All-rounder Healer Chapter 298: The Great One Will Do Something About It

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 And so, we wait for John to wake up in the safe house.


 The room was simple or rather dilapidated, and the ground was bare. In the center of the room, there was a hearth, or rather a simple fire pit made of stones, in which pieces of coal were burning.


 Juices dripped from the meat of the Horned Rabbit on an iron skewer and fell onto the fire.


 I could hear the crackle of oil and smell the good smell wafting through the air.



“And what is with this house anyway?” (Rook)


“We found it a while ago. Nobody was using it, so we decided to make it our hideout.” (Sam)


“No, wait, no, are you sure you can use this place?” (Rook)


“It’s okay. For some years now, the number of slum dwellers who suddenly disappear has been increasing, and this is one such person’s house.” (Sam)


“…No, no, is normal that they suddenly disappear?” (Rook)


“There are many things that happen in the slum.” (Sam)


“…” (Rook)



 The oil drips and crackles.



“It’s time to eat!” (Bouse)



 Everyone reached for the Horned Rabbit meat, and just as they were about to eat it, John behinds us wakes up with a start.



“Hmm… Food?” (John)


“The food? No way! You made us worry!” (Sam)


“Yes, I was worried!” (Bouse)


“That’s why I told you not to go alone!” (Noe)



 John, who was being shaken by the three of them, still didn’t seem to understand the situation.



“Well, that’s it. John seems to be still half asleep, so let’s calm down and talk while we eat.” (Rook)



 We ate the Horned Rabbit skewers while explaining how we had all been looking for John.



“So, what the hell happened in that cave? I want you to tell me everything from the beginning.” (Rook)



 John swallowed the meat in his mouth and began to speak.



“I was just collecting mushrooms, but they weren’t growing in the usual places, so I looked deeper into the cave and found a ruin I’d never seen before because the walls had collapsed! Ruins! I found ruins! I didn’t expect to find ruins in the usual abandoned mine! Oh, yeaaah! I love being an adventurer!” (John)


“What! Ruins!?” (Sam)


“Are you serious!?” (Bouse)


“Next time, let’s go exploring!” (Noe)



 The four of them were getting too excited, so I had to put a damper on the excitement.



“I understand. Let’s not talk about that for now. What’s going on?” (Rook)


“Eh? No, it’s a ruin, so I was just looking around the ruins. But I couldn’t get in because it seemed like there was a wall where the floor was glowing, so I tried all sorts of things to no avail, and then suddenly a masked man came.” (John)



 I knew that the magic circle was some kind of barrier.


 It was a good thing I’d used a disguise just in case.



“Then?” (Sam)


“I thought he was a similar Dizzy Mushroom enthusiast and greeted him, but then!” (John)


“……then?” (Rook)


“Then that guy suddenly punched me in the face! That’s all I remember. I don’t remember anything more than that. I don’t think it’s within a Dizzy Mushroom enthusiast to greet someone and then punch him out of the blue!” (John)


“Yeah, well, right. What did you think they would say?!” (Sam)


“No matter how you look at it, that kind of person is suspicious!” (Bouse)


“Why didn’t you run right away?” (Noe)



 I look sideways at John, who is being shaken up by the three of them again.


 Since John was looking at that altar and was seen by the masked man, the “I don’t know strategy” of pretending he “didn’t see anything” won’t work.


 It’s gone… What should we do now? If we make a mistake here, not only John but also, I will be involved in a troublesome situation.



“For now, don’t tell anyone about what happened today. And John, I want you to stay hidden for a while.” (Rook)


“Eh! I can’t go out?” (John)


“They might be watching the gates of the town.” (Rook)


“…I understand.” (John)


“I’ll go see the priest tomorrow and talk to him about it, and after that I’ll talk to the Adventurers Guild. For now, please be patient.” (Rook)



 The next morning, I wrapped myself in a fur cloak and went to sleep in the hideout. The next morning, I asked Noe to accompany me out of the slums and into town.



“…” (Rook)


“?” (Noe)



 In front of the gate, I casually look around, but there is no suspicious person.


 Am I just being too cautious?


 I walked straight through the gate and headed for the church.


 At this point, there is no sign that I am being followed, and I feel fine.


 I entered the church without incident and told the priest inside about what had happened.



“That’s what happened.” (Rook)


“Hmm……” (Noe)



 The priest put his hand on his chin and made a difficult face.



“In other words, when he found the ruins in the abandoned mine, he was attacked by a masked man.” (Rook)


“I see.” (Priest)


“That’s what he said.” (Rook)


“I see… So, what kind of place was the ruins?” (Priest)



 When I hear that, I began to think about it.


 How much should I talk about?


 If I don’t do it right, I might have to reveal my abilities and the Dark Robe… But I think it’s best to be as honest as possible here.



“There was a white stone pillar with a pattern painted on it, and next to it was an altar of some sort. There was also a magical circle on the ground.” (Rook)


“An altar? An altar… Perhaps the altar had a picture of a unicorn engraved on it?” (Priest)


“Ye……” (Rook)



 For a moment, I almost nodded and stopped.


 That unicorn symbol was under the bag containing the magic book. If I had seen it, a lot of things would have been wrong.



“What do you think? I didn’t have time to look at it in detail, but it might have been there.” (Rook)



 I shrugged it off and answered that.


 Is it a trick question? Dangerous, very dangerous…. At this point, I was nodding my head and was told, “You shouldn’t have been able to see the unicorn carved on the altar!” and I would be noticed by a great detective, and it would be discovered that I was the culprit in the Grimoire Disappearance Case.



“I see……” (Priest)



 The priest said and looked at me after thinking for a while.



“I understand. Could you please leave this matter to me?” (Priest)


“Leave it to you… Do you mean, Sir Priest will resolve the matter? Is that alright? The other parties are unknown people, aren’t they?” (Rook)


“Yes, I have some contacts. And John is involved. I’ll do something about it, even if I have to whip my old body into shape.” (Priest)



 After saying that, the priest smiled.



“…I’ll leave it to you, but what about John? Is it safe to send him back to town?” (Rook)


“We have to do something about that right away. Noe, please deliver the letter I am about to write to the Guild Master of the Adventurer’s Guild.” (Priest)


“Yes, sir!” (Noe)



 The priest prepared a piece of paper and a quill and began to write something on it.


 But how was it that the priest knew the symbol of the unicorn?



“Does the priest have any idea what that altar is?” (Rook)


“…a familiar place, perhaps. But I am not sure yet.” (Priest)



 The priest did not want to speak any further.


 Does that mean he can’t say it… I’m curious about it, but I’ve already finished everything I wanted to do at the site, and it’s not a story I really need to know.


 The priest put the letter he had finished writing into an envelope, sealed it with wax, and handed it to Noe.



“Then, please deliver this.” (Priest)


“I’m going! Thank you, Mr. Rook!” (Noe)



 Noe took the letter and ran out.


 I saw Noe off and settled down.


 I feel a sense of incompleteness, but I wonder if this is the end of what I can do for now.


 I think I sent the letter to Guild Master, and maybe the big guy will do something about it.



“Then I’ll go home.” (Rook)


“Mr. Rook. Thank you very much for saving my children.” (Priest)




 I responded to the priest’s words by raising my hand lightly, and I also left the church.






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