All-rounder Healer Chapter 212: The Holy Beast

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“Grrrooowwwl!” (Golden Dragon)



 And time begins to move.



“It’s the Golden Dragon!” (Voice)


“The Golden Dragon is back!” (Voice)


“Run away!” (Voice)


“Why at this time!” (Voice)



 Some of them fell to the ground as if they had lost their marbles. Others ran away without looking where they are going. Others pointed their swords in the direction of the Golden Dragon, ignoring the enemy they had just fought.


 Those who happened to be near the Golden Dragon tried to move backward with their swords still pointed at the Golden Dragon.


 The Holy Beast Ancient Dragon… that means that it is the same Holy Beast as Shion, right? If that’s the case, shouldn’t it be meek and clever like Shion?



“Roar!” (Golden Dragon)



 …I don’t know if he’s smart or not, but I don’t think he has a meek personality. No, maybe he is quite at times, but at least at the moment he looks angry.


 I pick up Shion and look into his eyes.



“Kyu?” (Shion)



 Even though they are both Holy Beasts, I guess they are different species since Shion was the Holy Beast Riofanel, but there doesn’t seem to be any similar elements.


 I return my gaze to the Golden Dragon.


 If that that really a Holy Beast, maybe they can talk to each other?


 Even the newborn Shion is able to communicate so well, so there is a possibility.



“Hiyii! Don’t be frightened! It’s convenient that the Golden Dragon has come out of his nest! If you help us defeat him, we’ll put all this behind us and pay 200 gold coins to anyone! I’ll even talk to the Duke of Grespo!” (Gael)


“Whoa!” (Voice)


“I’ll do it!” (Voice)



 Count Batuta’s “200 gold coins” comment made the men gush, and Count Moss, hearing it, said, “…What are you talking about? Don’t you understand the terror of the Golden Dragon! Damn it! You people from the north!”


 The two forces had been fighting earlier, but now they were mixed, with some running away, some fighting, and some staying where they were, making it impossible to tell who was friend and who was foe and who was working for what purpose.



“I promise five platinum gold coins and a baronetcy to anyone who slays the Golden Dragon! All of you come to me! Take up arms! Wukai Army Fan! Give us strength! Attack!” (Gael)


“Okay! I’ll do it! I’m taking that neck!” (Enemy Knight)


“Growl!” (Golden Dragon)



 The knight on the other side, who had just exchanged swords with Mr. Gordo, leaps at the Golden Dragon. But the Golden Dragon flicked its long tail. Soon the knight was blown away and disappeared into the forest.



“Uh, that’s a lie…” (Rook)



 The fact that he was fighting even with Mr. Gordo of A rank means that that knight is also equivalent to A rank. That is one blow.


 Originally, I had heard that the golden dragon was S-rank or higher, but isn’t this one well above S-rank? Can I approach it and talk?



“Hah, hah…” (Rook)



 What a joke!


 Do your job, [Luck V]… No, really, do a little more work…



“Thomson is gone…” (Enemy)


“You’ve got to be kidding…” (Enemy)



 Upset spreads among the men on the other side.


 Perhaps that knight was someone who was well known as a strong man in the Duke of Grespo’s territory. They should remember that they are not the victim of their own actions. Even if it wasn’t them, there would be nothing but despair.



“Don’t be scared! Charge! Charge!” (Gael)


“Take it…” (Voice)


“Is it really something that can be defeated…?” (Gael)



 In the meantime, one by one, they were blown away by the tail of the golden dragon, and all of them were slowly retreating.



“What are you doing? Don’t run away! You won’t be rewarded if you don’t defeat it! Charge–gboh!” (Gael)



 Count Battuta touched the claws of the rushing Golden Dragon and rolled on the ground like a ragdoll.



“Ah… I can’t… I can’t do it!” (Gael)


“Run away! Run away!” (Voice)


“This city is lost! Run away!” (Voice)



 I can’t do anything… what am I supposed to do? Do I just run away? Or should I really aim to discuss things from here?


 As I was thinking, the Golden Dragon’s face turned toward me.


 Its long, vertical golden eyes, characteristic of reptiles, caught me, and its pupils dilated wide.


 Oh no! I don’t know what it is, but it’s looking at me!


 Like a frog stared at by a snake, my body goes rigid for a moment and I can’t move. And then Shion jumps out of my hand and starts running.


 Toward the golden dragon.



“Hey! Shion, wait! That’s really bad!” (Rook)



 What the hell is going on! Why is everything going really wrong?


 The moment I started running after Shion…



“Grrrrrrr!” (Golden Dragon)



 The Golden Dragon howled loudly, its wings spread wide, its four legs spread wide, its claws clawed as if gripping the ground, and its mouth opened wide.


 Then, a large, glowing white magic circle appears in front of its mouth.


 What is that thing? I don’t know what it is, but it feels really bad! …Can I do something about it!



“It’s bad! It’s Breath! He’s going to breathe! Everybody gets out of the line of fire! Evade! Evade!” (Sem)


“But! There is the city behind us!” (Kevin)


“This is no time to talk about that!” (Borok)



 I hear Clan Master and Mr. Borok’s voice, but that’s not it. His eyes are firmly fixed on us. That mean… I’m not going to get away.



“Shit!” (Rook)



 How could this happen? I’ve been part of some trouble every time!


 I puts my hand into my Magic Bag, grabs out all the Holy Stones I can find, clutching them, and thrusting them toward the Golden Dragon, chanting the incantation.



“Sacred light!” (Rook)



 I circulate my magical power and put all the magic I have into the spell.


 Ah, Grandma Ulke, I’m sorry for saying that the magic potion is expensive. The potion you made works wonderfully. Thanks to it, I will be able to use this spell. I still don’t know if it will save my life though. By the way, the magic potion is not an immediate recovery, but a regeneration speed-up type effect, isn’t it? I had never heard of that before.



“Be a shield that rejects all!” (Rook)



 The magical power gathered in my right hand melts the Holy Stones in my hand and turns it into a shining aura.


 Maybe I forgot to delete the [Heavenly Luck] at that time in the white place? If there is another opportunity, I will make a point to make sure while pausing, and then check it triple time and say, “Yes! I’ll triple-check and delete it!”


 I can’t say how many times it comes to my mind that it doesn’t matter.


 …but I don’t want to be reincarnated ever again. …Please! Really, really prevent all of this from happening!



“Grooooaaar!” (Golden Dragon)



 With a cry from the golden dragon, a pillar of light shot out from its mouth. A pillar of light that swallowed everything.


 The pillar of light, born from the magic circle, was heading straight for me.


 In response, I shouted the activation phrase.



“[Divine Shield]!” (Rook)



 What appeared was a round shield shining in rainbow colors.


 The shield was created using as much magic power and as many Holy Stones as I could hold, and it was more than twice as big as before.


 White and rainbow collided with each other. A roar, and the whole world shining white.


 After what seemed like an instant or a few minutes, the white world vanished and the rainbow-colored shield cracked and faded away.



“…did it endure it all?” (Rook)



 I almost collapse from a pleasant sense of fatigue and relief, but I manage to endure and run forward.


 If I fall here, everything will go up in smoke. The important thing is this moment!


 I runs up to Shion, who is lying face down near the Golden Dragon, and pick him up.



“Kyu!” (Shion)



 After all, Shion is safe! The Golden Dragon wouldn’t hurt Shion.


 I raise Shion toward the Golden Dragon and shout.



“Golden Dragon! I want you to listen to me! I found this child in the mountains over there. I want to return him to his parents!” (Rook)



 The golden eyes of the golden dragon stare at me. Then, steam leaked from the corner of his closed mouth, as if it was sighing.



“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Shion squeaked.


 The Golden Dragon remains motionless as it looks at me. A moment of silence followed.



“Growl.” (Golden Dragon)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 When the Golden Dragon said something, Shion answered back.


 What’s going on? Are they having a conversation?


 Then the Golden Dragon turned to the west and opened its mouth. In its mouth, the magic circle from earlier was formed again.


 I failed! I have no more magic left! Divine Shield was useless!


 As I was thinking this, the Golden Dragon breathed a breath smaller than before into the western sky.


 The air was torn apart by a white pillar of light, and the center of the cloud above the direction of travel was blown away, opening a huge hole.


 Surprised by its power, the golden dragon let out a “Growl,” spread its wings wide, leapt up into the air, and quickly flew away toward its nest.


 I watched it off and sat down on the spot.



“Were we saved?” (Rook)



 Oh, I was saved.


 It was really dangerous this time… I expected that if Shion understands human language to some extent, the Golden Dragon might also, which is also a Holy Beast. I bet on it and it was the correct choice.


 Seeing Shion, who was stained red with the blood when I defeated the knight.



“…Ah, that’s right.” (Rook)



 The Golden Dragon suddenly looked at me, I thought, but it was not looking at me, it was looking at Shion.


 Shion was trying to talk to the Golden Dragon.


 The Golden Dragon found the child of a Holy Beast covered in blood in the hand of a human. So, it released a breath to the human who was chasing it.


 It’s just a guess, but it makes a lot of sense, including Shion’s actions.



“When I think about it, I wonder what I should have done…” (Rook)



 Well, it is good. As long as it works.


 If it’s over, everything is fine.



“Kyu! Kyu!” (Shion)



 Shion kept on squealing on my shoulder as if he was saying goodbye to the Golden Dragon.




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