All-rounder Healer Chapter 253: To the Dungeon Capture

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 I check the paper again.


 The first paper had information on the sixth floor, then the seventh floor, then the eighth floor, and the last paper seemed to have information on the ninth floor.



“The ninth floor… what could it be like?” (Rook)


“The one he confirmed. I don’t know if there is anything beyond that.” (Damod)



 It is true that there is information about the ninth floor, but the information is only up to the halfway point.


 That means I have to see for myself what’s beyond that…


 But the first person to clear any dungeon will have to find the way on their own, and if I want to conquer a dungeon, I have to take that risk. Only in games can you clear a dungeon while looking at a strategy site.



“But are you sure you want me to have this information?” (Rook)


“I don’t mind. If you want to sell it to someone, you can do so. Of course, if you can use it yourself, you can. …Well, it may not be worth it anymore.” (Damod)


“…is it the church?” (Rook)


“And the duke’s house.” (Damod)



 If the dungeon is gone, this information will be meaningless. Maybe it already is… So, he can now give it to me.



“Mr. Damod, do you think the Church or the Duke of Almeil can clear the dungeon?” (Rook)


“I don’t know, but I am sure that the duke is serious about it. If they can clear the dungeon, the duke will be honored and have more power. And if they successfully acquire a weapon artifact in the dungeon, the power structure of this country will definitely be rewritten.” (Damod)


“I see.” (Rook)



 That is probably what Duke Almeil is aiming for.


 Personally, that’s the future I want to avoid the most.


 Duke Almeil is going to use the momentum from clearing the dungeon to start a war.


 The opponent is probably Duke Schumer or Duke Grespo.


 Personally, I have only negative feelings toward Duke Grespo, but I am not happy that Duke Schumer, or rather everyone else who is in Arnorn going to get involved. Even if the target was the Duke of Grespo, if the Duke of Grespo falls, the balance of power in this country will collapse and the Duke of Schumer will eventually be swallowed. I would not be happy about that either.



“If the Duke of Almeil can’t clear the dungeon and the other powers clear it… What do you think would happen?” (Rook)


“Well…” (Damod)



 Mr. Damod had an expression of pondering for a while and then continued.



“The place is like the treasure vault for the Duke of Almeil’s family.  If they clear it, they’re just going to lose a lot of money.” (Damod)


“…” (Rook)



 In other words, if you don’t allow Pauly to clear the dungeon, there is a possibility that the war can be avoided.


 No, there is too little certainty to say so. …If it is cleared by Pauly and the artifact is secured, it would definitely be the worst thing that could happen. That’s something I’d like to prevent at all costs, but…



“Um, can you tell me more about the Rift Dungeon?” (Rook)





 The next day. In the morning, I placed an order for magic potions and continued to stock up on groceries, which were getting more and more expensive.


 Some of the supplies were moved inside the Holy Dimension at the inn, and I bought as much as I could afford.


 But I could not come to a conclusion as to what I was going to do.


 No, I have already ninety-nine percent decided. After all the arrangements have been made, I have no choice but to go! If I’ve come this far, I’ve got to do it!


 …but I feel like I’m missing something. A piece of the puzzle. Just one more piece.



“And it’s getting cold… hmm?” (Rook)



 As I passed by the entrance to the dungeon thinking this, I saw a familiar face in the plaza in front of the rift.


 The person was dressed in expensive-looking equipment and standing next to a carriage. He seemed to have about 20 adventurers with him.



“That person……” (Rook)



 I am sure I have seen him before. I think I remember… Oh, yes. If they are… They might be…


 As I was thinking this, they all went into the rift, accompanied by a carriage.



“If that’s the case, then…” (Rook)




 Could this, perchance, be something that could be worked out?


 I saw a slight glimmer of light in their appearance that I happened to spot and turned on my heel.



“For the time being, I should buy some winter clothes…” (Rook)



 With that in mind, I headed for the clothing store where I had bought my fishing line.



“Excuse me, do you have a winter cloak or robe?” (Rook)


“Yes. What kind of things do you need?” (Shopkeeper)



 I looked at the clothes one by one.


 The first is a fur cloak. It looks warmer than the cloth cloak I am currently using, but it is thicker and heavier, and I feel that it restricts my movement a little. However, it is convenient because it can be worn over the current equipment.


 The second type is a front-opening robe. If I were to wear this, would it replace my current robe?


 At any rate, after trying on several items, I chose a long fur cloak and asked him to prepare gloves and socks that would be warm as well.



“Is this enough?” (Rook)



 I was thinking, “This is fine,” when I saw a certain item next to it, something that really struck me.



“This is……” (Rook)



 I had a feeling that this might be useful. I had that tiny feeling.


 No, I don’t know, but if I buy it, I might be able to use it.



“Excuse me. Please this one too.” (Rook)


“Yes, I understand.” (Shopkeeper)



 And again, the next day. I ran to buy food again today, and when I came back to the front of the dungeon around noon, I found the Holy Knights standing in line.


 The person I had seen before, who seemed to be the leader of the Holy Knights, barked.



“From now on, we will conquer the Demon King’s dungeon here!” (Holy Knight)



 At the same time, the Holy Knights yelled “Yeah!”, and the crowd cheered.


 The wave grew louder and louder, engulfing the surrounding area.



“Holy Knights! Forward!” (Holy Knight)



 With these words, the Holy Knights entered the dungeon.


 The sight of the 30 or so knights marching in a line was breathtaking, and I could understand why the crowd was so excited.


 In a world without entertainment, events like this must be a pastime for the common people. Even events with a strong performance have meaning.



“Are they finally moving?” (Rook)



 The Holy Knights have moved. This means that the end is near.


 The duke’s army led by Pauly will move soon.


 If I had to make a decision, this was the only time to do it.



“I have made up my mind, too, I guess.” (Rook)



 To clear the dungeon or not to clear the dungeon? If I were to decide, it would be here.


 But my mind is made up.


 The next day. After leaving the inn, I went into a random back alley and pulled out a black robe from my magic bag.


 This is the black robe I bought yesterday at the clothing store. It is an alchemist’s robe. He put it on and headed for the dungeon.




“Now, let’s do it.” (Rook)



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