All-rounder Healer Chapter 214: The Town of Aluppo

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 I endure the body blows called rough road with my hips inside the dimly lit horse-drawn carriage.


 I feel like this has happened before, but is it my imagination?


 A few days after leaving the town of Arnorn, I spent my days just heading west, staying overnight in several villages. We have yet to reach our next destination, the town of Aluppo.


 But I wonder if there is anything that can be done to make the carriage ride more comfortable. If possible, I would like to make a spring to make the carriage more comfortable, but unfortunately, I don’t know how to make such a spring, and even if I did, there is no way to make one. I don’t have that kind of skill.



“Oh—right.” (Rook)



 By the way, I forgot. I put my hand on my chest and remove the Golden Dragon Claw badge.


 Before I left Arnorn, Mr. Borok had told me that I would have to leave the Duke of Schumer’s estate. He told me that I should take off the badge of the Golden Dragon’s Claw after I leave Duke Schumer’s territory.


 Every aristocrat in the country knows that the Golden Dragon’s Claw has a close relationship with Duke Schumer. And the three dukes of this country are impossibly at odds. So much so that they start a civil war as soon as they get a chance.


 The recent Golden Dragon skirmish is a good example.


 Anyway, there are advantages to being outed as a member of the Golden Dragon’s Claws, but there are disadvantages in other areas.



“…” (Rook)



 In the passenger coach, a gloomy man in a black robe sitting across from me mumbled something.


 The man’s face is obscured by a deep hood.


 This man, who had ridden in the town one town before, was looking very suspicious… Well, I can’t do anything about it.



“I see Aluppo. I’ll drop you off outside the gate, so get ready. You need to go through the procedures to enter the town, so don’t even think of going through the gate on your own. Unless you want to get chopped to pieces on the spot.” (Coachman)



 While I was thinking about this, the coachman of the horse-drawn carriage looked back and said that.


 Some adventurers laugh with a small “kuku”.


 Apparently, the town of Aluppo has strict entrance restrictions. We were a little surprised to learn that there were no such restrictions in any of the towns we had visited before, we approached the area, and the horse-drawn carriage stopped.



“We’ve arrived.” (Coachman)



 When we got off the coach, I saw a large stone wall and a line of people in front of the entrance gate. Around it, a number of carriages were parked separately. Apparently, the horse-drawn carriages were not allowed to enter the town.


 I sighed lightly as I stood in the long queue, and thought again about what I was going to do in the future.


 This town is Aluppo. It is a town ruled by Duke Almeil, one of the three dukes of the Republic of Canadaira. It is famous for the existence of a type of dungeon called a Rift Dungeon in the town and a large Alchemists’ Guild.


 I came to this town for three main reasons. First, to investigate the maker of the magical tool [Stove] at the Alchemists’ Guild. Second, to investigate the completely new type of dungeon called the Rift Dungeon. The last is simply to level up.


 From what I’ve heard about the Rift Dungeon, I think it’s a very interesting place, and I think it’s important to investigate it. I had been thinking about leveling up intensely since the Rankfurt Stampede, and I had been able to level up well in Elem, but the riot forced me to leave Elem, and from there I just went with the flow.


 As a result, I joined the war.


 At that time, I had no choice but to do so, but if I just kept standing on the board like a pawn, no matter how many lives I have, it would not be enough. I would like to have the power to change the situation by myself. That’s what I think.



“Clear the road!” (Knights)



 I looked back to the left of the line to hear such a voice from behind me. Two knights in expensive-looking equipment appeared on horseback, and behind them, a carriage also wrapped in expensive-looking decorations approached slowly.


 They passed through the gate and entered the town without any checks as if it were nothing different.


 Apparently, they were nobles or people of power. The guards at the gate did not check them, but simply bowed their heads and sent them off. This is the difference in status. I want to be one of them! No, I don’t think I want to be one of them, but I think I should have enough power to repel such people.



“Next! Move faster!” (Guard)



 Shouted the guard who had just bowed his head in a polite manner.


 I almost wonder if they have their personalities changed, but I guess such things are necessary for such a profession. You have to bow down to the higher-ups, and show dignity to the subordinates. It’s a middle-management type of thing.


 The man in line in front of me, the one who looked suspiciously like the man in the carriage, stepped forward and reached for a crystal ball-like object set up next to the gate.



“That is…” (Rook)



 That is the “Eye of Truth.”


 An artifact I found earlier in the ruins near the Golden Dragon’s Nest. It is probably the same thing.


 The Eye of Truth is an artifact that identifies criminals. It glows blue when touched by ordinary people, but glows red when touched by criminals. In other words–



“Ah!” (Guard)


“This!” (Guard)



 The guards around him rustle, and tension builds.








 One of the guards slowly approaches the Eye of Truth, brings his face close to it, and observes it carefully.



“…What is this?” (Guard)



 Eye of Truth is giving a weak and has a strange glow, bluish or grayish.


 Then one of the guards ran up to the guard near the Eye of Truth and whispered in a low voice,



“Probably just barely blue. It’s just in the criminal threshold, though. But… this guy is a Guild Alchemist.” (Guard)


“…Tsk! Go in!” (Guard)



 The black-robed man bowed lightly and walked slowly into town.


 The eye of truth does not simply divide a person into two but also indicates the degree of the crime by the intensity of the light. In other words, that man must be doing both good and bad things in his own way.



“That’s why the Alchemist–” (Voice)



 I hear such a voice from the back of the line.


 Somehow, the Alchemists’ Guild in this town might be dangerous.



“Next!” (Guard)



 My turn came, so I nervously put my hand on the Eye of Truth.


 The next moment, a bright blue light was emitted, turning the surroundings blue.



“Hmm?” (Rook)



 Isn’t it somehow more vivid in color than when I touched it before?


 As for myself, I had been through a lot in the war, battling with Holy Beasts, and what if it had turned red in some chance… but rather the blue color has become stronger. I don’t even know what part of me was evaluated in this.



“…Ah, are you a priest from a church?” (Guard)



 The guard, who had been acting so arrogantly until a few minutes ago, spoke to me slowly.



“No! I’m just a traveling healer.” (Rook)



 When I replied with that, the guards looked at each other while saying “Huh?”


 And the silence that spreads.


 What’s with this atmosphere like it’s my fault…



“Hmm… I see… You can go!” (Guard)


“……yes.” (Rook)



 The guard who had spoken to me so quietly earlier shouted loudly.



 What is it with you…? People will distrust you.




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