All-rounder Healer Chapter 218: New Weapons Used

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 After gathering information from adventurers for a while, we left the Adventurers’ Guild.


 I know it’s not a matter of “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, but the best way to learn about the local area is to ask the locals. I learned a lot of information that could only be obtained from adventurers who live here.


 From the Adventurers’ Guild, head south down the main street and turn left at the first corner. Then I saw the store I was looking for. Yes, a blacksmith shop.


 The sound of metal hitting metal could be heard even from outside the store. White smoke rising from the roof.


 I was introduced to this store by a group of adventurers.


 The store is well skilled, the quality of the metal is relatively good, and the store makes practical equipment without excessive decoration, and is frequented by middle-ranked adventurers.


 The bell above the door rattles as I open the door. Inside the store, a middle-aged man was tending the counter across from the door, and on the left side was a display of weapons.



“May I see your weapons?” (Rook)


“Do as you like.” (Blacksmith)



 The man said and pointed to the display area with his thumb.


 I nodded lightly and started to look at the weapons from one end to the other.


 I picked up the sword in front of me, pulled it out of its scabbard, and observed it.


 The body of the sword is clean and undistorted, a simple short sword with no decorations or decorative carvings. This alone is enough to tell you the direction this store is heading in.


 I put the sword back in its scabbard and look at the other weapons.


 What kind of weapon should I buy?


 My aptitude for weapons, as seen in the white world, is for stabbing or striking with long handles. When I think about it, I feel that the spear is the most suitable, so I’ve been using a spear so far, but the adventurers at the Adventurer’s Guild recommended a blunt weapon, and I think a long-handled striking weapon would also be good.


 I would also like a magic weapon or an attribute weapon if possible. The Dark Crystal Short Sword is an Attribute Arm, but it has Darkness Attribute, so it is not compatible with the undead. If possible, I would like to have the Light Attribute – and then I stop to think about it.


 It is true that the light attribute is effective against the undead, but is light the right attribute for me in the first place?


 No, I definitely have an aptitude for the Light Attribute, but I feel that the Holy or Sacred Attribute is better suited for me. But do Sacred Attribute arms exist? I thought about it and remembered that the weapon held by a brave man is rumored to be a Holy Sword, so it must exist. However, conversely, I feel that Sacred Attribute arms exist only in legendary weapons.


 Besides. The attribute of the armor is created by fusing magic crystals with the arm through alchemy. The only way to make a Sacred Attribute arm is to find a Sacred Attribute Magic Crystal, but I can’t imagine finding a Sacred Attribute Magic Crystal inside of a monster.—If I remember correctly Light Attribute Magic Crystals are also the same. I don’t even know if there is such a thing as holy attribute magic crystals in the world, to begin with.


 Ummm… After all, you can’t make Attribute Arms out of Holy Stones, right? I think the Holy Stones from Sacred Magic are equivalent to the Magic Stones of the six magic attributes.


 I think the answer to that question is only possible through verification, but it’s also difficult to get an alchemist to help me verify it. There are too many conversations that can’t be told. In other words, the only way to obtain the Sacred Attribute arm is to learn alchemy by myself. But it is not something that can be done overnight, and there is no place that teaches alchemy.



“…Well, didn’t they sell textbooks at the Alchemist Guild?” (Rook)



 If I read it, I might be able to learn alchemy, but I don’t trust that receptionist’s advertising message because it’s too suspicious, and I’m a little hesitant with 30 gold coins. I think I’ll hold off for now.



“Excuse me. Do you sell Magic Arms or Attribute Arms here?” (Rook)


“We don’t have any.” (Blacksmith)



 Hmm, that’s too bad. But if I find an alchemist and give him the magic crystals and have him make them for me at a reasonable price, as I did the last time I had a short sword made into an Attribute Arms from a Dark Crystal. I still have some D- and B-rank Light Magic Crystals that I got before.



“Then do you have a recommendation for a striking weapon? I want to use it in the dungeon.” (Rook)


“Oh! I’ve got some leftover for you then!” (Blacksmith)



 With that, the man rummaged through the shelf next to him and placed a weapon on the counter with a thud.


 It was about 70 centimeters long. Its shape was similar to a baseball bat, but it was thicker than a baseball bat, with several conical spines, and the whole thing was colored black.


 This is…



“This is an Ogre Mace! Made entirely of steel for durability and destructive power, I’m proud of it! I made it based on the club ogres carry.” (Blacksmith)



 I pick it up and check it out.


 It’s a little too heavy. It certainly looks destructive, but it’s too hard to carry around.


 It also looks like Momotaro would massacre me if I were on Onigashima with it. [T/N: Momotaro is a popular Japanese folklore hero who defeats onis (demons/ogres) in Onigashima (Demon Island).]



“I want a longer weapon that works better with magic. Something made of Mithril.” (Rook)


“Wait a minute.” (Blacksmith)



 The man came out from the counter and brought a single pale hexagonal rod from the display area.



“This is a mithril alloy cudgel. It is made of iron mixed with mithril, so it is lightweight, has a good flow of magic power, and is highly durable. It won’t warp easily and won’t rust.” (Blacksmith)



 I received the rod from the man and checked it.


 The length is about two meters, about the same as the spear he was using before. The weight is naturally heavier than the spear, but it is acceptable. I had heard rumors that mithril is light, and it seems to be true.


 When I tried to pour magic power into the mithril alloy cudgel, I was surprised to find that it penetrated more smoothly and lightly than I expected. It is slightly inferior to an oak cane, but it is good enough.



“How much is this?” (Rook)


“100 gold coins.” (Blacksmith)


“… it’s an alloy, right? Isn’t it a bit too much?” (Rook)


“Hey, hey, hey, don’t be stupid. It is indeed an alloy, but think about the amount of metal used, it’s a bargain.” (Blacksmith)



 Oh… that may be true. A spear only has metal at the tip, and even the sword can be made with much less metal than this. But since this is made entirely of metal, the amount of metal used is inevitably larger, and the price jumps up.


 Considering this, the price may be reasonable.


 As I thought about this, the man murmured quietly, “That’s why it ain’t selling.”


 Oh, come on, you’re leaking your true feelings.


 Well, it’s true that the price of this weapon is too high for the potential abilities it has.


 For a normal person.



“I’ll buy it.” (Rook)


“Oh! Really?! Thank you!” (Blacksmith)




 For me, it’s practical enough, and I think it’s exactly what I’m looking for right now. A hundred gold coins is a lot, but it’s worth the return!




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