All-rounder Healer Chapter 244: Shion and A Storm of Words

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 Next day. I plan on hunting on the fourth floor again.



“O sacred light, bring the wandering souls to the gods [Turn Undead].” (Rook)



 The ghoul crumpled to the ground.


 I take out a piece of paper and a pencil from my pocket and write in the circle symbol.



“I’m getting pretty good at this, huh.” (Rook)



 I don’t know exactly what my exact success rate is, but I think it’s close to 80% at this point.


 I’m at the point where I can fight ghouls normally without using [Turn Undead], with 24 Goddess’ Blessings.


 I think I’m growing steadily and this floor is no longer a problem. Now next up…


 Suddenly, [Magi Location] pinged me.



“Oh, our next customer!” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Quickly I dealt with the ghouls and headed for the next enemy.


 Then, moving carefully through the forest, I observed the enemy while hiding behind a tree.


 Standing in the forest is a skeleton… It appears to be the type that does not carry a sword.


 The skeletons in the dungeon in Elem looked almost the same, but the skeletons here have individual differences. They have different clothes and other appearances, they may or may not have weapons, and even if they do, they are of different types. And not only skeletons but even ghouls and goblins are different from each other.


 They are truly unique. In this day and age, individuality is an important element. Without individuality, it is impossible to get a job. Skeletons with no individuality are probably rejected in the dungeon entrance exam.



“It’s a skeleton. Alright! It’s your turn, Shion!” (Rook)


“Kyu, kyuu!” (Shion)



 Skeletons are no problem.


 I quickly approach the skeleton and trip one of its legs with my Mithril Alloy Cudgel to knock it off balance.


 All I have to do is make it easier for Shion to take it down!



“Shion!” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Shion on my left shoulder squeals, and as usual, a shining ball of water—hmm?


 Unlike the usual, Shion opened his mouth wide, and a magic circle appeared in front of his face.


 And from that magic circle, a blue flash of light burst forth.



“Kyuuu!” (Shion)



 With that cute roar, a blue flash about 10 centimeters in diameter shot through the skeleton’s head.



“Eh?” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 The skeleton crumbled down, and Shion raised a cry as if asking, “What’s going on?”



“…that’s a breath attack!” (Rook)





“Master, meal and wine please.” (Rook)


“Okay.” (Old Man)



 I ordered dinner and a bottle of wine at the bar and sit down at the counter.


 I sit down at the counter, with my dinner and a mug of wine on the table, and think about today’s hunt.


 I never thought that Shion would be able to use a breath attack… I thought that the Golden Dragon’s breath was because the Golden Dragon was a dragon, but was it not the cause? Well, since the Golden Dragon, is also a holy beast, is that why it has a breath attack, is it any wonder that Shion can do it? …If I recall well, it is similar to the breath attack that the Golden Dragon used, isn’t it? Just different in color and size.


 The Golden Dragon’s breath was white, and Shion’s was blue. Does this mean that the Golden Dragon is Light, and Shion is Water? Well, Shion can create “water” called Holy Water.



“Hmm…” (Rook)



 I took another sip of wine.


 Still, today’s hunt was fun.


 It was fun to see Shion use his breath, so I didn’t fight myself, but instead said, “Go! Shion!” I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to have a mysterious ball that could capture monsters.


 But the power of that breath—I’ll call it Water Breath, for now, it was unfair. I didn’t think that even a ghoul could be killed with a single blow if it hit the head or some other vital spot. …I’m not sure if this is the difference between our two races?


 Well, my Quarter Angel was also more privileged than a normal human being when I think about it… Well, I easily bury ghouls with [Turn Undead], so I can’t say anything unfair about anyone either.


 While thinking so, I stroked Shion.



“What should we do now…” (Rook)



 I silently pull the usual soup placed in front of me into my hand and eat it.


 Only the salty taste is the same as before, and it doesn’t taste good.


 Should I continue to raise my level on the fourth floor, which I can do steadily, or should I go to the sixth floor?


 There is no option but to move past the fifth floor. I don’t feel there is much merit in doing so. So, if I go to the sixth floor, I will skip this floor. I can make use of my advantages there because my [Turn Undead] tactic works.


 I can still raise my level on the fourth floor, but my pace is definitely slowing down. Normally, I wouldn’t take the risk of moving on at this point, but with the “strongest trump card” of [Turn Undead], monsters can be defeated without fail as long as I don’t do it wrong, and I’m really getting greedy…


 But even though I was just starting to see a turnaround, if we go to the sixth floor, we’ll be in the red again…


 I drank up the wine while thinking about this.



“Master, another one.” (Rook)


“Got it.” (Old Man)



 As I was doing so, I heard a few footsteps coming from the entrance of the bar. It seemed that a group of people had arrived.


 A little curious, I looked over to the side… I saw Pauly and his companions.


 The other adventurers seemed to have seen them as well, and the tavern instantly became quiet.


 They walked to the back of the bar and stood in front of a seat in the back.



“Move!” (Large Man)



 The big man who was about to slash at Mr. Hibos in front of the gate said so, and the adventurer there said a small “Oh……” and disappeared from the scene.


 Why did those guys come here? They didn’t come yesterday…



“Hey, bring me some booze. And some meat.” (Large Man)


“I understand.” (Old Man)



 The tavern master politely responds to the large man’s order and prepares a bottle of wine.


 Meanwhile, some adventurers quickly leave the bar.


 They probably don’t want to get involved in any unnecessary trouble.


 To be frank, I don’t want to get involved either, so I want to go back to my room as soon as possible, but… I just ordered some wine. I have no choice but to drink my wine.


 The noise started to return to the bar. The adventurers, no longer able to stand the silence, began to talk.


 Pauly and his companions were the only ones talking without restraint, and inevitably I could hear their voices.



“Is this the only kind of stuff you keep here?” (Pauly)


“We are in a dungeon, so please bear with us.” (Woman)



 A woman in a mage-like robe replies to Pauly’s words.


 I’m not sure what their relationship is, but I can tell there is a clear hierarchy.


 I’m going to get some information from what they are saying here anyway.



“We’ll move to the sixth floor tomorrow. Are all the arrangements made?” (Pauly)


“Yes, we have arranged to have the squires stationed in Fifth Floor Village, the supplies are scheduled to be transported from the Duke’s household from time to time.” (Large Man)



 Pauly nodded in satisfaction.


 For some reason, I think, “That’s cheating…”


 …Somehow, their dungeon exploration is perfect-fledged… or rather, they have the complete support of the Duke’s family… I feel like they have quite the grand support. Well, I can’t speak for others when it comes to cheating.


 Pauly raised his wooden cup high and with glistening, ambitious eyes, he spoke.



“I will clear this dungeon.” (Pauly)



 The other four clacked their raised cups, and the five nodded their heads and downed their wine.


 The sight of this startled some of the adventurers around them.



“…” (Rook)



 What is this…? Somehow, I don’t want to lose to him. I thought so.


 I heard that he was C-rank right after he registered as an adventurer. His attitude of not thinking of others. His overwhelmingly blessed environment. All of these things added up to the feeling that I didn’t want to lose.


 It might not matter if I cleared the dungeon before him. Even if I cleared the dungeon before him, I wouldn’t be able to show it off to him.





“I don’t want to lose.” (Rook)



 I thought so.



 After all, let’s take a look at the sixth floor for a while. And then I would make a decision.



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