All-rounder Healer Chapter 232: A Visit From Ogre-san

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 I pay one gold coin to get a room and I go up to the second floor of the inn.


 The room is the same type of room you would expect to find in a cheap inn. It is a small room, maybe two tatami mats in size. The window is a wooden window. The room is simply bolted from the inside using a wooden board with a room number on it and cannot be locked from the outside.


 I entered the room and let out a sigh.



“I’m so tired~” (Rook)


“Kyu~” (Shion)



 One human and one animal lie down on the bed.



“The bed is comfortable enough.” (Rook)



 I turned over the sheets and found a thin mattress-like thing. This must have replaced the mattress. When I stayed at an inn that charged only one gold coin for a bed, I had a great experience waking up on a fluffy bed, but such beds were only available at high-end inns. These thin bedding types are only available at middle-class inns. Perhaps, there were no plants around here that could be used as bedding.


 After a short rest, I took Shion downstairs to find that the bar attached to the inn was already full of adventurers.


 We showed our keys to the master at the counter and received a bowl of soup and a slice of black bread. I took a sip of the soup.



“…” (Rook)



 It was neither good nor bad. It was neither tasty nor disgusting. The salt was just right, but the spices and herbs were not there at all. It was all about the taste of the meat and the salt.


 Next, I tried the meat in the soup, which tasted relatively edible. It was more like chicken, which is easy to eat because it is protein-rich and has no chew. At any rate, I can only appreciate the fact that this meat is cubed.



“…” (Rook)



 I was thinking about this when I noticed something, like a lightbulb switching on.


 This village is generally short of supplies. However, despite the lack of supplies, there is a large amount of meat in this soup. So, there is a high possibility that this meat was secured in this vicinity. In other words–



“It’s the Acid Frog…” (Rook)



 The detective in me insists so.


 According to the Adventurers Guild’s data, the only monsters that appear on this fifth floor are ogres and acid frogs. Both are C-rank. The ogre is not edible, and if that were the case, the only one left would be the Acid Frog.


 I had a bad feeling from the name, but… It’s not so bad.


 After that, I shared the meat with Shion and ate the black bread was hard like a rock and soaked it in the soup to soften it.


 But… the atmosphere of the adventurers here is clearly different. It’s completely different from the tavern in town. Everyone is wearing good quality-looking equipment. As expected of a village that only has C-rank and above. It’s very imposing, or rather, I feel out of place, or it feels like it’s hard to mingle with others.


 So, I decided to end dinner early, return to my room, and go to sleep early because I am tired.





“…” (Rook)



 I wake up to the sound of some footsteps running down the hallway outside my room.


 The moonlight is shining through the open wooden window. It was still nighttime.


 The owners of the footsteps have gone down the stairs and out the door.



“…what?” (Rook)



 I got up and looked out the wooden window, but all I could see was the field behind the house and the walls surrounding the town.


 As I did so, I heard more and more noise outside and the sound of many people moving about in the village.



“I should check on them…. to see if I should join, or not.” (Rook)


 It’s nostalgic. But it reminds me of the stampede in Rankfurt.



“Power that guides magic and controls everything. Sacred World Open [Magi Location]!” (Rook)



 When I grasped the surroundings with [Magi Location], I could confirm that the majority of the people in town had gathered near the gate.


 I feel this is a good time to at least check the situation.


 After making preparations, I was able to see the adventurers with my naked eye as I walked out of the inn. [Light Source] was floating above the adventurers’ heads, and a bonfire was burning next to the gate, illuminating the surrounding area. The adventurers were well armed and ready for battle.



“Here they come!” (Scout)



 A man in the tower built on top of the wall shouted as he looked out.



“How many!?” (Adventurer)


“There are ten… eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen… twenty of them!” (Scout)



 The man on the tower replies to someone’s voice.


 Is this a raid? We’ve had hordes of monster attacks at night in the third-floor camp, but is there one here too!


 I quietly approached and take up a position near the tail end of the group of adventurers.



“Alright! Once they’re in range, reduce their numbers from above! Then we’ll open the gates and strike! Is that clear?” (Old Man)


“Oh!” (Adventurer)


“That’s right!” (Adventurer)


“Yeah!” (Adventurer)



 The adventurers shouted to inspire themselves.


 The man in charge of the group was an old man at the Adventurers’ Guild reception desk. I wondered if the Adventurers’ Guild would be in charge of the adventurers here as well.


 As I was thinking this, arrows started shooting from the top of the tower, and I heard a yell from outside the wall.



“Ooooooooooooo!” (Monsters)



 The next moment, the village gate shook with a loud thump.



“If they break the gate, we’ll be in trouble! Open the gate! Let’s go!” (Old Man)


“Yeah!” (Adventurers)



 The moment the men on either side of the gate lifted the bolts, the gate opened with a mighty bang from both sides, and a giant could be seen on the other side.



“Is that an ogre…” (Rook)



 Around two meters tall. It had green skin, a horn on its forehead, and only a waistcoat. Many of the ogres were standing around with clubs.



“Here they are! The Ogres!” (Old Man)


“Go! Let’s get them!” (Adventurer)


“Yeah!” (Adventurer)



 The two sides clashed across the gate.


 The shield-wielding adventurers in front of the gate charged forward with their shields raised, pushed the ogres back, and plunged their spears into the ogre’s throat.


 Other adventurers followed suit, rushing in to push the ogres back.


 One of the ogres swung a huge club at the adventurer. The adventurer easily avoids it and escapes. The next moment, the ground explodes with a bang.



“…Um, this is not good.” (Rook)



 Just by looking at them, I can tell that ogre’s are a tough opponent for me now. Whether I can win or not is not important, I can win, but the risk is very high and multiple opponents is dangerous. It’s an opponent I don’t want to fight if possible.


 I am able to hunt ghouls with same C-rank because I have [Turn Undead], and it is still difficult to hunt non-undead monsters that [Turn Undead] don’t work on.


 In the meantime, the number of ogres dwindled, and the last few escaped, signaling the end of the battle.



“Yeah! Good work everyone! Let’s quickly dismantle them.” (Old Man)



 The adventurers were dealing with the ogres in a familiar manner.


 It seems that they are used to being attacked by ogres.


 But the level of adventurers in this village must be very high, since there was almost no damage from such a huge horde of ogres.


 But I still don’t think it’s possible to camp in a place like this. Of course, everyone would have entered this village, even if it was expensive. It would have been impossible for us to be attacked in the middle of the night by such a large group of people.



“A dangerous place.” (Rook)



 With this thought in mind, I returned to the inn and went back to sleep.



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