All-rounder Healer Chapter 230: Truth on Powerful Warriors & Frequent Urination

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 The next day, I get up early again today and headed to yesterday’s alchemist’s store.



“Hello. About my magic potions, are they ready?” (Rook)



 The shopkeeper wearing a black robe appeared from the back of the store.


 Is this robe the uniform of an alchemist? The alchemist I saw at the gate before was wearing a similar black robe.



“Ah, it’s done.” (Alchemist)



 Saying that he laid out ceramic bottles that looked like magic potions on the counter.


 I picked up one bottle of the magic potion.


 I don’t know the quality of this potion, but I have to trust it. That is the difficult part of this world. In some cases, you have to buy suspicious things from suspicious stores. That’s why trust and connections are important. You need connections to find a store that is trusted. To gain credibility, you need to accumulate a track record.


 And in order for this shopkeeper to trust me, I would have to trust him, trust this magic potion, and accumulate a good track record.



“Thirty indeed. And here are the remaining 35 gold coins. I’ll take it all then.” (Rook)



 I paid the rest of the money and carefully put the magic potions into my backpack.



“… you’re not just going to carry that in your bag, are you?” (Alchemist)



 Hmmm, it is indeed somewhat unnatural, but there is no other way to carry the potion, so I have no choice. Of course, I intend to put it in my magic bag before entering the dungeon, but I can’t do it here.



“I plan to order about the same number again in a while, so please gather up the ingredients.” (Rook)


Oy, are you serious…? Well, it’s good that I’m making money.” (Alchemist)



 I was about to leave the store. So, I said goodbye to the shopkeeper with a slightly shocked face he said, “Oh, That’s right.” He stopped me and said,



“If you want to use those bottles back, take them to a bottle washer.” (Alchemist)


“Where’s the bottle washer…?” (Rook)


I believe there is one on the back street next to this store, or behind the liquor store in the southern district. I believe they take them for about five coppers each.” (Alchemist)



 He continued, “Most of the customers throw them away because they are a nuisance.”


 It is true that, from the point of view of an adventurer, such heavy, breakable bottles would just get in the way when they were finished. The take-back value of the bottles is not very high, and it would probably be easier to just throw them away.


 So, I left the store, refilled my magic bag with magic potions in a suitable back alley, and headed for the dungeon.


 On this dungeon expedition, I am going to the Fifth Floor Village. Since it is difficult to hunt while staying at the third-floor campsite, I plan to level up on the fourth floor while passing through the fourth floor and staying at the Fifth Floor Village. It will cost more money, but the experience gain efficiency should be better.


 I passed smoothly through the first floor, through the second floor, through the third floor, and when I arrived at the camp on the third floor, the sun was setting when I arrived. After all, it is quite difficult to move around in this dungeon. It would be easier if there was magic that allowed instantaneous movement or magic that allowed flying, but at this point, I have not seen any warriors in bright orange uniforms or girls on broomsticks, so there may not be any such magic.


 There are not many books on magic, and since there are not many people who can use magic, it is difficult to ask people about it. Of course, they exist even though they are few, so I’ve heard about them, but I haven’t been able to get any detailed information.


 Magic in this world is not something that can be acquired through hard work but is something that can be learned by reading grimoires, so there is no need for theory or knowledge. Perhaps that is why even those who can use magic do not have much information. And even those who seem to have information are not willing to share it with others. This is probably because it is something that they have refined through their own experience.


 As far as magic is concerned, the only way forward, for now, maybe to gather what little information is available and move forward steadily through trial and error.



“Well…” (Rook)



 I entered the third-floor encampment, chose a suitable spot near the wall, and leaned my back against the wall. Then I put Shion down and began to meditate.


 I tried various things, such as making the magic power inside my body go around and around, spreading it throughout his body, and creating a mass of magic power inside my body.


 Then something fell on my head. And little by little, the number increases. When I held out my hand in front of me, a small drop of water fell on my palm.



“Eh… Is it really going to rain?” (Rook)



 Some of the other adventurers had noticed the rain and were going inside their tents, while others were hurriedly setting up tarp-like structures to shelter from the rain. I hurriedly put my cloak back on deeply so that I wouldn’t get soaked by the rain.


 I hadn’t thought about it because I hadn’t had many opportunities to sleep outside, but it might be a good idea to prepare a tarp for such an occasion. Well, it is difficult for a small group of people to use a tent that obstructs their view.


 I looked at a group of people pitching a tent on the opposite side of the wall.


 No matter how you look at it, they are here in numbers of about ten. They are probably hunting in rotation while maintaining this spot. There would be a party to hunt, a party to rest, and a party to protect the tent that would serve as a base. That way, they could continue to hunt for a long time.


 However, this dungeon is really a mysterious place. For some reason, it rains even though it is a closed space. I have no idea how it is structured. Is this truly an act of God?


 I passed the night thinking like this and greeted the morning.


 The rain is light, but if it continued until midnight, it will soak into my cloth cloak and chill my body. Perhaps I should buy a fur cloak that can easily repel water someday.


 As the sun rises and the surroundings become brighter, I leave the encampment and enter the fourth floor.



“Well… It’s this way, I guess?” (Rook)



 Referring to the map I had drawn at the Adventurers’ Guild, I headed for the fifth-floor rift.


 I then used [Turn Undead] and kill the ghouls I encounter along the way.



“O sacred Light, bring the wandering souls to God, [Turn Undead]!” (Rook)



 A failure. Again.



“O sacred Light, bring the wandering souls to God, [Turn Undead]!” (Rook)





 One of the ghouls that had been roaming around there collapses.


 I feel like I’m performing an assassination.


 While advancing along the path, I kill the ghouls with [Turn Undead] before they notice me, and while nullifying the skeletons in close combat or I kill them with Shion’s holy water attack and continue onward.



“O sacred Light, bring the wandering souls to God, [Turn Undead]!” (Rook)



 The ghoul in front of me collapsed.



“… it’s about time.” (Rook)



 I feel the magic power in my body has decreased.


 So I took out the magic potion from the magic bag and drank it. Then, along with the grassy taste, I felt that the speed at which magic power accumulated in my body increased several times.


 Yes, I think the quality is not bad. It tastes bad, though.



“Good! I can still go for it!” (Rook)



 I continue onward, crossing fields and hills, firing [Turn Undead] continuously.


 On the way, when I found a place where adventurers and monsters were clustered together, I carefully made a detour. And then used [Turn Undead] again.



“O sacred light, bring the wandering souls to God, [Turn Undead]!” (Rook)


“O sacred light, bring the wandering souls to God, [Turn Undead]!” (Rook)


“O sacred light—” (Rook)



 If I see a ghoul, I use [Turn Undead] without mercy. This is a Search and Destroy tactic.


 Search and destroy by guzzling magic potions that cost a gold coin and a half and pouring them down the drain.


 It reminds me of the time when I was playing ListAge. Back then, I used to hunt for experience while guzzling expensive potions. Of course, that was in a game, not in real life.


 This way of hunting may not be familiar to people in this world. Hunting is something that is done to earn money, and they may not have come up with the idea of hunting even at a loss for the sake of experience.



“O sacred Light, bring the wandering souls to God, [Turn Undead]!” (Rook)


“O sacred Light, bring the wandering souls to God, [Turn Undead]!” (Rook)



 A few hours later, another ghoul is defeated.


 Then light wrapped around my body and was absorbed into my body. It was the Goddess’ Blessing.



“Oh! I did it!” (Rook)



 As if it were a lie that he had not received the goddess’s blessing at all, he was leveling up at an astonishing speed.


 I completely understood that the increase in experience gained by dealing with high-rank monsters was tremendous. However, it seems that there is no point in dealing with monsters that are too superior. That’s the difficult part. I think the optimal solution is to hunt a lot of appropriate high-rank monsters.



“Wait…” (Rook)



 I went to pick flowers quickly, in order to replenish the magic power that had decreased, I reached for the fifth magic potion of the day and drank it all at once.



“Phew! …Oops.” (Rook)



 Tastes bad! No more refills!


 …… No, I really can’t drink any more of this.


 I put my hand to my stomach and heard a tap-tap-tap-tap in my somewhat swollen belly.


 The magic potion is about 200-300 milliliters in quantity by my estimate. To be frank, there is a physical limit because it is that much.



“Is it impossible to guzzle down potions…” (Rook)



 I thought as I put the empty bottle of magic potion back into the magic bag.


 It’s not as easy as it looks in the game. The potion cannot be consumed continuously.


 It would be nice if there was a way to get things that came in from above out from below at Mach speed, but unfortunately, I don’t know of such a method.


 Maybe old age will solve this problem by making me urinate more frequently. Come to think of it, a mage has an image of an old man. In other words, it’s not that mages are old men, but because they are old men, they can urinate frequently and become mages. …No, wait, what about magical girls then?



 I rubbed my stomach and hurried to the fifth floor.



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