All-rounder Healer Chapter 262.1: [Epilogue] The End of a Town

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“Phew… dangerous, very dangerous.” (Rook)



 I patted my chest as I watched the adventurers picking up what I had thrown.


 I intended to throw it from as far away as possible for safety, but those adventurers reacted so quickly that I broke into a cold sweat.


 They were high-level adventurers, after all.


 After defeating the skeleton boss and exiting the underground temple, the first thing I had to do was to search for the “Sword of Granton”.


 I had heard before that they were usually active around the eighth floor. And before I entered the dungeon, I had seen them enter the dungeon with special equipment and personnel. In other words, the group aiming to clear the dungeon this time was not the Holy Knights, the Dukes of Almeil, and myself, but a four-way fight with the Sword of Granton added to the three forces.


 And for me, the presence of the Sword of Granton was very important.



“Now, I wonder if they will understand exactly what my gift means?” (Rook)



 I hope they will.


 …But then again, this Dark Robe and its ability is amazing.


 This was the Dark Robe that the corpse was wearing. I didn’t really want to wear something that an undead used to wear, and I wondered what I would do if I were cursed, but his [Shadow Flare] burned the black robe I originally wore to hide my appearance and damaged the white robe and armor I wore underneath, so I had no choice but to wear this.


 As for how to use it, I had no problem because it was easily activated by the phrase “Darkness,” just as that skeleton had done.



“Isn’t this an artifact?” (Rook)



 No, I don’t know if it is or not since there doesn’t seem to be an exact definition of artifact in the first place.


 Anyway, I would have to check the performance of this one later on.


 With that thought in mind, I continued running in the darkness and returned home to [Holy Dimension] after advancing to the eighth floor.



“I’m home.” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 I looked inside the [Holy Dimension] while petting Shion who greeted me.


 I was in a hurry, and various items were scattered around, which was not good.



“I have to sort it all out.” (Rook)



 I have a lot of things to do before that.



“First……” (Rook)



 I need to see the artifact in the treasure chest!


 Artifacts, the greatest loot of dungeon clearing. You have to make sure of this!


 Excitedly, I looked at the golden treasure chest that would contain the artifact.


 The width of the box is about 50 centimeters, and the length and height are about 30 centimeters, so it can’t be a sword or a spear.



“Well, okay. Let’s open it for now! …No, I should open it outside.” (Rook)



 I didn’t think much of it, but there might be a trap or something.


 I opened the [Holy Dimension] doorway, took the box outside, deployed [Divine Shield] while getting down just in case, and extended the Mithril Alloy Cudgel from behind it to open the lid of the treasure box. The lid opens without incident, as there seems to be no particular trap.



“Alright! Artifact! Come here~” (Rook)



 I excitedly get up and look inside the box and see…



“What?” (Rook)



 There was nothing.


 It was empty inside.



“No, no, no……” (Rook)




 No artifact after all that hard work?


 How is that possible? Can it be?


 At any rate, I put the box inside the [Holy Dimension] and thought.



“No, maybe…” (Rook)



 Could the artifact that was supposed to be there is this Dark Robe?


 Maybe that corpse took it out and used it as its own. …I think it is!


 It was an intelligent monster, and it could be that way.



“Well… I will never know even if I think about it.” (Rook)



 I’m aware that my excitement is going down from disappointment, but I don’t have time right now, so I’m going to switch it up.


 At any rate, this box also looks gorgeous, and I think I’ll use it as my valuables container…


 It would be a waste to throw it away, so I’ll leave it as a memento of my dungeon clear.


 Deciding so, I put the extra potions and other items left over from the dungeon attack into the box and moved it to the corner of the room.



“And then there’s this.” (Rook)



 After defeating the corpse, I found a pendant buried in its bones.


 It is made of silver metal and has a coin-like object with a diamond-like gem embedded in it.


 Check the pendant with the jewel embedded in it.


 I fiddled around with it and observed it from various angles. …I wasn’t sure what this thing was.



“In the end, even if I get an item that looks good, I still don’t know what it is…” (Rook)



 It’s the same with the Orichalcum ring, but it’s difficult to find out what kind of effect the item has, so it’s going to be a problem.


 I wonder how high-ranking adventurers do it around here?


 I put the pendant in the treasure chest and closed its lid because I couldn’t tell by looking at it.


 I lay down for the rest of the day, feeling a little unconvinced that I had cleared the dungeon.


 A few days later.


 I had returned to the town of Aluppo.


 After passing through the eighth floor, I had been running day and night, giving priority to getting out of the dungeon except when I was sleeping, which made it possible for me to return quickly.


 Presumably, at this point, all three forces on the eighth and ninth floors are aware that the dungeon has been cleared by someone.


 What is important here is what I heard from Mr. Damod. It is the story of how the Rift Dungeon works.


 It seems that when the boss on the bottom layer of the Rift Dungeon is defeated, it “stops functioning in order from the lowest floor”.


 The cessation of function means that the monsters stop respawning and the special effects, such as the poison on the ninth floor and the reddish-black fog on the eighth floor, should also disappear. If they see that, they will know that the dungeon is clear.


 And the dungeon that has not stopped functioning will regenerate the defeated boss and then restore the dungeon’s function and return to normal. Therefore, just defeating the boss does not mean that the dungeon is cleared because the boss will be revived again.


 The [Dungeon Core] is what oversees the system.


 The Dungeon core is a transparent ball the size of a volleyball that was placed in the lowest level of the dungeon, and it seems to be the thing that runs the entire Rift Dungeon.


 Therefore, clearing the Rift Dungeon is not by defeating the boss, but by destroying the Dungeon Core, and the proof of dungeon completion is a piece of the Dungeon Core.


 That is why I gave them half of the Dungeon Core to Sword of Granton.



“I would be happy if they realized it…” (Rook)



 If they were smart, they would have figured out why the mysterious third party went to the trouble of throwing them a piece of dungeon core, the proof of dungeon clearance, and they would have made good use of it.


 In other words–



“Hey! Oh my God! The dungeon’s been cleared!” (Adventurer)


“What!? Who did it?” (Adventurer)


“Sword of Granton, apparently.” (Adventurer)


“Seriously… What happened to the Holy Knights?” (Adventurer)



 I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard such a story over a cup of wine at the inn’s bar in the daytime.


 I’m glad to hear that. They seem to have properly taken advantage of my kindness.


 The final piece of my plan is to clear the dungeon in Aluppo. It was someone who would declare for me, “I cleared the dungeon!”


 However, there were strict conditions that limited the number of people I could get to play that role.


 First, the organization had to be capable of clearing the dungeon. Second, a group that could come forward to clear the dungeon, and that would not be inconvenienced by my clearing the dungeon. Finally, a group that declares, “We cleared the dungeon,” even if they did not clear the dungeon themselves.


 If I give the dungeon core to some adventurers, they will just end up quietly stealing it from me.


 I needed a group that was not afraid of the Duke of Almeil and had the advantage of announcing that they had cleared the dungeon.


 The group that seemed to have the best set of conditions was the Holy Knights, but the last condition was problematic: even if the Holy Knights were to receive the dungeon core pieces as a gift, it was doubtful that they would tolerate such an act of coveting someone else’s achievement. From where they stood, it was more likely that they would honestly announce that “someone threw a piece of dungeon core at us,” and so I abandoned this plan. Then, I saw the Sword of Granton enter the dungeon with more equipment and personnel.


 The Sword of Granton cannot afford to fail, as a group on the side of the Duke of Grespo, which was weakened by the last war. They would jump at any honor that was handed down to them by others.


 I would “forsake fame and take fruit,” and they would “gain fame and take a little bit of fruit,” so it would be a win-win situation for both of us.


 They read my silent proposal. Thus, a contract was concluded without a written agreement or verbal promise.


 They probably thought it was a proposal from a high-rank adventurer who wanted to clear the dungeon but didn’t want the Duke of Almeil to have a grudge against him, and they probably wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Even if they did, there would be no benefit to them at this point.


 Well, I guess that’s a relief for now.



“It seems that Sword of Granton came out of the dungeon!” (Adventurer)


“Let’s go watch!” (Adventurer)



“Yeah!” (Adventurer)



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