All-rounder Healer Chapter 238: Exploring the Fifth Floor

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 And about six days later.


 As usual, I was on the fourth floor, defeating ghouls. But one thing was different from usual.



“Ha!” (Rook)


“Guh!” (Ghoul)



 I swung my Mithril Alloy Cudgel as hard as I could and cracked the ghoul’s head open.


 The ghoul falls to the ground face down, a mysterious liquid pooling around.


 I have hunted many ghouls, but this was the first time I defeated a ghoul without using [Turn Undead]. Finally, I upgraded to a complete crime of death by bludgeoning from one with no external injuries and unknown cause of death.



“Haa… I’m tired~” (Rook)


“Kyu…” (Shion)



 But still at the level of “I can finally win”. After getting the Goddess’ Blessing for the twenty-fourth time, I finally reached this point, but I still have a long way to go.



“For now, let’s go back for today.” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 I had used up all my magic potions and it was time to go back.


 The next day, I turned my heels and headed for the fifth-floor rift.


 When I was walking slowly and thinking about the future, [Magi Location] sensed something humanoid.


 However, it was a little different from the usual reaction.



“… Is that a horse-drawn carriage?” (Rook)



 But the horses seem a little big.


 They are surrounded by four people as if protecting the carriage, and like me, they are advancing toward the rift to the fifth floor.


 If I keep going, I’ll get too close. …Let’s slow down a bit and let the carriage get in first.


 Not only in the dungeon, but basically you should not get too close to other people when you are outside. If you get too close to them, they will be wary of you, and in some cases, that alone could be dangerous.


 That’s what happened in the dungeon in Elem…


 Slowing down my pace, I kept my distance, and then I went out of the forest and onto the road.


 Then the adventurer in charge of the rear of the carriage glanced at me warily, so I raised one hand in a light greeting to show that I had no hostile intentions.


 I knew it was the right thing to do not to go out in front of them out of the blue.


 After a while, I saw the carriage in front of me enter the fifth floor. And a little later, I also went through the rift.


 When I arrived at the fifth floor, I saw the carriage in front of me entering the Fifth Floor Village in the distance.


 I knew the carriage was going to the Fifth Floor Village. It would be hard to go any further than that.


 I was getting close to the Fifth Floor Village, so I got my money ready.



“Hey. One gold coin.” (Hibos)


“Oh. By the way, what’s that carriage?” (Rook)


“It is used to transport large supplies on a regular basis. Things that don’t fit in a magic bag.” (Hibos)


“Ah…I see.” (Rook)



 Looking into the village, I saw adventurers unloading wooden barrels from the horse-drawn carriage parked in front of the inn and carrying them into the inn.


 It is true that there are not many magic bags that can hold those barrels. Magic bags don’t hold anything larger than the size of the mouth.


 However, when I think about the fact that they use horse-drawn wagons to transport goods, I can only agree that the cost of living in this five-story village is very high. The adventurers guarding the wagons are probably of C-rank, and considering the amount of time they spend transporting, they must be paid a fair amount of money.



“By the way, isn’t that horse a little big?” (Rook)


“That’s a Feral Horse, a D-rank monster. No ordinary horse would be able to come to a place like this.” (Hibos)



 That may very well be true. In other words, is that a familiar?


 I know about the existence of monster familiars, but I don’t have many memories of seeing any. I’m sure I’ve heard that there is an adventurer who has a monster familiar in the Golden Dragon Claw, but in the end I never saw them.


 But that wild horse is almost a normal horse except for its size, so maybe I just didn’t notice it.



“You don’t see familiars very often, do you?” (Rook)


“Well, it takes a lot of work. A thing that big isn’t something that an ordinary person can control—hey stop making conversation here, hurry up and get in or I’ll take another gold coin!” (Hibos)


“Sorry!” (Rook)



 I dash through the gate.


 I remember when I was in high school, whenever I was going to be late…. I don’t have good memories.


 But I guess it must be hard to have a big familiar.


 Even if I had a Feral Horse, there would be only a limited number of inns where I could let it rest. I also need a place to leave it when I am not riding it. But I am afraid to leave it with someone unless I can trust them. But it would be a hassle to find an inn that has a large stable every time I go to a new town, and there might not be such an inn in a small village.


 It might increase mobility, but it’s likely to decrease the places I can stay at.



“…No, there’s more to that.” (Rook)



 What if Shion were to become as big as the Golden Dragon? It’s a possibility since they’re both Holy Beasts!


 A line of cold sweat runs down my face as I imagine it.


 Right now he’s still small enough that I can bring him into the inn or even the duke’s mansion anywhere, but if he becomes the size of the Golden Dragon, it won’t matter what the stable is like, will it? It’s about whether I can get him into a town in the first place, right? He will obviously be too conspicuous and will surely be scrutinized in various ways. It’s a quintessential quirk, it’s too outside-the-box, it’s a three strikes you’re out.


 I still think it’s a bad idea if I don’t get Shion to level up as he grows up.


 It is a conversation that can change when I have power.


 However, even if I were to rise to A-rank, I don’t think it would be enough…



“Well, I guess I’ll think about it later…” (Rook)



 And the next day.


 I left the village in the morning.



“Alright! Let’s go!” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Normally, I would return to Aluppo since I used up my magic potions, but this time, I’m going to look around the fifth floor.


 The ghouls on the fourth floor can now be defeated without using [Turn Undead], so I should be able to fight the monsters on the fifth floor, which are also C-ranked. So, it’s time to look at the fifth floor.


 Walking clockwise around the lake from the Fifth Floor Village.


 Blue sky, green forest, the morning mist was rising from the lake, and the view was fantastic and wonderful.


 If this place were not a dungeon, I would like to have a picnic.


 No, it is impossible to have a picnic outside the town in this world, even if it is not a dungeon.


 But since I’ve only had the company of rotting individuals recently, I feel like my heart is being cleansed.



“This is a great view.” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 According to the map from the Adventurer’s Guild, the fifth floor is surrounded by land in the shape of a “C” with a large lake in the center. At the beginning of the “C” is the rift leading to the sixth floor, and at the end of the “C” is a rift leading to the fourth floor and the Fifth Floor Village.


 It is said that in the past, one had to go clockwise around the lake from the Fifth Floor Village to the sixth floor, but after the Fifth Floor Village was built, a bridge was built to make the letter “C” into an “O” so that one could take a shortcut. So, it is possible to go up to the sixth floor quickly.


 This is a true cheat. A route that completely ignores the intentions of the creator. If there is a creator of the dungeon, he must be furious.


 On the contrary, since we have not been harassed by such a being, there may be no “Dungeon Master” in this dungeon who can control the dungeon at will.


 Then, as I continued along the lake for a while, I caught sight of people using [Magi Location].


 One, two, three …… four people in all, I think.


 They were kneeling on the ground, doing something.


 As I quietly probed them from the forest, it appeared that they were dismantling a large frog.



“Is that… an Acid Frog?” (Rook)



 Acid Frog is the only frog on this floor, and I’m pretty sure it is.


 One of them carefully probed the inside of the split Acid Frog’s abdomen and pulled out a small organ. Then a man watching from the side pulls something shiny and glassy out of the pouch on his hip.



“Hey! What are you looking at!” (Adventurer)



 The man, who had been watching their surroundings, must have noticed me because he shouted.


 I hurriedly said, “Sorry!” and changed course to leave the lake.


 I then confirmed with my [Magi Location] that they were not following me and let out a deep sigh.



“Haa…” (Rook)



 I knew I should stay away from other adventurers outside.


 But I can’t help but be curious what other adventurers are doing in this dungeon…




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