All-rounder Healer Chapter 284: Training

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 The next day, I left the inn after watering each of the three saplings in the [Holy Dimension] with three different kinds of water with medicine.


 Yesterday I was surprised to see them growing all at once in the morning, but today there wasn’t that much growth. I’m not sure if the growth has slowed down or if that’s just the way it’s supposed to be, but I’ll keep an eye on them for a while.



“Woah!” (Rook)



 The soles of my shoes slipped lightly and I almost fell.


 The snow had melted and frozen repeatedly, or perhaps the ground was half-frozen and slippery. I have to walk carefully.


 Walking along the main street, I check out the stores along the street.


 Several fresh food stores have closed in the past few days. I wondered if such stores would be closed for the winter and stop doing business. I think I heard a story that in Japan, people farmed only during the warm season and made kimonos and umbrellas for winter and sold them in early spring.


 I opened the door to the Adventurers’ Guild and went inside.


 As usual, I confirm my recovery request at the reception desk and then head toward the tavern.


 I found Mr. Nick sitting at the counter having a drink.



“Good morning.” (Rook)


“Hey. How are you doing?” (Nick)


“Yeah, I’m doing just fine.” (Rook)



 I sat down at the counter.



“Recently, I hear the Guild Master is taking good care of you lately.” (Nick)


“Well… I guess he does.” (Rook)



 I’ve been sent requests, so I wonder if that’s how he perceives me. Well, I’m doing some jobs that don’t make a lot of money, so personally, I’m in a weird mood.



“Well, there will be fewer good-paying jobs in the winter. High-ranked adventurers either become trainers to noblemen or spend most of their time training themselves, so they don’t show up at the guild during the winter. The Guild Master wants to make sure that they have enough people to move around.” (Nick)


“What kind of things do you do for self-training?” (Rook)


“Sword training and physical training… In this town, it is difficult to train outside in the winter.” (Nick)




 It’s true that the snow makes the ground slippery, and you won’t be able to run over them, and if it’s cold in the first place, you don’t feel like going outside and training, right?



“Some of the best adventurers take the winter off to prepare for the spring season. They make new weapons, gather information, and so on. There are many things you can do in winter that you can’t do in the warmer months.” (Nick)


“Can you tell me where I can request custom weapons?” (Rook)


“What, you want me to introduce you?” (Nick)


“Please!” (Rook)



 That’s how I heard various stories from Mr. Nick, gathered information from other adventurers, grabbed a light lunch, and headed to the Adventurer’s Guild reception in the early afternoon.


 Today is Elena’s second class.



“Excuse me, regarding the request I was given before.” (Rook)


“Oh, yes. Please come in.” (Sarah)


“I’d like to use the conference room upstairs today, is that okay?” (Rook)


“No problem.” (Sarah)


“Then, I’ll be waiting over there.” (Rook)


“I understand. As soon as they arrive, I will send them in.” (Sarah)



 After that, I went up the stairs and entered the conference room on the second floor.


 I sat down on a chair and took Shion out of the hood and placed him on my lap.



“…It might take a while until Ms. Elena comes.” (Rook)



 While stroking Zion, I do some Mind Unification at my leisure.


 I close my eyes, take a deep breath, slowed my breathing, and cleared my head.


 The noise of the adventurers downstairs. The smell of liquor leaking from the tavern. The warmth of Shion on my lap. As these faded away, I began to feel the magic in my body more strongly.


 I stimulate the magic sphere in my TanDen, the source of magic power, and try to make it spin.


 The magical power in the TanDen rotates slowly and irregularly, but when I try to rotate it the way I want it to rotate, it is repelled and it stops.


 I try again and again, through various trial and error.


 I don’t know what the point of this is, and I don’t even know if it is beneficial, harmless, or harmful before that, but I do it just for my own comfort, just as I would pick up a ball and touch it if I saw it in front of me during my free time.


 Maybe this is something I only did in my spare time during the winter.


 After I came to this world, I was doing something in adventurer activities every day, and I always had something to do, so I never thought of doing it in my spare time. When I was on Earth, I practiced martial arts and trained with wights, but since I came here, my daily life is like training for a real fight, so I don’t do that much anymore.


 During the winter, I have a lot of free time, so it would be a good time to do some weight training and reacquaint myself with martial arts.


 Just as I was feeling this way, there was a knock at the door and Elena and Marisa entered.



“Teacher, thank you for your time today.” (Elena)


“Yes, it’s my pleasure.” (Rook)



 We sit opposite each other.



“Today, we are going to try Mind Unification.” (Rook)


“Mind Unification… Huh?” (Elena)


“Yes. First, close your eyes—” (Rook)



 After explaining how to do the unification exercise, I asked Elena to actually do it.



“Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and out. Keep breathing in and out. Clear your mind and calm mind.” (Rook)


“Yes.” (Elena)



 Elena closed her eyes and followed my instructions honestly.


 To be honest, I think she is a surprisingly honest person.


 Her long golden hair hangs down in a cozy manner, and as she looks forward with her eyes closed, she doesn’t seem to me to be the kind of terrible person who would have her engagement broken off.


 A minute or two passed, but she didn’t move an inch and continued to keep her mind unified.


 Then, perhaps growing anxious, Marisa opened her mouth.



“Mr. Rook, what purpose does—” (Marisa)



 I restrain her words with my hand, telling her to be quiet.


 Elena reacted with a jerk and tried to move her hand.



“Elena, continue. Do not listen to the noises around you.” (Rook)



 This time, I controlled Marisa with my eyes and stroked Shion.


 Elena returns to her original posture and continues her Mind Unification.


 After that, silence continued for one minute, two minutes, three minutes, and when it became unclear how much time had passed, Shion, who was sleeping, sneezed loudly.



“Oh……” (Elena)



 The sound made Elena open her eyes.


 Is it a good time now?



“Shall we end the mind unification now? Let’s move on to the training grounds for the next lesson.” (Rook)



 Saying this, I get up and head for the door.


 Marisa asked me the same question again.



“So, Mr. Rook, what is the meaning of this Mind Unification?” (Marisa)



  Well, I had a feeling I was going to be asked that question, but to be frank, I really don’t want to answer.


 Based on the various information I have, there is no doubt that MND has a great influence on recovery magic, but MND seems to be connected to the mind, so it is a my hypothesis that if you train your mind, you will be able to use recovery magic, and it is also my hypothesis that if you do Mind Unification, your mind will be trained. In other words, it is speculation from speculation.


 First of all, it is impossible to explain MND properly if I cannot explain the existence of MND in the first place…


 So, my explanation is a bit vague.



“This is the training method I use. If you continue it, I think it will have an effect.” (Rook)


“…I see.” (Marisa)



 She is not completely convinced, but since she is not familiar with recovery magic, I guess she has no choice but to accept it.


 Well, even with me, there is no choice but to do what I can do, so there is no choice either way.


 I took the two of them to the training grounds and gave Ms. Elena a wooden sword for practice and just said, “Here.”



“Um… now, what should I do?” (Elena)


“Try hitting that doll as hard as you can.” (Rook)



 I said, pointing to the target straw doll at the edge of the training ground.


 Next on the menu is martial arts training. It is said that a sound mind resides in a sound body, and to train the mind, the first step is to train the body. So the next step is martial arts training.



“I understand–” (Elena)


“Wait a minute. Mr. Rook, what is the meaning of this?” (Marisa)



 Marisa stopped Elena, who was about to move immediately, then asked me.



“This is the training method I use. If you continue it, I think it will have an—.” (Rook)


“No, wait a minute. What does swinging a sword have to do with recovery magic, let alone Mind Unification?” (Marisa)



 When I looked at Marisa’s waist, there was a well-used short sword.


 Ah, yeah… you’re an expert on this one, aren’t you? So that is a legitimate question…? But I have to convince you somehow.



“…As the Guild Master said, I have no choice but to let Ms. Elena experience a part of my training method. If this doesn’t convince you, I’m sorry, but I’ll have to ask you to pretend this request never happened.” (Rook)


“……” (Marisa)



 A short silence falls.


 Marisa looks like she is thinking about something deeply.


 The one who broke the silence was Elena.



“…Marisa, I want to try everything.” (Elena)



 At Elena’s words, Marisa also withdrew, saying, “If Lady Elena says so…”


 …Marisa is probably not a bad girl, but she may be a little too overprotective.


 Well, looking at Elena, it’s not hard to see why she would be overprotective. She’s the kind of person who makes you want to protect her.



“Hiiiya!” (Elena)



 Elena, who had been running, swung down her wooden sword with a cute air, and the scarecrow made a quiet thump.


 Then, Elena turned around and exclaimed, “I did it!”



“So cute……” (Marisa)


“Yes, I know.” (Rook)



 Why are you so proud of that? There’s an urge to throw a tsukkomi.


 Well, while there are various things, I wonder if we can manage somehow for the time being?






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