All-rounder Healer Chapter 255: [Idle Talk] The Melancholy of Marc Holland, Commander of the Squires of the Dukes of Almeil

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“What are you doing? Do something quickly!” (Pauly)



 The fifth son of the duke, Pauly Almeil, shouted angrily, and Marc Holland shouted to his men from his horse, “Maintain the frontline! Don’t break formation!”


 On the eighth floor of this dungeon, commonly known as “Aluppo’s Dungeon,” the Duke of Almeil’s dungeon attack team was in chaos.



“Hey, the visibility is bad! Whoa! Can’t you blow away this fog with Wind Magic!” (Pauly)


“I’m doing it! But it won’t go away!” (Woman)



 A woman in a robe replied to Pauly’s angry shout.


 When they entered the eighth floor, everything was shrouded in a reddish-black fog. They knew this from the information they had received beforehand, but they did not expect the fog to be so thick that they could not even see three horses ahead.


 The sun should have already risen by this time, but the sun was hidden by the thick fog and only appeared slightly reddish overhead. The magic light from [Light Source] was just barely enough to keep things visible, but it was not enough.



“Guh!” (Squire)



 The squire at the end of the line suddenly begins to groan on horseback.



“There it is! Don’t hit your comrades!” (Marc)



 Marc Holland shouted as he pointed his sword toward the squire being attacked.


 Immediately, another squire, who was standing next to the squire, cleaves the empty space with an Attribute Arm.



“Whoa!” (Squire)



 The empty space rippled, and the transparent thing let go of the squire.



“Now! Do it!” (Marc)



 With that voice, swords and spears were thrust into the empty space, a mysterious cry was heard, and a magic stone fell to the ground.


 This is one of the ordeals on the eighth floor, the “red-black fog,” and the other ordeal, “Phantoms”.


 Phantoms are B-rank monsters, undead without substance.


 Its form is nearly invisible to the human eye, and it can only be attacked with magic or weapons with magical effect. Even so, it is usually possible to fight it because it is just barely visible, but in this reddish-black fog, that was not the case.


 The visibility was poor, and the enemy, whose figure could not be seen, suddenly attacks. It was the worst situation.



“Am I supposed to find the next rift in this situation…” (Marc)




 Marc Holland murmured to himself.



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