All-rounder Healer Chapter 216: A Conversation at the Armor Shop

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 I sigh as I leave the Adventurers’ Guild.


 I had planned to gather more information at the Adventurers’ Guild, but the mood was no longer right for me, the receptionist, and the drunken adventurers. Well, I’ll just come back later.


 I walked around the plaza, looking across the dungeon, which was still mysteriously torn as ever, and headed to my next destination.



“Here?” (Rook)



 The Alchemists’ Guild. I feel a little scared, but I can’t not go here.


 Fortunately, it looks like a normal building from the outside.


 I opened the door a little nervously, and to my surprise, the inside was also normal. In terms of construction, it was almost the same as the Adventurers’ Guild. The only difference was that there were a few alchemist-like people in black robes walking around.


 I headed for the counter at the front of the guild, feeling a little discouraged.



“Excuse me, I would like to inquire about the maker of the magical tool, the [Stove].” (Rook)


“I’m sorry, but we have a rule that we cannot give out such information to outsiders.” (Receptionist)


“Then is it possible to join the Alchemists’ Guild?” (Rook)


It is possible with the recommendation from the right person.” (Receptionist)


“What do you mean by ‘the right person’?” (Rook)


“Of course, the right person.” (Receptionist)


“…” (Rook)



 This is a bad pattern.


 I thought that if I looked into that magical tool called “Stove” in Japanese, I would be able to get a clue about the people who must have been reincarnated in this world as well, but it doesn’t seem to work out that way.



“Have you ever studied alchemy?” (Receptionist)


“…no, not at all” (Rook)


“If so, how about this as a first step to becoming an alchemist! If you become an alchemist, you might be able to join the Alchemists Guild!” (Receptionist)



 The receptionist rummaged around under the desk and pulled out a book.



“‘An Introduction to Elementary Alchemy’! Anyone who reads this will be an alchemist! The secret art of the legendary great alchemist is here! And now it’s available for only 30 gold coins!” (Receptionist)


“Too expensive!” (Rook)



 It’s an “Elementary” and “Introductory” how can it contain the secrets of a legendary master alchemist?!



“Now, this alchemist’s mortar comes as a gift!” (Receptionist)


“Ah, I see.” (Rook)



 I pass over the receptionist’s sales pitch and leave the Alchemists Guild.


 It wasn’t as dangerous as I thought, but it might be dangerous in another way.



“Well, now…” (Rook)



 The sun in the sky is getting low, but it’s not quite dusk yet. It’s almost time to look for a place to stay, but it seems a little early.


 What shall I do? Hmmm…



“Yes, let’s go buy some weapons!” (Rook)



 Since my spear broke a long time ago, the only weapons I have are this staff and the Dark Crystal Short Sword. I had been looking for a new weapon, but I came this far without buying one due to lack of money and lack of good weapons. But I am sure I can buy a good weapon now. After all, I now have 600 gold coins as a reward!


 With this money, I should be able to buy Magic Arms, Attribute Arms, Mithril weapons, and anything else I longed for.


 Besides, I am now in a town with a dungeon. If I’m going into a dungeon, I want to buy the appropriate equipment.



“Anyway, at this time, I’ll buy the best weapon I can buy!” (Rook)



 After all, adventurers should spend money on weapons, right?



“Excuse me, where is the best place in town to buy a good weapon?” (Rook)


“A good weapon? Well, the expensive shops are on the west side of town.” (Stall Owner)


“Is that so? Thank you.” (Rook)



 The old woman at the stall said, “Yes, sure,” and waved her hand lightly without looking at me.


 Based on the old woman’s story, I headed west from the square where the dungeon is located.


 There is a certain tendency among large towns in this world, and many of them have different types of residents in each area. Simply put, it is like the areas are divided by income. There are exceptions, but it seems that it is easier to get good items if you go to the high-end areas.


 I have not had that kind of luck so far.


 As I walked a little west, the atmosphere of the buildings became more colorful, and the types of people coming and going changed. Many people were dressed in dresses or noble-like clothing, and some appeared to have followers. There were some adventurer-like people, but they too seemed to be better equipped than the average adventurer. Not as luxurious as those in Arnorn or Elem, but still a little different from the rest of the high-end area.


 I walked around checking the location of several stores and eventually came to the western gate.


 The checkpoint was a little different from the one at the south gate where I entered.


 The southern gate was checked by the Eyes of Truth, but this gate was not, and those who entered could easily pass by just giving the guards a glimpse of something.


 Some people showed palm-sized plates, others medal-like objects, and still others presented scrolls. And as a matter of course, the luxuriously decorated horse-drawn carriages were also unchecked here. Perhaps this gate is reserved for important people. I feel it is better to stay away from it.


 In this world… or perhaps in any world, there are rules that are like landmines for us, which are difficult to avoid without cultural knowledge. For example, the etiquette of bowing to nobles, or the fact that it is not good to block their passage. Perhaps it is the same with this gate. If ordinary people try to pass through, it will be a problem.


 Well, such stories existed in old Japan. However, Europeans who were sightseeing in Japan at the end of the Edo period did not understand this, and they ran into a daimyo’s procession and were cut to death, leading to diplomatic problems and war.


 Even if it was common knowledge that “it is wrong to block the passage of a noble” it would not be clear whether it was so wrong that it would only result in a warning, or so wrong that one could not complain even if one was cut down and killed. If that happens, I have to know whether I am allowed to just lightly avoid it or whether I have to get off my horse and lie flat on the ground to be forgiven.


 Well, in short, even in this world, each region has its own rules, and I’m just saying that I should be careful in every new region.


 With this in mind, I headed back down the street to an armorer’s shop I had my eye on.


 It was the largest and most luxurious looking of the stores along the main street, and probably had the most expensive equipment in town. At any rate, I wanted to see what they had there.


 I walked up to the front of the store, climbed the stone steps in front of the entrance, and as I reached for the door—



“Please wait.” (Guard)



 Soldiers in metal armor stood on either side of the entrance. The man on the right side of the door held me back with his left hand and said,



“Please present your guild card. We do not allow customers C-rank and lower to enter the store.” (Guard)


“C-rank and lower…” (Rook)



 Does that mean I have to be B rank to get in? No, that’s not it… This is also a kind of unique rule… that I was thinking about earlier. Well, I have hardly ever entered such an expensive store since I came to this world, but maybe there were such admission restrictions for expensive stores in previous towns as well… And when I think about it, I don’t think I had to go through this kind of thing in Arnorn because of the power of the Golden Dragon Claw. Mel was also there when I entered the big store in Rankfurt. Maybe it was just her connections or her family’s power that prevented problems…



“Move aside.” (Blondie)



 I turned around at the sound of a voice from behind me and saw the gilded man and his cronies I had seen at the Adventurer’s Guild earlier.


 I was surprised for a moment, but there was nothing I could do about it, so I simply tore off to the side.


 Then they slipped past me as if they had no interest in me.


 The gatekeepers who had just been dealing with me put their hands on the door as if it were a matter of course, pushed it open and bowed their heads.


 I see, that’s how it is…


 Customers with rank C or below are not allowed to enter the store? It’s like that huh.


 He registered as an adventurer just now, there is no way he is B-rank. And yet he entered the store without being asked to show his guild card, as if it were a matter of course.


 In other words, that’s what happened.



“Huh… I should go home.” (Rook)



 I turned on my heel and headed back the way I came.


 Emotions of emptiness, sadness, and regret swirled through my mind.


 But it was something I had known for a while. Even requests from the Adventurer’s Guild will not come unless you are well connected and have a good name. I had realized this when I was a rank-and-file member. No one wants to entrust an important quest to a newcomer with no name, and no one wants to be escorted by someone unknown.



“But to be refused entry… Shion think it’s strange, right?” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)



 I asked while stroking Shion, whose face was sticking out from under my hood.


 Because, like the adventurer’s guild requests, I’m not in a position to receive money, and even though I’m the one who says I’ll pay the money, they refuse. Isn’t that strange?


 Well, maybe that’s what high-end shops are like.



 That’s how I decided to stay at an inn near the dungeon that day, and while complaining to Shion, I decided to sleep.




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