All-rounder Healer Chapter 297: Analyze Grimoire

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“Analyze Sacred Magic Grimoire.”



 Analyze Grimoire?


 I think, chewing over and over the words in my head.


 Why is there a sacred magic grimoire here?



“… No, before that.” (Rook)



 I wonder why “this” is left here…


 If this place was of any value to the masked men, wouldn’t they immediately recover any items that were there?


 If it’s something that’s been carefully placed on an altar like this, I’m sure they’d recover it in a heartbeat.


 If it were me, I would open every treasure chest I found and retrieve it.


 But this grimoire was left on the altar.



“…it’s not that they didn’t collect it, but that they couldn’t collect it?” (Rook)



 I get off the altar and put my hand out into the space outside the magic circle.



“…” (Rook)



 I knew there was a slippery feeling at the moment I passed through, and it felt like there was a transparent membrane-like thing there.



“…a barrier, or something?” (Rook)



 If so, how am I able to pass through it? Is it because I can use sacred magic? I can’t deny that possibility because it’s a place related to sacred magic, but I don’t know… and I don’t have time for more pondering right now.


 I’ll take the Analyze Grimoire for now, because I definitely want it under any circumstances.



“…No, wait.” (Rook)



 If I bring this back, it might become troublesome later…


 Even if those men couldn’t enter this magic circle, they should have noticed the existence of the bag on the altar.


 Without it, I can’t imagine how those guys would act or cause any problems.



“That’s it!” (Rook)



 I took out the Light Source Grimoire from my magic bag.


 It’s one of the grimoires I got in the Death Cave before.


 I take out Analyze Grimoire from the bag placed on the altar and transfer it to the magic bag, then put the Light Source Grimoire in the bag.


 They don’t know what was in the bag. If those masked men didn’t look inside the bag, this should fool them.



“Is this all right?” (Rook)



 As I was about to put the Light Source Grimoire in the bag, I noticed a piece of paper in the bag.


 I take it out and read it.



“I left this grimoire for future generations, huh?” (Rook)



 That’s just what was written there.


 I don’t know who wrote this, and I don’t know if it’s okay for me to do anything with it, but I can’t hand this over to someone else. It seems to be an important item for me as well.


 I put my hands together in my heart.



“I will accept this grimoire.” (Rook)



 While saying that, when I tried to return the bag containing the Light Source Grimoire, I found a unicorn figure carved on the pedestal of the altar under the place where the bag was placed.



“Is this the altar of the unicorn?” (Rook)



 Or perhaps the altar of the Holy Horse?


 I put the bag back and walk down the altar, remembering the way it was placed there in the first place.


 Then I picked up John, who was passed out in the corner of the room.



“I don’t know what to do with John, but…” (Rook)



 If I held him in my arms, would he be hidden by the effect of the Dark Robe?


 I’ve already experienced that I can hide if I have a weapon in my hand, but I don’t know if I can do it with another person. There is a possibility that it could, but I’m not sure if it’s right to bet on it here and now…



“It can’t be helped… To a new world. Open the dimensional door, [Holy Dimension].” (Rook)



 I opened the Holy Dimension and laid John in it.


 All that remained was to hope that John would not wake up.



“Okay! Let’s go back for now.” (Rook)



 I hurried back down the abandoned mine shaft, passed the guard at the entrance with no problem, and walked out of the mine shaft.


 I didn’t see the people on the way back, so it was likely that they had gone back to town.


 Or, they could have a stronghold in another abandoned mine around here, but it’s my job to check, so it shouldn’t be there.


 In total darkness, I check my surroundings with Magi Location and continue toward the town, and after getting some distance away, I activate Holy Dimension behind a rock.



“To a new world. Open the dimensional door, [Holy Dimension].” (Rook)



 The door opens and light floods the surrounding area.



“I knew it would be a little conspicuous if I triggered it outside in the middle of the night…” (Rook)



 I enter the Holy Dimension and pick up John.


 Fortunately, John was still unconscious.


 I dispelled the Holy Dimension, carried John, and continued on my way again.



“So, I can carry a person inside…? With this, I can leave a monster inside and carry it around town–oops, looks like someone’s coming.” (Rook)



 I felt a reaction to the Magi Location and hid behind a rock in a hurry, and I could see a light shimmering in the distance.



“Darkness.” (Rook)



 Just in case, I also activate the effect of Dark Robe.


 I don’t know if John, who is being carried on his shoulder, will be affected by this. There is no harm in doing it.


 Then they passed behind the rock where we were hiding.


 There were four of them. One more. Only their feet are visible in the darkness.


 Did they bring someone back to town?


 I peeked out from behind a rock and saw that they were using lanterns, not Light Source.


 Thinking about it, Light Source emits a strong light in all directions, but that would be too conspicuous. The lantern, however, was weak and only illuminated the area around their feet, as if it were attached to an umbrella. It might be suitable for this kind of covert action.


 With little concern, I hurried on our way to the town.


 If they were going back to the abandoned mine, they would soon realize that John had disappeared.



“What happens after that is the problem…” (Rook)



 If they were just bad guys, there wouldn’t be that much of a problem, but if they were nobles or people with power, it would be troublesome.


 For now, the first priority is to hurry back to town.


 So, I kept walking and came back to the town. But of course, the town gate was closed, and we could not enter.


 Remembering that the three people who had returned earlier had told us that there was a good place in the slum, we headed toward the slum side and saw a shadow near the slum entrance.


 As I approached the figure, it appeared to be Sam.


 Sam was standing in front of the entrance, holding a lantern in one hand, and staring toward the abandoned mine.


 I approached him, but he did not notice me.


 Oh, I left the effect of the Dark Robe on.


 I turn off the effect of the Dark Robe.



“Woah!” (Sam)



 Sam looked startled and almost fell backward.



“Be quiet.” (Rook)


“…” (Sam)


“Take me to your place.” (Rook)



 I said, pointing my thumb at John, who was unconscious on my shoulder, and Sam nodded and went into the slum.


 I followed him into the slum.


 There was garbage scattered around, and if they were built in Japan, they would be illegally built… In fact, the houses look like they would collapse from a weak earthquake.


 Even so, there are many houses with walls made of rocks, probably because there are plenty of rocks around.


 I am worried about whether such houses can survive the winter season, but thanks to the level-up system called “Goddess Blessing” in this world, I feel that the durability of ordinary people is also quite high. It seems as if they are able to withstand the environment in which humans would freeze to death on Earth.



“Here we are.” (Sam)



 When I entered the house Sam had led me to, Noe and Bouse were waiting for us inside.



“Mr. Rook!” (Noe)


“Where’s John!?” (Bouse)


“He’s fine, just fainted.” (Rook)



 I asked them, “Is there somewhere I can put him down?” and they led me to a fur pad by the wall, where I set John down.



“I’m sure he’ll wake up soon, but he might want to lay low for a while.” (Rook)


“What do you mean?” (Sam)


“What happened in the abandoned mine?” (Bouse)



 I was at a loss for an answer when they asked me that.


 I don’t know how much to tell them…




“…For now, let’s wait and talk to John first.” (Rook)






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