All-rounder Healer Chapter 293: Mourning Drink

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 With a slam, a man bursts through the door into the Adventurers’ Guild.


 The eyes of the adventurers gathered.


 I, who was treating an adventurer, glanced in his direction, but I couldn’t stop my work.


 The man whispered to the receptionist and walked to the counter.



“What?” (Receptionist)


“Well…” (Adventurer)



 I looked at the adventurer who was treating me and tilted my head.


 A few adventurers in the bar saw this and began whispering.


 After treating a few people for a while, I wished all the adventurers good luck, and was about to report the end of my treatment at the counter when I heard the following words, but—



“Mr. Rook, I need a few minutes of your time…” (Receptionist)



 The receptionist stopped me, and I was sitting on the couch in the Guild Master’s room as I followed.


 And the Guild Master’s first words were this.



“It’s urgent, and I want you to accept this request immediately.” (Hubio)



 His voice was stiff, not his usual light, playful tone.



“Now? It’s already late in the evening, isn’t it?” (Rook)


“I know, I know. I still want you to go there right now. The place is–” (Hubio)



 The Adventurers’ Guild then moved in a flurry of activity.


 Several carriages were quickly prepared, other adventurers were gathered, supplies were loaded onto the wagons, and the Adventurers’ Guild staff boarded the wagons and set out in full readiness.


 The inside of the carriage was filled with a heavy atmosphere.


 Sitting across from her was a woman, an employee of the Adventurers’ Guild. Next to her was Mr. Nick, who had come to the Adventurers’ Guild in a hurry. Others were adventurers who knew each other but did not know each other’s names.


 One of them, a female adventurer, opens her mouth.



“So, what is the situation? I haven’t heard the details yet.” (Adventurer)



 The guild official replied plainly,



“We don’t know the details of the situation at this point. The only thing we know for sure is that the country’s army has brought back a large amount of food.” (Staff)


“…the country’s army?” (Adventurer)


“That’s right.” (Staff)


“…Where the hell did they bring the food back from?” (Adventurer)


“There is a request to investigate it and deal with it depending on the case. But maybe…” (Staff)



 The female staff member stammered.


 Nick opened his mouth to reply on her behalf.



“Considering the situation, if the country’s army… or even the Solmar Royal Family were to go after it… I don’t like to think about it, but I have a rough idea.” (Nick)


“…” (Adventurer)


“Let’s hope it’s not the worst-case scenario.” (Staff)


“Just in case, Rook, please.” (Nick)


“……Understood.” (Rook)



 The wagon continued to make good progress.


 Out of the town, down the mountain road, and along the snow-covered road.


 The Adventurers’ Guild’s treasured battle horse was strong as ever, pulling the wagon along the snow-covered road.


 Even after the sun had set, the wagon continued on its nighttime journey by lantern light and arrived at the village of Viscount Oktay.


 The gate was closed, but a man in the lead carriage shouted, “Open the gate!” and forced it open, forcing his way inside. A guild official got out of the carriage and rushed into the Adventurers’ Guild.


 Then she immediately returned to the carriage and shook her head.



“It’s confirmed.” (Staff)


“That’s unfortunate.” (Nick)



 With that, the guild staff sat down in her original seat and the carriage started moving again.


 She looked at me for a moment as if she was biting her tongue.



“Um… Confirmed, what do you mean?” (Rook)



 When I asked that, Mr. Nick answered.



“The national army did not collect food from this village. If they are not getting food from Viscount Oktay’s territory, which is under the direct control of the royal family, then it is the next village.” (Nick)


“The next village would be…” (Rook)


“…the only village ahead is Cotte Village.” (Nick)



 Cotte village? Cotte village, the village where we stayed overnight on our way to the Royal Capital? I remember they were having a festival there.



“Tsk… Cotte village huh…” (Adventurer)



 One of the adventurers muttered.


 The only thing that could be seen was a lantern hanging from the ceiling of the carriage.


 The carriage left the village and headed down the snowy road toward the village of Cotte.



“It will still take time. Sleep if you can.” (Nick)



 Mr. Nick said and wrapped himself in his fur cloak, sitting up and closing his eyes.


 It seems that adventurers must have the skill to sleep anywhere and in any position.


 Following Mr. Nick’s example, I closed the front of the fur cloak and closed my eyes while holding Shion in my arms.


 How long has it been since then? In the swaying carriage, I was rocked on a shaky seat, repeatedly sleeping and waking, and when my back began to hurt, I heard the Shout of the coachman.



“It’s Cotte Village!” (Coachman)



 The voice woke me up.


 At the same time, Mr. Nick jumped up, opened the carriage door, and looked ahead.



“They did it quite wildly!” (Nick)



 Nick’s voice was followed by another adventurer who clicked their tongue as they peeked out of the door.


 After a while, the carriage stopped, and when I got out of the carriage, what jumped into my eyes was the broken gate of the village.



“This is……” (Rook)



 The gate had been broken down by a strong force and no longer seemed to be able to prevent others from entering.



As expected, I knew it wasn’t a peaceful food gathering!” (Nick)


“Everyone! Rescuing the residents is our priority!” (Staff)


“Yeah!” (Adventurers)



 The other adventurers ran into the village.


 I watched them and passed through the broken gate.


 My head can’t keep up. Did the country’s army attack the village for food? Is that even allowed? Can they really do that?


 There were burnt and broken houses in the village, and anyway, it was a different village from the last time I had been here.



“Hey! The villagers are in the church! Rook! Over here!” (Nick)


“I’m going!” (Rook)



 I ran in the direction Mr. Nick called and entered the church, which was full of injured people.



“I came at the request of the Adventurer’s Guild! I also brought a healing magician! Rook! Treat them!” (Nick)


“Understood!” (Rook)



 Anyway, I’m going to heal the people who were nearby first.


 This is not the time to be thinking about anything else.



“Light healing [Heal].” (Rook)



 I used Heal on someone with a bandaged arm.



“They should be healed by now.” (Rook)


“I’m sorry. There is a seriously wounded man over there! You go that way!” (Nick)


“Got it.” (Rook)



 I go to the man lying at the back of the church and look at his wound.


 The man seems to have been wounded in the stomach, and there is a bloody bandage wrapped around his abdomen. I cast a spell at the wound.



“Mighty healing light, [Large Heal].” (Rook)



 A pale light pours down, and the injured man’s face, which had been contorted in anguish, turns peaceful.



“Mr. Nick, I think he’s healed, but please take off the bandage and check! If it’s not healed, I’ll do something about it with another magic!” (Rook)


“Yeah! Leave it to me!” (Nick)



 If a [Large Heal] can’t do it, I’ll have to use Sacred Magic or whatever!


 I wonder how much time has passed since then.


 Anyway, by the time I finished treating everyone using Heal and Large Heal and finishing the final check to see if they were cured while distributing supplies, it was already getting brighter outside.



“Is it over?” (Rook)



 I muttered to myself as I looked out at the rising sun.


 I dragged my tired body out of the church, sat down on a chair that was dragged out in the same way, and rested my weight on the backrest.



“*Sigh*…” (Rook)



 I don’t understand what it all means in the first place.


 Why is the country’s army attacking its own village? Why is the Adventurer’s Guild going to help them? Why are they cleaning up what their country has done? I don’t understand it at all.



“What is going on…” (Rook)



 Just as I was about to try to get my head around this, Mr. Nick came out of the other house with a glass bottle of wine.



“Hey! Good work. You should drink some too.” (Nick)



 Mr. Nick held out the bottle with a trumpet drink.


 I remember seeing the label attached to it.



“Wow, isn’t this the one with the seal of the Sariol family? How can that be? It’s an expensive one, isn’t it?” (Rook)



 I remember buying the same bottle of wine in the town of Lubanni, but it was very expensive.



“Oh, I found some in a broken-down inn there, and on a day like this, you can’t do without downing a bottle.”


“No, you can’t do that… The uncle owning the inn will get angry…” (Rook)



 When Nick saw that I would not take it, he sipped from the bottle of wine again and looked in the direction of the orange sun that was just about to rise.



“He’s dead.” (Nick)


“Eh?” (Rook)


“He was cut down. I don’t know who did it, but when I noticed, he was lying outside.” (Nick)


“…” (Rook)



 Mr. Nick takes another sip of wine.



“So, this is a mourning drink. I hope he would forgive us.” (Nick)


“……” (Rook)



 I said nothing and looked up at the sky.


 The sky was still dark, the color of a pale morning glow, and somehow it seemed melancholic.


 Mr. Nick offered me the bottle again.


 And this time I took it and drank a big gulp.


 Even at a time like this, the wine was as delicious as ever.




T/N: Well, monarchies/empires/dynasties are monsters until they lose their power and authority. This is probably normal in Tesla. Earth’s history certainly tells a similar story. Good luck Rook, it’s probably gonna get worse. 






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