All-rounder Healer Chapter 213: Epilogue+

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“Hah… well…” (Rook)



 I took a deep breath and looked around.


 The ground is desolate and sunken. Trees that have been destroyed. And people are left lying on the ground.


 Many people who should have been here a moment ago are gone.


 Some were wounded and carried into the town. Some were blown away by the Golden Dragon. Some fled at full speed the moment they realized they were no match for the Golden Dragon.



“It’s good that there are few witnesses…” (Rook)



 Hmmm, even though I had no choice, I used Sacred Magic in public. I feel like I’ll be in trouble if I don’t think quickly about what to do in the future.


 With that in mind, Count Moss screamed in the distance, trying to put an end to the situation.



“Continue to be vigilant! Those who can move, retrieve the wounded! The enemy forces need not pursue! Report the situation to the Duke!” (Sem)



 At the sound of his voice, the knights stood up and began to flurry about.


 There was none of the buoyant atmosphere that had prevailed when the Great Boar had been defeated at Rankfurt.



 Looking at them, I was stroking Shion in my arm, and Mr. Borok walked towards me.



“I don’t think you’re injured. But Rook, I didn’t know you had such a trump card. I knew there was something about you, but I never imagined it.” (Borok)


“*Cough* *Cough*… That’s right. There are various things about that.” (Rook)



 I’ve heard that if you’re an adventurer for a long time, everyone will have one or two trump cards.


 It could be an item that costs too much to use every time, a special piece of equipment that you don’t want other people to know you have, or magic that you don’t want people to know you can use.


 Sacred Magic is certainly my trump card.



“So, Rook, what was that?” (Borok)


“Well to answer causally… well, that’s my special trump card.” (Rook)


“That’s right. Then it can’t be helped.” (Borok)



 It is bad manners to ask an adventurer’s trump card more than necessary.


 However, the fact that Mr. Borok asked in this way reinforces the expectation that even someone of Mr. Borok’s caliber does not know about Sacred Magic.


 After all, Sacred Magic is that rare.


 It was good to have that confirmed. I think I have no choice but to think of it as that for now.



“So, what do you want to do now?” (Borok)


“…What do you mean?” (Rook)


“Well, that was a little too obvious.” (Borok)


“Well, that’s right…” (Rook)



 I understand that the Divine Shield was too conspicuous.


 Because I was able to prevent the breath of the Golden Dragon.



“By the way, are you interested in status and prestige?” (Borok)


“Not really.” (Rook)



 At the moment, status and prestige have more disadvantages than advantages.


 I don’t yet have the ability to overcome the problems that could arise from that much attention.



“Hmm…” (Borok)



 Mr. Borok murmured and crossed his arms.



“Then maybe you should move to another town.” (Borok)


“Another town?” (Rook)


“If you were under the protection of the Duke of Schumer, you’d be in a better position. However, you don’t like that, do you?” (Borok)


“Yes.” (Rook)



 Under the patronage of Duke Schumer, that would mean that I would be like a child.


 Hmmm, I don’t want to be tied down to a country right now.


 I haven’t seen the world yet.



“Mr. Borok, if I stay in this town, what exactly will happen to me?” (Rook)


Well, there will be more and more people who will try to find out about you. Starting with Duke Schumer.” (Borok)


“Oh…” (Rook)



 That’s not good.


 The big problem is that if I was seriously investigated by a powerful person in this world, I can’t predict how far it will go. Maybe there are spying spells or items that I don’t know yet.


 I don’t want to be in a situation where I have to be investigated by someone like that, and I don’t want to have to live a life where I don’t have any breathing room.



“Besides, this time the Duke of Grespo’s knights were watching. We’ll see how that goes.” (Borok)


“Hmm…” (Rook)



 Is it possible that I was noticed by them because I was conspicuous in the battle with the Duke of Grespo?


 Possibly they might even resent me in a strange way…


 I’m feeling heavier and heavier…



“…I want to think deeper about it.” (Rook)


“Well, I’m going to help you do it no matter which one you choose.” (Borok)


“Why go that far?” (Rook)


“Well, you saved my life. And this time, My city too.” (Borok)


“Well…” (Rook)



 The words “the Golden Dragon aimed at me” almost escaped my mouth and I stopped just before I said it.


 I’m not going to say anything about that.



“Thank you.” (Rook)









“Heed my call and show me the way [Summon Fairy].” (Rook)



 Inside his room in the Clan House, as usual, the three-dimensional magic circle cracked open and Lizzy jumped out.



“Hello!” (Lizzy)


“Oh, hello.” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve seen Lizzy, and I’m a little relieved.


 There’s been a lot going on lately. …… The problems are still ongoing, though.



“Rook! That’s why I told you not to fight!” (Lizzy)


“Ah …Oh! That’s exactly what you said! I’m sorry! I was just confused because it came out of nowhere.” (Rook)


“Muh!” (Lizzy)



 That’s it. Earlier, when I summoned Lizzy, I am sure I was told that it is not allowed to pick a fight with the Golden Dragon.


 At that time, I thought there was no way I could get into a fight with the Golden Dragon, so maybe I didn’t take it seriously…



“Mr. Dragon, he was quite angry at you!” (Lizzy)


“Well… I will apologize if I ever have a chance to meet him again.” (Rook)



 I feel like I don’t want to see him again…



So, you know. I’m thinking of taking a trip out west now, what do you think Lizzy?” (Rook)


“I think it’s a good idea!” (Lizzy)


“I see.” (Rook)



 So far, I had tried not to ask Lizzy too many questions about things that seemed important.


 However, many of Lizzy’s words may hit the mark.


 No matter how much Lizzy’s words have helped me so far.


 I felt that it is not good to decide one’s actions based on someone else’s words.


 If you act on someone else’s words and fail, you might end up blaming that person.


 I was afraid of that.


 But this time, I listened.



“Thank you. I made up my mind!” (Rook)


“Yes!” (Lizzy)



 Immediately after that, I went to see Mr. Borok.



“Have you decided?” (Borok)


“Yes, I’m leaving this town.” (Rook)


“Well… I’ll feel lonely. Well, I have always lived alone in the cave.” (Borok)



 With that said, Mr. Borok laughed with his deep belly laugh.



“Why don’t you just go live in town already?” (Rook)


“Actually, I decided to do that. I decided to burry that cave.” (Borok)


“Oh… I see.” (Rook)


“That cave is too dangerous… Like the Death Cave is one thing, but now we have more problems with the Golden Dragon’s Nest. If left as it is, the cave will cause new problems one day. We should bury it before that happens.” (Borok)



 Maybe he’s right.


 The cave is a place with deep memories for me, too, but if Mr. Borok, who has a stronger attachment to it than I do, has made the decision, it’s not something I can say anything about.


 As I was thinking this, Mr. Borok took a cloth bag from the shelf behind him and put it on the desk.



“What is this?” (Rook)


“It’s a reward for investigating the golden dragon’s lair. And the sale for the artifact.” (Borok)



 When he lifted the cloth bag, he felt its unusual weight and hurriedly opened it.



“There are 600 gold coins.” (Borok)


“600 gold coins?” (Rook)


“It’s the price of the artifact. That’s about it.” (Borok)



 I was surprised at the extraordinary amount of money, but I accepted it gratefully.



“I’ll leave a seat for you in the Golden Dragon’s Claw. You can come back anytime. You can come back when things have cooled off.” (Borok)


“Thank you!” (Rook)



 I thanked Mr. Borok and left. I met the blacksmith master, Grandma Ulke, Ms. Dalita, Ms. Mimi, and others, and reported back to them.


 Then, as usual, I went to Mr. Cyrus and the others in the cafeteria and gave my farewells here as well.



“Well… We’ll miss you.” (Cyrus)


“Yeah! So, Rook, are you going to another town?” (Seam)


“…yes.” (Lucille)



 I can’t help it, but the air is kind of somber.


 But when I decided to travel, I knew I was going to have to repeat a number of these goodbyes.


 I knew that, but I still felt sad.



“When will you leave?” (Cyrus)


“It’s kind of sudden, but I’m thinking of leaving tomorrow.” (Rook)


“I see. …Well, adventurers are bound to meet and part. Let’s have a drink today!” (Cyrus)


“Yeah! Let’s drink! Shion too!” (Seam)


“Kyu!” (Shion)


“No, not Shion.” (Seam)


“Well, then, here’s to Rook’s new journey!” (Cyrus)



 Then I drank that day and the next morning.


 Mr. Cyrus and Mr. Borok came to see me off in front of the gate under the clear blue sky.



“It’s not like this is our last goodbye, let’s meet again.” (Cyrus)


“That’s right! See you somewhere again! Shion too!” (Seam)


“Yeah! See you again!” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 I shake hands with Mr. Cyrus and Ms. Seam.



“…Rook. Thanks for everything, you know. Rook helped me learn a lot of things…” (Lucille)


“Yes.” (Rook)


“See you.” (Lucille)


“Let’s meet again somewhere.” (Rook)



 I shake hands with Lucille.



“If you go west from here, you will enter the territory of the Duke of Almeil. It should be relatively easy there. Good luck.” (Borok)


“Good luck to you too, Mr. Borok.” (Rook)



 After shaking hands with Mr. Borok, I boarded the carriage.


 The carriage rattles as everyone gets smaller and smaller.


 No matter how many times I experience this, I will never get used to saying goodbye.


 As the carriage passed the gate, Mr. Borok raised his right hand.



“Yo! Hey!” (Borok)



 Feeling nostalgic for the words, I also raised my right hand and returned the words.



“Yo! Hey!” (Rook)



 With those words, the carriage continued on its way.



 The next destination was Aluppo, a town ruled by the Duke of Almeil.




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