All-rounder Healer Chapter 236: Path for the Future and C-rank

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 Next day. Today, I headed to the fourth floor to level up again.


 I’ve decided that my goal is to clear the dungeon, but the first important thing is to get more Goddess’ Blessing, or level up.


 No matter how many [Turn Undead] I can use to defeat the enemy, it is too dangerous without the minimum physical strength. Even if I have an instant death attack, if my opponent is too strong, there is a possibility that their attack will be an instant death attack for me, which is not funny.



“[Turn Undead].” (Rook)



 I destroy the ghouls with Turn Undead, while dropping the chant.


 The goal is to remove the activation words so that the magic can be activated silently. In any case, I want to be able to activate magic quickly, fluidly, and naturally. This is also an important matter necessary for dungeon attack.


 As it is now, it may become difficult to use magic when dealing with multiple enemies or strong enemies.



“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)



 Another ghoul is defeated.


 Now, I will work on the things I need to do.


 First, I need to level up. At the very least, I need to be able to fight the B-rank monsters on the sixth floor. If even that seems impossible, I don’t feel like trying to clear the dungeon even if I have my [Turn Undead].


 Next, gather information. I need information on the eighth and ninth floors. Knowing what kind of environment and what kind of monsters will appear is completely different from not knowing.


 And then, I need to strengthen my equipment. Right now I’m using a Mithril Alloy Cudgel, but I may have to change to a better weapon, and I may also need new armor. I need to consider making the weapons into Light Attribute Arms, but I’m hesitant because Attribute Arms have the disadvantage of making it harder to use magic other than the attribute they have, so making them into Attribute Arms may make it harder to use [Turn Undead].


 Then there is the enhancement of armor with Enhancement Scrolls. I am also hesitant about this. The risk of failure is too great. I think it’s really dangerous for adventurers who keep doing this.



“I’m going to do a lot of things up to that point, and then leave the rest to luck…” (Rook)



 If you think about it calmly, it is quite a gamble. The risk is quite high.


 Is it really necessary to go that far?


 The answer that a calm head can derive is ‘NO!’ …… but I still have a strong feeling that I want to aim for it now. Of course, I can live a safe life, but since I came to this fantasy world, I want to try many things and see the world. I want to have more exciting adventures. That is why I am on this journey wandering around.



“For the time being, I’ll just do what I can.” (Rook)





 After a few days of repeated leveling up, the number of blessings from the goddess finally reached 21. Shion had also received his ninth Goddess Blessing and was growing steadily.


 Then, as usual, we left the fifth floor and headed for the ground.


 We went through the fourth floor and camped at the Third Floor Camp. The next day we reached the Aluppo.


 The town was no different from usual, with adventurers strolling around, and the occasional alchemist in a black robe and a deep hood walking around. It seems like there are a lot of men wearing fine metal armor today, but maybe that’s just my imagination.


 I entered the Adventurer’s Guild and presented the magic stone along with my guild card. The receptionist checked the magic stone with a jingle, then alternated between my guild card and the paper in my hand and looked a little surprised.



“Oh! You’ve ranked up! It will just take a moment to update your guild card.” (Receptionist)


“Alright.” (Rook)



 The receptionist took my guild card and stood up from her seat, and then spoke to a middle-aged man who was sitting in the back and staring at his papers. The man took my guild card, pulled out a shiny silver card and a hammer and other tools from his desk, looked at my guild card, and began to engrave something on the silver card.


 I wondered if he was engraving my name and some other information.



“Then I’ll give you this first. A total of 20 gold coins and 1 silver coin.” (Receptionist)



 The number of coins is slightly more than before. I think it’s because of the increase in the number I can hunt, thanks to the increase in my magic power and efficiency with the level up.



“Please wait a little longer. We are making your new guild card now.” (Receptionist)


“I understand.” (Rook)



 I have nothing in particular to do, so I watch the man swinging his hammer.


 I can’t see much from here, but it looks like he is working not only on the center where my name is engraved, but also on the pattern engraved on the outside of the card.


 After a while, the man calls the receptionist and hands her the silver card. The receptionist then brings it to me.



“Here it is. Congratulations! It’s your C-rank guild card.” (Receptionist)


“Thank you!” (Rook)



 Thus, I was promoted to C-rank.


 It was a long time! But maybe it’s rude to say “long”. It took me less than a year to get here, but most adventurers only make it to C-rank over a long period of time.


 As Mr. Damod said before, most adventurers only get the Goddess’ Blessing a few times a year when they are on a steady hunt. So it takes them years to move up the ranks, but by that time they are of a certain age and have families of their own, so they don’t take the risk and don’t push themselves to go up the ranks. So, it seems that the most common adventurers are around the C- and D-ranks.


 But it seems that once you reach C-rank, you are considered a full-fledged member of the guild, and that makes me a little happy.



“The guild card is made of silver, so it costs a lot to manufacture. If you lose it, I will reissue it for 10 gold coins if you report it to me, but please be careful not to lose it if at all possible.” (Receptionist)


“Ten gold coins! I have to be careful with that. …Well, it is possible to reissue them, I guess.” (Rook)



 The guild card in this world is supposed to be just a board with information imprinted on it. There is no system to centrally manage adventurers’ information, and since there is no such thing as a photograph, it should be very difficult to identify an adventurer.


 If a guild card was suddenly reissued, it would be difficult to determine whether or not the cardholder was the person in question.


 That is why I thought I could throw away the guild card issued in the southern village and get a new guild card in Arnorn…



“Yes. It is not possible everywhere, but in Mr. Rook’s case, it is possible to reissue it if you report it ‘to me’. Because I have memorized Mr. Rook.” (Receptionist)


“Oh, It’s because of that…” (Rook)



 So that’s the thing…


 THE Human Power!


 I guess being a receptionist at an adventurer’s guild is a pretty tough job…



“Of course, I don’t remember all the adventurers’ information. Only those adventurers who stand out and those with high ranks. Mr. Rook is well-known in the adventurers’ guild here. Even though you are young, you bring a lot of C-rank magic stones.” (Receptionist)


“I see……” (Rook)


“But please be aware that only this adventurer’s guild in Aluppo can reissue your card. The guild will share adventurers’ information with neighboring adventurers’ guilds when they reach B rank, so there is a possibility that other adventurers’ guilds will be able to reissue if you reach that rank.” (Receptionist)



 Hmmm……… “A possibility”. I guess they will share an adventurer’s information in writing or something, but in the end, the information is in writing, so it’s a little weak to determine that it is the person in question.


 It would be possible to identify a person if we had a family registry, fingerprints, DNA, dental records, etc., as is the case in modern Japan, but there is no way they have such high-tech systems in this world.



“What should I do if I lose my guild card and the guild cannot reissue it because they cannot verify my identity?” (Rook)


“Well… I think the only way to do that is to re-register.” (Receptionist)


“Are you saying I have to start all over again?” (Rook)


“Yes, I do.” (Receptionist)



 How strict… Of course, that’s the way it is. But I guess it can’t be helped because there is no other way.


 However, in this situation, I think it is necessary to raise my rank and stand out.


 I have heard that the standard for ordinary adventurers is up to C-rank, so I guess B-rank is next. So I guess there is a line between “great adventurers” and “ordinary adventurers”.



 It is better to be a B-rank adventurer anyway, because there is a world of difference in the way you are treated depending on whether or not you make it to B-rank. Well, I can’t raise my rank in this guild, so it’s going to be a while before I can do that.



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