All-rounder Healer Chapter 261: [Idle Talk] Sword of Granton

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Ristain, the leader of Granton’s strongest clan, “Sword of Granton,” was sitting in front of a campfire in the dark.


 Around him, several of his companions stood guard, and in the tent, his companions were sleeping.


 This is Aluppo’s dungeon. It is the ninth floor.



“…” (Ristain)



 Ristain shifted his mask and goggles, which covered his entire face, slightly to the side and drank water in a specially shaped container, sucking it up through a hollowed-out stick.


 The entire surface of the ninth floor is covered with a mysterious poison. This poison will not kill instantly, but if someone keeps breathing it for a long time, they will lose the ability to act.


 Therefore, he had to wear a gas mask and goggles to prevent this poison from entering his body as much as possible. Food must be kept out of the open air as much as possible. They also need to be careful not to inhale the poison from outside when eating.


 To prepare this equipment, they spent years of their lives and a lot of money.


 And with their patron, the Duke of Grespo, supporting them, they must succeed in clearing the dungeon of Aluppo.


 Ristain clenches his fist.


 But clearing the dungeon will not be easy.


 They now know that the lower level of the dungeon has the Sword of Granton, the Holy Knights of the Church, and the Squires of the Duke of Almeil. He must find the deepest level before them and defeat the boss.


 If they can’t do that…



“… Phew.” (Ristain)



 Ristain sighed heavily.


 The Duke of Grespo, who was hit hard by the failed assault on the Dukes of Schumer, has already been weakened. If a new artifact is handed over to the Duke of Almeil, the only intact duke here, and they also get the honor of clearing the dungeon, the power structure of the Republic of Canadaira will be completely redrawn.


 Therefore, if they fail, it will be the end of everything. It will be the end of Ristain, and the end of the Duke of Grespo.


 Worst case scenario if it was cleared by the other camps first. They need to take the achievements away from them, even if it means dealing with them in the dark.


 The Dukes of Almeil are still fine. But if they attack the Holy Knights…



“…” (Ristain)



 Thinking of this, Ristain caught a glimpse of despair that dulled his eyes.


 If he were to make an enemy of the Holy Knights—


 The next moment, Ristain felt a presence and braced himself, and then suddenly flicked the flying “something” with the sheath of his sword.



“Who are you! Reveal yourself!” (Ristain)


“What’s wrong!?” (Adventurer)


“An attack!?” (Adventurer)



 The men on guard at once drew their swords, and their companions, sensing something unusual, rushed out of the tent.



“Over there! Chase him!” (Adventurer)


“Yes!” (Adventurer)


“No, wait! Pursuing at night is dangerous! It could be a trap! Do not pursue!” (Ristain)



 Ristain stilled his men, who were about to run off into the darkness, and searched the area for signs of life.


 But someone seems to have already disappeared, and there is no sign of anyone around.


 If they disappeared in this instant, they are likely to be very skilled.


 Sweat runs down Ristain’s cheeks.



“Keep your vigilance!” (Ristain)



 He thinks as he gives that order.


 He doesn’t know what the attackers’ intentions are.


 If they were to catch them by surprise, they must make the first blow a big one. It is the best chance to attack a defenseless opponent at will. Normally, they would want to cut down as much as they can with a surprise attack. However, this assailant just threw something that was not very powerful.


 Ristain ran his eyes to the ground and looked at the thrown object.




“This is, that can’t be!” (Ristain)



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