All-rounder Healer Chapter 266: Winter’s Footsteps Come Suddenly

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“… ugh… it’s cold…” (Rook)



 I woke up feeling very cold.


 The room was still dark, and it had probably not been more than a few hours since I had fallen asleep.


 I had slept wrapped in a cloak I bought in the town of Rankfurt a long time ago, but I don’t think I can stand the cold anymore.


 Shion is tucked tightly between my arms.



“This is no good… To a new world. Open the dimensional door, [Holy Dimension].” (Rook)



 Light from within the [Holy Dimension] shines into the dark room.


 I stagger into the [Holy Dimension] with a sleepy head, grab the fur cloak on the floor, and try to get out.



“It’s not cold?” (Rook)



 The temperature inside the Holy Dimension was kept at a comfortable level, perhaps because the space was cut off from the outside world.


 It looked quite cozy.



“…I might want to sleep here instead.” (Rook)



 I thought about it, but shook my head and decided against it.


 I’m afraid that I’ll use it too much for unnecessary things and I will be exposed.


 Since I can’t help it, I put a fur cloak on the bed, lay the cloak on top of it, lie down on it, and then wrap myself up like an omelette and go to sleep.



“Warm……” (Rook)



 It is still a winter cloak. It is warm on a different level. It is the difference between a slime and a metal slime.


 Shion came into the cloak as a matter of course and settled in my arms. I hugged him tightly.



“Warm……” (Rook)



 Then I fell asleep again, wrapped in happiness.





“…fua.” (Rook)



 I was awakened by a clanking sound from downstairs.


 I always wake up with this alarm, no matter where I stay. I didn’t need an alarm clock.



“I knew it was cold. I should use my fur cloak.” (Rook)



 It was cold when I woke up in the middle of the night, but it was still cold in the morning.


 The fur cloak, which had become a blanket inside the Holy Dimension, was finally ready to be put to use.


 I put the cloak on over my robe and tied it around my chest with a string.


 I look a little like some barbarian, but I can’t help it.



“Then let’s go.” (Rook)


“Kyu.” (Shion)



 After completing all the preparations, I leave the room and go down the stairs to meet the boy who helped me.



“Good morning! It’s snowing today.” (Boy)


“Snow?” (Rook)



 Snow, huh? It’s been cold since yesterday, so it’s no surprise that it’s snowing.



“It’s earlier than last year. My father said it might get colder this year! Please be careful, Mr. Customer.” (Boy)


“That’s right. Thank you.” (Rook)



 With that, I handed the key to the boy and checked out. I leave the inn.


 When I went outside, there was a silver landscape all over the place, and of course it was not just white snow fluttering down from the gray sky… Not at all like it was piling up.


 But I didn’t want to cover myself with snow, so I put Shion inside the hood of my robe and put the hood of the cloak on.


 Today I plan to go to the Adventurers’ Guild, gathering information.


 For now, I need to think about my plans for the future, and for that I need information about this country and the area around this town.


 With this in mind, I walked a short distance from the center of town and arrived at the Adventurers’ Guild.


 I opened the sturdy-looking door and entered.


 I felt a little strange.


 It was early in the morning. Other adventurers’ guilds would have many adventurers gathered at this time of the day, but there were not many people here. There seemed to be few guild employees, and only one person was sitting at the counter, with several people lined up in front of them.



“Should I go to the reference room first?” (Rook)



 I’m not in a hurry, and I decide to gather some information first.


 I went up the stairs and entered the reference room at the end of the usual similarly shaped corridor to search for books and other materials.



“Um, the monsters…” (Rook)



 I check the wooden boards on the shelves from one end to the other, skips over the monsters I know, and arrives at the one in question.



“Yulan, this one!” (Rook)



 I take the wooden board from the shelf.


 Yulan is an E-rank monster that lives mainly in the forest, and it uses its long body for wrapping and biting attacks, but it’s not poisonous – or so I’ve read.



“It’s a snake…” (Rook)



 It’s a snake or… Just a snake.


 I’ve looked at the drawing and it’s nothing but a snake. If this is not a snake, then a slime can claim to be a dragon.


 Hmmm, but it was delicious. …Well, it can’t be helped.


 It’s been a long time since I came to this world, but I still feel uncomfortable with things that I’m not used to eating on Earth. Even if I know it tastes good, I still have to think about it for a moment.



“I have to get used to the food culture of this world…” (Rook)



 Let’s take it slow and work hard. If I don’t get used to it, I might be in real, real trouble someday when I run out of food.


 Then, after looking up information on Rock Tortoise and checking out some other books and stuff, I left the room and went down the stairs.



“What the heck! Is that true!?” (Adventurer)



 At that moment, I heard a loud voice from the counter.


 I looked over and saw an adventurer-looking man crowding the receptionist behind the counter.



“Please calm down. It is true. The dungeon in Aluppo disappeared the other day. This guild has already confirmed it.” (Receptionist)


“No way…” (Adventurer)



 The receptionist soothes the man.


 I think I’m hearing some familiar words.



“What are you going to do, man? You can’t find another one now!” (Adventurer)


“That’s why I told you! Stop playing and move faster!” (Adventurer)



 People who seem to be members of the man’s party are complaining.



“Damn it! Who the hell cleared the dungeon in Aluppo?” (Adventurer)



 Ha ha ha! It’s a party called Sword of Granton! If you have a problem with that, go ahead and complain to them!


 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have nothing to do with this!


 So, the guild’s receptionist is still busy, so I go to the counter in the next bar.



“What’s the matter? Ah, the wine.” (Rook)


“One silver coin.” (Tavern Master)



 When I pointed at the noisy party with my thumb and took out a silver coin, the master said while pouring wine.



“They are adventurers from a nearby village. They were planning to spend the winter in the dungeon of Aluppo in the neighboring country, but they didn’t know that someone had cleared the dungeon of Aluppo. He was going to go somewhere else now, but he would never make it in time, you know? In other words, they’re stuck.” (Tavern Master)



 Saying that, the Master chuckled.



“I see. Haha…” (Rook)






“I’m sorry. Can you tell me a little more about that ‘stuck’ part?” (Rook)


“Huh? Well, you see, during the winter months, work is very scarce. If you don’t have a job, you’ll have to go to the dungeon to make a living.” (Tavern Master)


“No, no… Please wait a minute.” (Rook)



 I have a bad feeling about this. I’m going to have to calm down and think about it.


 Crossing my arms and cranking my head.


 Will the work decrease drastically in the winter? Do I have to go to the dungeon to eat? Wait a minute….



“Um, do you mean it gets pretty cold around here?” (Rook)


“Of course it is. It’s winter.” (Tavern Master)


“…Could it be that the monsters hibernate in the winter–that their numbers decrease?” (Rook)


“Of course it is. It’s winter.” (Tavern)



 My mind whirled, and several pieces of information and events came to mind.


 No, it’s true that there would be less movement of people during the winter, and there would be less work in general, but even so, as long as the adventurer’s profession is established, well, it’s okay in winter. I was only thinking lightheartedly that there must be one.



“…Then how do adventurers make a living in winter?” (Rook)



 When I asked this without thinking, the master gave me a look that said, “What is this guy talking about?”



“That’s why you dive into the dungeon, right? You’re an adventurer, aren’t you?” (Tavern Master)


“Oh… well, I live in an area where it doesn’t get too cold.” (Rook)



 The master murmured, “Oh, there are areas like that outside…?”


 It’s been this year since I became an adventurer, and of course it’s been this year since I came to a world with such an adventurer profession, so I don’t know what I don’t know.



“Well, there are monsters that come out regardless of winter, so it’s fine to hunt them. Besides, there are winter jobs in the winter. If you want to compete with the local adventurers for a small amount of work, do that. It’s fine. You won’t make a good impression though.” (Tavern Master)



 The master said, glancing at the back of the store and shrugging his chin.


 A few adventurers were drinking in the morning. They were probably adventurers who had been living in this town for a long time.


 Let me get this straight. First of all, there are monsters in this area that become less active like animals in winter – or hibernating. So in the winter, there are fewer monsters and less real work for adventurers. There are some jobs that are unique to winter, but they are few and far between. So many adventurers in this area move to another town with a dungeon or something before winter.


 Is that why there weren’t many adventurers in this town…?



“Where was the most popular place for adventurers to take shelter for the winter?” (Rook)


“That’s Aluppo. Even though it’s winter there, it didn’t get that cold inside the dungeon. Apparently they made good money.” (Tavern Master)




 It’s not there anymore…. This is what I thought, but even if I don’t think about it, I have a decent amount of money now, and I don’t have to work, so there’s no need to be in a hurry. For other low rank adventurers, it might be a matter of life and death.






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