All-rounder Healer Chapter 234: The True Value of Correct Information

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 I ask another question to change the mood.



“Well, what’s the story beyond the sixth floor of this dungeon? The Adventurers’ Guild only has material up to the sixth floor.” (Rook)


“Oh? Are you already thinking about the future? You’re a bit hasty, aren’t you?” (Damod)


“No, I don’t plan to go there yet. But you want to know just in case, can’t I?” (Rook)



 Of course, you can’t go there now, and even if you do, it will be a long time from now. The monsters that come out of the sixth floor are B-rank, which means that the monsters of the same rank as the Great Boar that I fought in Rankfurt will appear. The rank of a monster is determined by the size of the magic stone in its body, and the larger the magic stone, the stronger the monster, but it does not necessarily mean that another monster of the same rank is just as strong. But I still don’t feel like I can go there when I think that the rank is the same as that Great Boar.


 But it is no harm in checking it out now. If the dungeon is not worth the effort, we can leave this dungeon early and move on to another place.



“The seventh floor… If the Adventurers’ Guild doesn’t have the information, it’s likely that none of the adventurers have given it to them.” (Damod)



 I see. “…Adventurers are not giving out information”.


 When I took the light magic crystal in the dungeon of Elem, I don’t think there was such an “I have no information” option available to me. …I wonder if there is a difference in ability and power there after all. An adventurer with a certain rank would be able to build a position that would be difficult for those in power to reach out with their abilities.


 Well, it is also a matter of risk/reward. In other words, it is a question of whether there is a return that you want, even if you have to take the risk of making an enemy of that person. That’s what I’m thinking about. As for some of the secrets I have, I feel that no matter how high I rise in rank, there is a possibility that it will not deter them.



“I don’t know the details myself, but I do know rumors that merchants are secretly buying lower-grade magic potions from this town.” (Damod)


“…that means.” (Rook)


“That means there will be monsters on the seventh floor or deeper that will drop lower-grade magic potions.” (Damod)



 Mr. Damod said, “This is the only thing I know about,” and picked at his meat.


 I see. Even if adventurers try to hide it, in the end, they have to rely on merchants and others at the stage of cashing in their loot. In the process of distribution, someone will hear about it… Well, if it’s just a one-time transaction, but if it’s a regular transaction, it’s bound to bring out rumors.


 However, if I did not know Mr. Damod, I would have to gather information from adventurers in the Fifth Floor Village.


 The day ended after drinking with Mr. Damod.


 The next day, I made reservations for supplies and magic potions, sold the used bottles to a bottle washer, and strolled around town.



“Come on, come on! It’s Mud Toad special skewers! It’s different from the others!” (Stall Owner)



 I saw a line of people lined up at a food stall with a cheerful shout.


 As I approached the stall, I was a little curious, and another fresh aroma wafted through the air, mingling with the smell of roasted meat.


 The unique smell made my stomach growl.



“I might as well give it a try.” (Rook)



 I was curious, so I lined up and ordered one.



“Okay, four copper coins per skewer!” (Stall Owner)


“Here.” (Rook)



 The price is a bit steep. But I can still expect to see a lot of people waiting in line.


 When I put the meat on the end of the skewer into my mouth, a unique, fresh, herbal flavor spread in my mouth. As I chewed, the meat’s delicious flavor and saltiness came flooding through.



“This is delicious… Uncle, what are you in this?” (Rook)


“Mud toad meat, salt, and a secret ingredient that I can’t tell you about.” (Stall Owner)


“Right……” (Rook)



 When I travel around, I sometimes find places like this. I have found that sometimes in my travels, I find restaurants that use their own blend of herbs other than salt to season their food.


 Inexpensive stores don’t have such a thing, middle class stores often use herbs, and expensive stores serve dishes with a lot of herbs and spices. However, you will not find such spices and herbs in general stores.


 If I want to increase my food variety in the future, I may want to acquire spices and other ingredients. However, since there is no opportunity to cook in the present situation, it is not a priority.


 So, I looked around the town and prayed at a church.


 I still don’t know the God I pray to. But I still pray somehow.


 I think that’s good enough for now.


 Then the next day, I received a magic potion and dove into the dungeon again.


 I go through the first, second, and third floors, stay at the Third Floor Camp, and enter the fourth floor the next day.


 Now, it is time to practice physically defeating the ghouls. So far, I have been fighting the ghouls by surprise so that they don’t notice me, but there may be situations where that doesn’t work so well in some cases. So, I should be able to either physically beat the ghouls down or, even if I can’t do that, I should be able to smoothly use [Turn Undead] while dealing with the ghouls’ attacks.



“Alright!” (Rook)



 I quickly approach the ghoul I spotted while making noise.



“Uhhh!” (Ghoul)



 When I got close to a certain distance, the ghoul turned its face toward me while screaming.


 It was very eerie.


 The ghouls’ claw attacks were repelled with my Mithril Alloy Cudgel, and I backstep to avoid attacks from the opposite side.



“I am much better than before!” (Rook)



 Thanks to the several Goddess’s Blessing, I was able to track the ghouls’ movements better than when we fought before.


 However, I am unable to attack because I am too busy blocking the oncoming heavy barrage from both sides. And then, soon I was being pushed back.


 At this rate, it would be tough to defeat it physically!



“O sacred Light, bring the wandering souls to God, [Turn Undead]!” (Rook)


 I timed it in the exchange and cast [Turn Undead]. Luckily, the magic succeeded, and the ghoul collapsed.



“Haa… Haa… I guess it’s still a bit tough…” (Rook)



 I also collapse to my knees while adjusting my rough breathing.


 It’s still tough to beat a ghoul with just physical attacks at this point. I need to get a little stronger…



“And I still need to be able to use [Turn Undead] without chanting.” (Rook)



 It’s going to get tougher and tougher from here on out unless I can use magic more fluidly and as if it were part of my limbs. If I can use it as I am activating magic while slamming the Mithril Alloy Cudgel on my opponent, that defensive blow that repels the ghoul’s attack will also become an attack. That’s what I’m aiming for!



“There’s still a long way to go…” (Rook)



 I stood up, muttering to myself.


 And then I went on, sending the ghouls to the afterlife, and arrived at the fifth floor before nightfall.



“Oh, it’s you. One gold coin.” (Guard)


“Yes, thank you for your hard work.” (Rook)



 I had met the gatekeeper of the Fifth Floor Village many times, and we had become acquainted with each other. But I could not accept the ridiculously high entrance fee.


 It’s a hard world we live in.


 I entered the village, took lodgings as usual, and dove into the bed in the room for one human and one animal.



“I’m tired truly~” (Rook)


“Kyu~” (Shion)



 It’s always a challenge to get here, isn’t it? But if I go to a deeper floor, it should be much more time-consuming and difficult.



“The Rift Dungeon is really tough…” (Rook)



 After relaxing in the room for a while, I go down the stairs and enter the bar.


 Perhaps because it was still early, the bar was a bit empty.


 I sat at the counter seat, showed the key with the room symbol drawn on it to the tavern master, and ordered an additional cup of wine.


 Wine is expensive here, so I really don’t want to order much, but I feel like drinking today, so I can’t help it.



“Two silver coins.” (Old Man)


“Here.” (Rook)



 I pay politely, accept the cup of wine, and take a sip.



“Hmm……” (Rook)



 I had drunk it once before, but it tasted just like the wine served in the bars of Aluppo for about five copper coins.


 But it’s a mountaintop price, so it can’t be helped.


 My desire to drink wine here is priceless.


 As I sipped the wine, a man sat down next to me and said,



“Old man, alcohol and meat.” (Man)


“Okay.” (Old Man)



 I glanced at him and saw that he was the gatekeeper of the village.



“Oh, hello.” (Rook)


“Hmm? Oh, it’s you.” (Guard)



 We introduced ourselves to each other.


 His name was Mr. Hibos. He looks about 50 years old. He told me that he had been guarding the Fifth Floor Village for many years at the request of the Adventurers’ Guild.


 For many years, does that mean he is familiar with this dungeon?



“I would like to know more about this dungeon, if possible. Oh, Master, some wine.” (Rook)


“Wait a minute.” (Guard => Hibos)



 Mr. Hibos put a pause to it.



“Say, Rook, you don’t think you’re going to get all your information from one cheap drink, do you?” (Hibos)


“Um……” (Rook)



 What? I thought it was good manners to buy a drink if you want to hear from an adventurer.



“I’m sure anyone will tell you general information over a drink, but information about the dungeon is a source of income. If you tell someone, your share will decrease. I doubt people would talk so easily.” (Hibos)



 Saying this, Mr. Hibos gulped down a glass of wine.



“Besides, you’re here in the Fifth Floor Village.” (Hibos)


“Huh?” (Rook)


“We have a few things to teach the young adventurers. But you are not just some youngster. There is no way that a youngster would come to the Fifth Floor Village alone again and again. You are a full-fledged adventurer once you reached this place. If someone is a full-fledged adventurer, they should be paid accordingly for the information they provide.” (Hibos)



 …I see. I believe what he said is true.


 I have been taking it for granted that many adventurers have shared information with me over a drink or two, but now that I think back, I realize that such information is relatively common information that most people living in the area know. In other words, it was information that would not be particularly damaging to talk about. However, the situation is different when it comes to information on this unexplored dungeon. Only a few adventurers knew about this dungeon, and if the information spread, they might lose money.


 It is not something that can be talked about so easily…


 I’ve been helped by my young appearance.


 They taught me a lot because I looked young and I look like a newbie. But in this village, where only C-rank and above are physically capable of entering, that youth bonus doesn’t apply. I am treated as a full-fledged adventurer.



 I am happy about that, and I am a little touched by it, but I cannot be completely happy about it.



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