab them by force.” (Lucille)



 It is true that two nobles who are on bad terms with each other would have at least one or two spies sneaking into the other’s territory, so it is not surprising that he would have such information.



“That’s all there is to it. What if they know that we have investigated the Golden Dragon’s Nest?” (Rook)


“…That would not be good.” (Lucille)



 That would be bad. Even if the Holy Church is involved, it will be even more complicated if the Duke of Grespo is also involved. However, there is nothing we can do at this point.


 Just as I was thinking this, the door to the library opened with a bang, and Mr. Cyrus and Ms. Seam entered.



“Oh, there you are! It’s not good, I hear that the Duke of Grespo’s soldiers are on their way to this town!” (Cyrus)


“Is that true?” (Lucille)


“Yeah, that’s what the Clan Master wants us there to talk about it.” (Cyrus)



 When the four of us went to the Clan Master’s room together, Ms. Mimi, Mr. Gordo, and Mr. Borok were there as well.



“Come in. It’s getting a little troublesome. It seems that the Duke of Grespo has sent his troops here.” (Kevin)



 After saying that, the Clan Master crosses his arms and continues talking.



“…So, just to make sure, you …and my old man haven’t told anyone about this, have you?” (Kevin)


“Naturally.” (Cyrus)


“Not a word.” (Seam)


“Of course.” (Rook)



 Everyone, including me, denied it.


 I had no intention of talking about anything else, and it would have been too much of a loss to tell anyone about it, and there was no way I was going to say anything.



“I see, then that’s good.” (Kevin)


“Hmm, so he is looking for the materials of the Golden Dragon? However, no matter how much he wants the materials of the Golden Dragon, is it enough to threaten him with soldiers…” (Borok)


“I don’t know yet. But the timing makes me think about things.” (Kevin)


“It’s a difficult thing, right? It’s a foolish idea to fight head-on against another territory, it’s just going to give others a chance to invade your territory.” (Borok)



 T Just then, there was a knock at the door and a man entered.



“Clan Master, I have a letter for you.” (Man)


“Oh, thank you for your hard work.” (Kevin)



 After the man exits, the Clan Master checks the letter, lets out a sigh, and hands the letter to Ms. Mimi.



“The Duke’s family is urgently asking the Clan to do something about it.” (Mimi)


“Well, given our connection to the duke’s family, I don’t blame them.” (Borok)


“Oh… send word to all Clan members in the vicinity to gather at the north gate.” (Kevin)


“I understand.” (Mimi)



 Mimi left the room after saying that.



“I’ll have to ask you guys to come out…. I still don’t know what will happen.” (Kevin)



 By “come out”…… do you mean a battle against people?


 I can’t take in the situation because it doesn’t seem realistic even after all this time.





 I leave the clan house and run to the north gate with everyone else.



“I wonder if it will lead to a battle…” (Rook)


“I don’t know.” (Cyrus)



 I mumbled something about it and Mr. Cyrus replied.


 The town is bustling with activity, but not as much as it was during the stampede in Rankfurt. Wagons are running through the streets, and people are taking their belongings somewhere, but no one is packing up all their household things and trying to evacuate somewhere like they did in Rankfurt.



“…Well, it probably won’t come to a fight. Even if it did, it would start in a suitable place.” (Cyrus)


“Oh, really?” (Rook)


“I’m sure the other side doesn’t want a serious fight. They will definitely try to pull back somewhere and talk things out. If they try to crush each other seriously, they know that the situation will be the end of the Kingdom of Canadaira.” (Cyrus)



 Certainly… I think?


 Well, but maybe the townspeople are not panicking like they did during the stampede because they are treading on the fact that they are not going to harm the townspeople needlessly.


 When we arrived at the north gate, there were already many soldier-like people in armor gathered there, putting up fences and building walls outside the gate. This area was not so different from that of the stampede.




“Earth, move by my hand, [Earth Manipulation].” (Old Man)



 An old man wearing a robe and holding an expensive-looking staff cast a spell, and the earth beneath his feet swelled up and formed a heap of earth and a hole.



“Earth, become a wall that protects me [Stone Wall].” (Old Man)



 And again, the old man used his magic, and the pile of earth rose up and became a wall.


 In this way, the old man built a wall of stone around him.


 Is it easier to build a wall after a pile of earth has been moved by [Earth Manipulation]?



“Here they come!” (Scout)



 As I was watching, a loud voice came from above the gate.


 At the sound of the voice, I looked down the road and saw a crowd of people in the distance.


 The people around me rustled, and soldiers in armor lined up and formed a long horizontal formation.



“Hey… They brought quite the number.” (Kevin)


“Is the Duke of Grespo seriously doing this?” (Borok)



 Clan Master and Mr. Borok, who had been behind me for some time, said so. Behind them, the members of the Adventurers’ Guild were gathering one after another.


 The army coming this way is still too far away to see clearly, but a quick glance suggests that there are at least 10 or 20 of them. It looks like there are 100 or 200 people in the area.


 Soldiers on horses and carriages. I think I also see infantry.


 Is this really a threat?


 Gradually, the sound of many horses’ hooves and the metallic clatter of their armor rubbing against each other mingle in the ruffled air.


 The air in the place is getting heavier and heavier.


 But as if to blow away the atmosphere, Count Moss, who was standing in the front row, shouted,



“Stop! Do you not know that this is Duke Schumer’s territory!” (Sem)



 Then, in the center of the opposing side, a mature man on horseback quickly raised his right hand. At the same time, the opposing army stopped.



“My name is Count Gael Batuta! I am the Duke of Grespo’s deputy! I demand the presence of Duke Schumer at once!” (Gael)


“To lead an army like that and expect them to let in is laughable! You should have drawn your troops first, and then followed the proper procedure!” (Sem)


“I am the Duke of Grespo’s representative! Are you saying you won’t let us through!?” (Gael)



 As soon as the man who introduced himself as Count Batuta shouted this, the knights behind him all put their hands on the swords at their waists.



“If you have something to say, I, in the name of the Duke of Schumer, will listen.” (Sem)



 Count Moss said and crossed his arms.


 couldn’t keep up with the exchange that had started so suddenly.


 Looking around, no one opened their mouths except the two counts.


 All of them are unable to move, and I can feel their tension.


 Cold sweat was running down their foreheads.



“I have turned a blind eye to the repeated insults from the Schumer family. But the humiliation of my son, Baron Giel Batuta, by the Schumer family, is totally unforgivable. It is utterly unforgivable, and I formally protest this and demand an apology and compensation!” (Gael)



 Count Batuta exclaimed, and a soldier behind him shouted, “Yes! Pay the reparations!” and the soldiers behind him shouted, “Yes!”


 Baron Giel Batuta? I’ve never heard that name before. As soon as Count Batuta said “my son” he must be Count Batuta’s son, I guess.


 I checked my surroundings and found that Clan Master, Mr. Borok, and Mr. Cyrus also looked a little puzzled, and I heard a lot of “Who is it?” and “What is he talking about?”.


 Count Moss glanced back. One of the knights behind him shook his head with a puzzled look on his face.



“I have never heard of such a story! If you continue to rant and rave about it, I will consider it an insult to His Excellency the Duke!” (Sem)


“You dare to play the fool! My son Giel is still lying in bed! As compensation, you will give an apology, ten scales, and a hundred hairs of the Golden Dragon. I also demand a map to the Golden Dragon’s Nest!” (Gael)



 Following these words, another barrage of questions flew from the other side’s camp.



“Finally, you spoke your mind. …And you even said unnecessary things.” (Kevin)


“Well, that’s it after all. Most of the time, they are going to try to take away materials of the Golden Dragon for a good reason… But including the map, that would be bad.” (Borok)



 Mr. Borok and Clan Master said in a whisper.



“Don’t be silly! Ten Golden Dragon scales! You can’t ask me to give you more than the annual budget of nobles! We don’t have ten golden dragon scales, and we don’t know the way to the golden dragon’s lair.” (Sem)


“Don’t lie! I already know that you have the scales of the Golden Dragon!” (Gael)



 Count Batuta’s words caused a stir among the people around him.


 I guess they know that we went to the Golden Dragon’s Nest?


 But I have a bad feeling about this. The information that “there might be a way to the Golden Dragon’s Nest”, even if it is just a possibility, could cause a big problem later on.



“I can only reply that there is nothing that isn’t there!” (Sem)



 Count Moss looks as if he is biting a bitter bug as he says this.


 Mr. Borok and Clan Master have indescribable expressions.



“Well, you say you won’t hand over the Golden Dragon’s materials no matter what. Hey—” (Gael)



 Count Batuta said something to the knight beside him, and the knight immediately ran back and returned from the carriage with a large, gorgeous-looking box



“…What? What are they going to do?” (Voice)



 I hear someone’s voice.


 I also think that to myself.


 Count Batuta opened the box the knight was holding and took something out from inside.



“Oh, that is!” (Voice)


“No way… Is that the Wukai’s Army Fan! Did the Duke of Grespo seriously prepared to bring out such a thing?” (Voice)



“!!!” (Voice)


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