All-rounder Healer Chapter 267: Shopping♪ Shopping♪ A Winter Market in the West Town!

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“I still think it’s not a bad idea to spend the winter in this town. I mean, this is a farming town, and there’s more food here in the winter than in any other town.” (Tavern Master)


“I see……” (Rook)



 Oh, that’s right. I’m sure that on Earth until refrigerators and plastic cultivation became widespread, preserved food was the mainstay of the winter season. Then, as winter progresses from now on, more and more non-preserved foods should disappear, and eventually the diet should change to a preserved food-only diet. It might be better in this town, but it would still be the same in the end.


 No, wait… If that’s what’s going to happen, I am going to use that thing—



“Well, if you are going to move, you’d better decide early. If it snows, there will be no more horse-drawn carriages.” (Tavern Master)


“Eh! They are going to disappear?” (Rook)


“Of course, it will. It’s winter.” (Tavern Master)



 Wait a minute. I’ve got a lot to think about all at once.


 I put my hand on my chin and think.


 First of all, when the snow piles up, I won’t be able to leave this town. Then I will have to stay in this town until the spring thaw. But the food situation in this town is better than in other towns.


 If I moved out of this town and got stuck in a small village, I might get in trouble. In a small village, there might not be enough food for a stranger for the whole winter.


 No, it would still be hard to survive the winter in this farming town where there seems to be no entertainment. No matter how much money I have, if I live only eating, drinking, and sleeping in the inn for dozens of days, I am likely to have an orc shape, and I might go crazy with too much time on my hands.



“Is there a larger town near here, or a town where there might be something to do during the winter? Ah! As far as I can go at this time.” (Rook)



 The master pretended to think for a moment, ” As far as you can go at this time, huh…” and then continued speaking.



“If that’s the case, the only place you can go is the Royal Capital. I don’t recommend it though.” (Tavern Master)


“What do you mean…?” (Rook)


“The things are expensive there. Anything is twice as expensive there as it is here. You can’t easily make a living there.” (Tavern Master)



 I wonder if the high cost of living in the city is the same everywhere.


 Hmmm… Come to think of it, I haven’t been to a town called “Royal Capital” since I came to this world. That’s why I can’t fully understand the circumstances around it, but…


 Alright! Anyway, it seems we don’t have time to think about it here now, so let’s just decide to head for the capital and get ready!


 Then I got some information about the Royal Capital from the master and ran out of the guild.



“First……” (Rook)



 I ran to the inn I had just left and found the boy cleaning the street in front of the inn.



“Excuse me, do you have a minute?” (Rook)


“Oh, Mr. Visitor, did you forget something?” (Boy)


“No, not really. I was wondering if you could tell me where I could buy some of the wine you serve here at the inn.” (Rook)


“If I told you, we’d lose our business!” (Boy)



 Hmmm….your opinion is valid.


 I quickly pull out a silver coin from my pocket and put it in the boy’s hand.



“Silver… Oh~ I wonder if father, who went to buy wine at the third store down the road from the main street in the western market, I wonder if he’ll come back soon~” (Boy)


“Thank you!” (Rook)



 I thanked the boy, who was acting deliberately, with a light wave of his hand, and hurried to the west side of town.


 The wine I drank yesterday had a strong astringency, but it was refreshing and seemed to go well with meat, so I decided to buy a few in bulk.


 As I continue down the unpaved main street to the west side of town, I see more and more people coming through the streets and grocery stores, despite the falling snow.



“This is the last leafy greens of the year–the next ones won’t be out until spring—come buy them!” (Stall Owner)



 I heard such a voice in my ears as I passed a few stores and stopped.



“Last? Um, is this really the last?” (Rook)


“It’s been snowing already. The remaining leaves will freeze, so today will be the last day to buy them.” (Stall Owner)



 The cat-eared lady at the grocery stall answered my question.


 Hmmm… …Should I buy this?


 With the “Time Stop Box,” an artifact I got from the dungeon in Aluppo, even fresh food should be able to be stored semi-permanently. So I was thinking earlier that if I won’t be able to eat perishable foods during the winter, I can make progress later by preserving them with the Time Stop Box while I still can, but the question is which specific ingredients I should preserve.


 I looked around the grocery store and saw several crops I had seen in this world before.


 Onion-like Onil, potato-like Potatoh, and carrot-like Caro. Plus a turnip-like vegetable and some Oran I bought yesterday. The rest were leafy greens.



“How do you use these leaves?” (Rook)


“Cure Grass? You can put them in soups or with meat. It also has a detoxifying effect, so if you eat meat that is a little old and smells bad, you can cook it with the meat.” (Stall Owner)


“Well, no, rotten meat is a bit…” (Rook)


“Well, if it gives you a stomach ache, just chew on the Cure Grass.” (Stall Owner)


“Right…” (Rook)



 The lady’s enthusiasm pushed me to buy a bag of Cure Grass. I also bought a bag of Potatohs and Orans. I put them in my backpack and went down a back road to a secluded spot to transfer them into a magic bag.


 I then proceeded to the store I was told to go to, and as the boy at the inn told me, I found the third store that looked like the one I was looking for.


 From the outside, it looked like an ordinary house, but there was a board with a picture of a rounded bottle hanging above the entrance, and I could barely make out that this was the store. It is neither a brewery nor a sales place, but more like a wholesale store. I would not have noticed it if I had not been introduced to it.


 I open the door and enter.



“Excuse me.” (Rook)



 The dirt floor. Barrels piled up against the wall. Dark-colored glass bottles and rounded ceramic bottles lined up on the shelves. People working in the back of the store.


 After all, it doesn’t look like a store at all when you look inside.


 One of the men working in the back of the store notices us and looks up.



“We don’t sell by weight.” (Store Owner)



 The man said as he continued his work.



“Are you making them?” (Rook)


“Ahh, in this town, everything is for export except for the wholesale to familiar shops.  The wine here is popular, you know?” (Store Owner)



 In larger towns such as Elem and Arnorn, there are wholesale stores that sell liquor by weight in ceramic bottles, but in this town, they do not seem to exist. And perhaps because the wine is too famous, it is not consumed within the town, but sold to other towns and cities.



“So how do you buy wine?” (Rook)


“You can buy it by the barrel, or you can buy it here in bottles. It’s expensive though.” (Store Owner)



 I went to the back of the store and looked at the man’s hand, which was attaching paper labels to glass bottles.


 Looking toward the back of the store, I saw that he had hung a yellow candle over the cork stopper of the glass bottle and was pressing a stamp-like object over the top of it.


 The wine bottles were a little unevenly shaped and distorted, but they were almost the same size and shape as the wine bottles I had seen on Earth.



“What is the difference between this glass bottle and that ceramic bottle?” (Rook)


“There’s no difference in the contents. But glass bottles are more popular with rich people.” (Store Owner)



 After saying that, the man continued, “Are you going to buy it or not? Which one?”



“Then how much are they?” (Rook)


“If it’s a ceramic bottle, it’s one gold coin. For a glass bottle, two gold coins.” (Store Owner)


“Isn’t it a little expensive?”



 When I had bought a similar amount of wine in Elem before, it would have cost no more than three silver coins, not including the cost of the bottle. And the price itself is too high, but doubling the price just to buy a glass bottle is a little too high.



“You don’t have to buy anything else. The merchants in the Royal Capital will take what we have here soon anyway.” (Store Owner)



 I think about it as I listen to the man’s voice.


 After all, I wonder if it’s because I am a first-time visitor and I am being dumped.


 …The wine we drank at the inn was twice as expensive as in other towns, so there is no doubt that it is very popular. In fact, it tasted different from the others.


 …Well, we have money, so we can pay at least one gold coin for a good drink, right? That much extravagance is no problem!


 I was about to buy a ceramic bottle of wine when I suddenly noticed a pattern stamped in wax on the lid of the glass bottle. It was a surprisingly complex shape, with a wolf-like creature in the center instead of a dog.


 No, wait…



“Excuse me. What is the wolf pattern on this bottle?” (Rook)


“It’s the seal of guaranty of our lord here, the House of Sariol. You’ll be sorry if you use this pattern without permission, this is what you get.” (Store Owner)



 The man gestures down his sword with a slide on his neck as he says this.


 I see… There is something that I have somehow grasped.


 If you think about it, it’s natural, but even if the wine here is popular, it should be difficult to prove that it’s really here when you take it to another place. I think it happened in Japan as well, but only high-end liquor bottles with premier labels are obtained and sold with other liquor inside. Bad things like that are possible. In order to prevent such bad things from happening, they have to give a guarantee to this wine, create penalties, and create the risk of adultering the wine. That wax seal and stamp must have that meaning.


 So, if you buy a cheap unsealed ceramic bottle, there is no problem if you drink it and enjoy it by yourself, but you cannot use it as a gift to someone else and it is of little value.


 The double price includes the cost of the guarantee.



“I guess the lord here is competent…” (Rook)


“That he is.” (Store Owner)



 The man grinned as he said this and gave a thumbs up.


 Somehow, I felt like I was on the same page with him.


 The man stood up and crossed his arms.



“By the way… Are you going to buy or not? I don’t have time for this!” (Store Owner)


“Sorry! I’ll buy!” (Rook)



 So I decided to buy a glass bottle of wine.



 At this point, I don’t plan to give this wine as a gift to anyone, and I intend to drink it all by myself. … Somehow reminded me of dried Fungus. Yes, I remember how dried Fungus became an information fee for high-ranking adventurers in Aluppo’s dungeon.






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