All-rounder Healer Chapter 257: [Idle Talk] Holy Knights and Death Knights

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“Light!” (Sagmalt)



 Sagmalt, the leader of the Holy Knights, cried out and held up the holy orb, the “Orb of Light.


 The orb of light emitted a soft light in all directions, dissipating the surrounding reddish-black fog.


 At the same time, something appeared out of the fog.


 A creature called Death Knight.


 A knight of darkness, clad in pitch-black armor, holding a large two-handed sword, and with only its eyes glowing bright red, which was slightly visible through the gaps in its helmet.


 It is an A-rank monster feared to bring death to those who encounter it.


 And the Blood Knight under its control also followed in large numbers.



“Don’t be cowed! Regroup formation! The light of the ‘holy orb’ will guide us!” (Sagmalt)



 Sagmalt said, almost cursing with guilt in his heart without showing it on his face.


 If only this orb of light were a real “holy orb”.



“Oh!” (Holy Knights)



 The Holy Knights, with their pure white swords and shields, advance forward as if to measure the distance between them.


 The Death Knight and its horde of Blood Knights awaited them.


 Sagmalt looked at the Death Knight.


 The Death Knight’s red eyes slowly narrowed, and for some reason to Sagmalt it seemed that the Death Knight was smiling, even though its face was obscured by its helmet.



“Charge!” (Sagmalt)


“Guah!” (Death Knight)



 Sagmalt and the Death Knight cried at the same time.


 The battle begins. 



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