All-rounder Healer Chapter 251.1: The Holy Dimension

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 War? Now, at this time?



“…Is that what you’re talking about, Duke Almeil setting up against Duke Grespo or… Duke Schumer?” (Rook)


“Well, if it’s war, yes. Both are tired from the last time they had a skirmish at each other.” (Adventurer)



 Again… What’s going on in this country? How can they be too close to each other and antagonistic? I don’t know how we’ve been able to establish ourselves as a country until now. …But as he said, there may be a reason. He will spearhead both war-weary dukes. It would certainly be an opportunity.


 What should …… I do?


 Escape the country immediately?


 However, I also belong to the Golden Dragon Claw, so should I return to Arnorn and inform Duke Schumer? No, even if I don’t tell them, they’ll get that much information right away.


 I can’t make a decision right now. Should I return to Aluppo for the time being to gather information?


 With that in mind, I decided to go to bed right away without drinking much, and the next day. I left the Fifth Floor Village, entered the fourth floor, stayed overnight at the Third Floor Encampment, and returned to the town of Aluppo again the next day.


 I was a little relieved to see the town of Aluppo as usual, which I saw as soon as I passed through the rift.


 Somehow, I had thought that this town would have changed when I came back.


 It was already a little before evening. It’s getting late, but this time I decide to go and buy more supplies.


 I walked quickly through the square to the marketplace and started browsing for goods, focusing on the usual store…



“… everything is a little more expensive.” (Rook)



 I didn’t keep detailed data, so I don’t know the exact figures, but I have a feeling that the prices of all goods, mainly foodstuffs, have gone up a bit.



“Excuse me. Has everything gone up?” (Rook)


“Oh? That’s the fair price! We’ve been selling a lot lately!” (Shopkeeper)



 I placated the shopkeeper, who was about to lose their temper, and I bought supplies, mainly foodstuffs.


 Judging from the reaction of the shopkeeper and the atmosphere of the town, the general public does not seem to be in a warring atmosphere yet. However, the fact that the prices of goods are rising suggests that someone is buying goods for some “unknown” reason.



“……Well.” (Rook)



 Situation-wise, the time to act would be now.


 Now is still a good time to get out of the country and back to Arnorn.


 If a war were to break out, it could restrict the flow of people to and from Arnorn. …And since I am in a position where I could be seen on the side of the Duke of Schumer, there is always the possibility that something could happen.


 But for me, this dungeon is a great opportunity that I may never have again. I really want to stay and gain as many levels as possible.



“What’s the right move… What do you think I should do?” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)



 You usually look like you understand my words, but at times like this you look like an animal. …No, you are an animal.


 Anyway, it’s late today, so I’m going to take a rest. And tomorrow, I’ll gather some more information before making a decision.





 Next day. I start gathering information in the morning.


 First, I decided to go to my usual blacksmith shop and ask him about adjusting the Mithril Alloy Cudgel.



“Hmm? How are things going lately? We’re doing great! We’re selling a lot more armor than usual! That’s right! I even sold that Ogre Mace! Someone has a good eye!” (Blacksmith)


“I see, I see… If you can sell even the Ogre Mace, there must be a considerable lack of weapons?” (Rook)


“Haha! …Oy, what do you mean?” (Blacksmith)



 If even weapons that look like they could be used by Momotaro’s prey can sell, the shortage of weapons may be more serious than expected. No, maybe it’s more simply a lack of metals?


 I thanked the owner and left the store, heading to the alchemist’s shop.



“The business these days? It’s good. The number of requests for the production of Attribute Arms is increasing.” (Alchemist)


“I see……” (Rook)


“The production of magic potions has a longer queue than usual. Let me know as soon as possible if you need it.” (Alchemist)


“I understand.” (Rook)



 I thanked the owner and left the store.


 Is that so? If this happens, the “Magic Potion Guzzler Strategy” might become harder to use for a while. Then it becomes difficult to hunt as usual.


 Even so, don’t have the air of “We’re going to war now!” Does this mean that there are no major signs of war in this town yet? Or maybe war is just a groundless fear



“… it’s hard to judge.” (Rook)



 After all, there is a limit to how much we, the masses, can predict what the higher-ups will judge from the information available to us.


 As I was walking home, wondering what to do, I saw a crowd of people inside the church.



“I wonder what’s going on?” (Rook)



 I was curious, so I entered the church grounds and asked what was going on.


 As I waded through the crowd and stepped out in front of it, I saw in front of the crowd a group of knights in white armor, neatly arranged in a row. They were holy knights.


 The number of them must be 10, 20 …… or even more.


 What is going to happen now? As I was thinking, one of the holy knights turned to the crowd and raised his voice.



“Everyone, listen up!” (Holy Knight)



 At the sound of his voice, the crowd that had been clamoring around him quieted down.



“We, the Holy Knights, who believe in Lady Tessretia, who has fought the Demon King for a long time—” (Holy Knight)



 To summarize his long speech, he was talking about how the church and the Holy Knights are saving mankind from the suffering caused by the Demon King. That in itself was a typical speech, or rather, a speech that touted the achievements of his organization, but I could not hide my surprise at his next words.



“The time has finally come! We will annihilate the Demon King’s dungeon in Aluppo!” (Holy Knight)



 At that moment, the holy knights behind him raised their fists and shouted, “Yeah!”


 Overwhelmed by their spirit, everyone was speechless, while someone from the crowd shouted, “Holy Knights! Hurray!” Gradually, the crowd began to applaud sparsely, and the applause spread to the rest of the crowd in a loud swell. The crowd grew passionate.


 When it reached its peak, the Holy Knight who was giving a speech raised his hand in front of the crowd. The crowd slowly quieted down.



“Some may be wondering if we will be able to overcome the dungeon. But there is no need to worry!” (Holy Knight)



 The Holy Knight making the speech turned around, and the Holy Knight in the back stepped forward and held up a luxurious-looking treasure chest with both hands.


 The knight opens the box and takes out a round object from inside.


 It was a sphere the size of a man’s fist, shining in the sunlight.



“Behold! This is a Holy Orb. It is an artifact given to us by the Gods to repel the dark ones!” (Holy Knight)



 The Holy Knight exclaimed, and a cry of admiration escaped from the crowd: “Oh…! Some prostrated themselves on the ground in adoration, while others clasped their hands in prayer. A strange atmosphere enveloped the crowd.



“The dungeon of the Demon King has been borrowed from the Saint Miraria in order to make it disappear! As long as we have this, there will be defeat will not touch us, the Holy Knights!” (Holy Knight)




When the holy knight shouted this, the crowd went wild.



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