All-rounder Healer Chapter 287: A Glimmer of Potential

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 The next few days passed uneventfully, as they always do.


 I received my spear and got used to it. I went to church to pray, played with the children at the orphanage, and played with Lizzy and Shion. I spend my days fulfilling the occasional recovery requests and survey requests.


 Although there are some boring parts, I am enjoying the most relaxing time since I came to this world.


 I also continue to use my spare time for mental unification. In the midst of this Mind Unification, I am also continuing to play with the magical power of my Tanden, which I started doing spontaneously because I was somewhat bored. The rotation of the magic power, which was awkward at first, has become relatively smooth. Well, I’m not saying that anything will happen because of that…


 Whether it’s mind unification or rotation of magic power, I’m hoping that MND will somehow increase, or that I will somehow become better at handling magic power, but I have no way of confirming whether it will actually work or not. Maybe it’s up by 1% or 2%, but I don’t know. There is no game like status screen that tells you how you are doing.



“Phew…” (Rook)



 I exhale deeply and slowly open my eyes.


 Slowly awakening from the state of mind unification, the pressure that had been added to Tanden’s magic was also removed.



“Good.” (Rook)



 I got up from the bed, stretched, and checked my body.



“As expected, I feel like I’m in good shape.” (Rook)



 Maybe it was just my imagination, but I have been feeling good lately after the mind unification and playing with magic. Not only do I feel better, but my body also feels lighter, and I feel a strange sense of satisfaction, a feeling that makes me want to move my body right away. To be honest, this is the reason I’ve been able to continue this mind unification until now.


 …Well, maybe it’s just my imagination.



“Alright, let’s do some exercise.” (Rook)



 I picked up the mithril spear that was propped up against the wall next to my bed and went out into the hallway of the inn.



“Shion, let’s go.” (Rook)


“Kyu.” (Shion)



 Go out to the garden behind the inn with Shion.


 I pick up the spear again.


 The handle was made of a special hard wood and felt smooth and comfortable in my hand.


 As if to reaffirm the feel of the spear and the pattern that had become ingrained in my body, I repeatedly thrust, swung, slashed, and struck with the spear.


 The sound of the wind cutting through the air echoed, and the falling snowflakes twirled and fluttered.


 This action, which used to be done while imagining the person I am fighting, has now become something done while imagining a wide variety of monsters.


 Goblin attacks, and I poke it in the chest. Cleave the neck of a charging El Sheep while avoiding it. A stone strike to dispel an orc’s punch, then a neck strike while spinning around.


 and then a Great Boar.


 While avoiding a rush, I swing the tip of the spear and slashed the base of the front leg. But it is shallow. It does not reach. With a blade of about 30 centimeters, it is not enough to cut off the Great Boar’s thick legs.


 I continued to strike in rapid succession, slashing and stabbing at the back leg, neck, front leg, and stomach, inflicting damage.  But the Great Boar in my imagination still does not fall. It is strong.


 I want a stronger blow.


 My body heats up, my senses are sharpened, and my spear-wielding fingers are strengthened.


 The noise around me fades away.


 I slash, thrust, dodge, and strike with the blunt end. Stab, stab, dodge, slash.


 In the slowing world, the tip of the spear tip, spinning and swinging diagonally to the side, grazes a snowflake that has fallen.



“!” (Rook)



 In the slow-moving world, a piece of snow reflected in the corner of my eye breaks in two.


 At the same time, the head of the Great Boa in my imagination slipped and fell.



“Eh!?” (Rook)



 I shouted, a little startled.


 At the same time, the sounds of my surroundings return, and I begin to hear my own breathing and the sounds of the kitchen.



“What was that?” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)



 I look at the spear in my hand.


 There is nothing different from before.


 I swing the spear again, as if to confirm the feeling I had earlier.


 Stabbing, slashing, and striking. I move the spear following a basic pattern.



“I felt as if I had grasped something. Or maybe not all?” (Rook)



 I feel as if I had some kind of enlightenment, but I don’t think so.


 In order to grasp that strange feeling once more, I went beyond my schedule and continued silently swinging the spear until dinner time.





 The next day. I head to the place where I practice magic with Elena. As usual, Elena is swing her sword on the practice area.


 I point out some things that are wrong with her, but I let her attack targets to her heart’s content.



“Ha! Ei!” (Elena)



 The first time I gave her a chance, she really looked like she was going to lose even to a slime, but now, thanks to her practice, she has grown to the point where she can fight a heated fight to the death against a goblin. Considering her start, that’s a good enough accomplishment.



“So that’s enough swordplay for now.” (Rook)


“Yes!” (Elena)



 Elena responded cheerfully and came back here, and Marisa wiped the sweat from Elena’s forehead with a handkerchief.


 Compared to the first time I met Elena, she was a little less timid, and she also began to smile with the innocence of a young girl of her age.


 It is said that a sound mind resides in a sound body, and perhaps the results of that saying are starting to show.



“Next, let’s move to the conference room.” (Rook)


“I understand!” (Elena)



 We entered the Adventurers’ Guild building and went upstairs to the conference room.


 After taking a break and sitting on a chair, there is a knock at the door.



“Come in.” (Rook)


“Excuse me.” (Receptionist)



 Two receptionists from the guild entered the conference room pushing a wagon on wheels.


 One of them quietly prepares a tea set for three people from a trolley, and the other puts an expensive-looking tea set in front of each of them.


 Even one of the cups and tea cakes looked expensive.


 Of course, the Adventurers’ Guild does not offer this kind of noble-like service. Even if an A-rank adventurer were to come to the guild, it is doubtful that he would receive such service. Or, rather, it would be unnecessary, since a healthy and exemplary adventurer would probably demand a drink.


 I was really surprised when they started preparing tea for the first time without saying anything, but I have already gotten used to it after many times. It’s amazing how accustomed someone can get. I was afraid that Elena and Marisa, who had accepted this service as a matter of course from the beginning, were so used to it. I guess they are ladies from a good place after all.


 I didn’t ask them about the details because I was afraid.


 After the receptionists left the room, Elena opened her mouth.



“Teacher, today was fun too! It’s fun to swing the sword with all my might!” (Elena)



 Seeing her so happy makes me glad we did this exercise. Even if she can’t learn recovery magic.


 At first, she didn’t talk much, but now she talks to me about many things. Not all of it, though, such as about school and home. Thanks to this, I feel like I’m getting to know her a little better.


 Somehow, I think that the Guild Master’s real request was not to enable her to actually use recovery magic, but this was the essence of it.



“Then, after doing the mind unification, let’s try the recovery magic again.” (Rook)


“…yes.” (Elena)



 Elena looked a little nervous and slowly closed her eyes.


 After quietly doing so for a minute or two, she slowly opened her eyes.



“I’m starting. Light healing [Heal].” (Elena)



 A spell she must have repeated many times before. And it is a scene that has been repeated many times in this room.


 Perhaps because it has been repeated so many times, Marisa does not pay particular attention to it, but instead sits gracefully drinking tea next to Elena.


 The next moment, however, a change occurred that made Marisa spill her tea in surprise.



“It activated! It’s a success!” (Elena)


“Oh!” (Marisa)



 A small glow lights up between Elena’s hands.


 It was unmistakably the light of recovery magic. It was the glow of [Heal].


 It’s still small, but it definitely activated.



“Oh! Congratulations!” (Marisa)



 Marisa said while wiping the spilled tea.


 And I too said, “Congratulations!”



“Thank you!” (Elena)



 There was something shining in Elena’s eyes when she said that, and I finally felt a real sense of accomplishment, and I patted my chest in relief.


 To be honest, I was not even sure if this approach was the right one, so I was really happy to see the results here. If I continued for a while longer with no results, I would have had no choice but to take out the orichalcum ring as a last resort because I couldn’t stand the stares from Marisa anymore.


 If I had produced that thing, Elena might have been able to use the recovery magic more quickly, but there would have been a possibility that I would have been involved in unnecessary trouble, and that would have been a more difficult situation to be in.



“I guess that accomplishes the request.” (Rook)



 The request should have been “enable her to use recovery magic”, and now that I can activate it, the minimum requirement should have been met.


 However, it feels sad to say goodbye to them after seeing them so many times and finally getting to know them. But the worlds we live in is too different. Originally, if it wasn’t for such a request, we wouldn’t have ever met and talked intimately.


 When I thought that, Elena started to fidget a little like when we first met.



“Um… well… the recovery magic was successful, but could you please teach me for a little while longer?” (Elena)


“Umm… that’s fine, but–” (Rook)



 I didn’t expect to be told such a thing, so I looked at Marisa while I was at a loss for words.


 Marisa exhaled a little, chuckled, and nodded like saying, “It can’t be helped.”


 I was a little surprised at her attitude, but I nodded back.


 I didn’t feel like I was getting to know Marisa very well, but I guess she accepted me, in spite of everything.



“Let’s practice a little more, then, shall we?” (Rook)



 When I said that, Elena smiled and said, “I’m looking forward to working with you!”






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