All-rounder Healer Chapter 299: Analyze

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 I enter the inn and greet Mr. Brydon.



“Good morning.” (Rook)


“Okay. You just got back this morning?” (Brydon)


“Well, I guess… I drank too much yesterday and done stuff…” (Rook)


“I see. I get it, I get it. You’re a man now, aren’t you?” (Brydon)


“Yes?” (Rook)



 I left Mr. Brydon alone, who was nodding with an incomprehensible look on his face, and went up the stairs and entered my room.



“Well, let’s see.” (Rook)



 I took off my fur cloak, threw it on the bed, and pulled out the Analyze Grimoire.



“I never thought I’d get a new sacred magic grimoire at a time like this.” (Rook)



 You never know where life will take you. This is what they meant, “Mercy is not for the good of others”?


 If I had not gone to help John at that time, I might never have gotten this grimoire.


 Maybe life is a series of coincidences like this.


 I open the grimoire as I watch Shion slip into my fur cloak. Then I read it.


 The contents of the grimoire enter my body, and as usual, the book burns up.



“This is!” (Rook)



 I can no longer contain my excitement at the image of magic that lingers in my mind.



 I try to activate the magic in a hurry.



“Magic ability of deciphering the world. Unravel [Analyze].” (Rook)



 I said coolly, but it didn’t work.



“…Huh? I’m sure I memorized it, but it’s… That’s right!” (Rook)



 Perhaps this is an appraisal-type magic. Maybe I have to target an item to be appraised to activate it?


 I picked up the mithril spear that was propped up against the wall and tried activating it again.



“Magic ability of deciphering the world. Unravel [Analyze].” (Rook)



 But it still doesn’t work.



“Is this not the same thing? Then… That’s it!” (Rook)



 I took out the holy stone from my magic bag and tried chanting again with it.


 The pattern of the past should be correct.



“Magic ability of deciphering the world. Unravel [Analyze].” (Rook)



 Then the holy stone in my hand melts and becomes a rainbow-colored aura that envelops the mithril spear.



 After a while, the words appeared in front of my eyes. Not in my head, but in front of my eyes.



“Mithril Spear 2 (6)”



“So, all you know is the name!” (Rook)



 I unintentionally threw the mithril spear on the floor.


 I thought… It was supposed to give more information. What about its attack power, its special effects, etc.? It’s an appraisal magic, isn’t it! Eh? No? Maybe it’s magic to know the name?



“…Wait.” (Rook)



 If I look closely, I can see the notation “2 (6)” after “Mithril Spear”.



“What is this number…?” (Rook)



 2 and 6 in parentheses… There’s no way it’s the number of owners until the present or the number of monsters defeated.


 Is it usually something like attack power? Or maybe quality?



“Ah! Could it be the number of enhancements?! …I don’t know. I haven’t enhanced this even once.” (Rook)



 Even if that’s the case, I don’t understand the parenthesis numbers.



“…For now, let’s try using it on other things.” (Rook)



 Then I try using Analyze for other items in my possession.



“Mithril Alloy Cudgel 2 (5)”


“Darkness Rod 4 (9)”


“Mithril Spear 2 (6)”


“Robe of Eternal Darkness 7 (9)”






 After staring at the Analyze panels, I noticed something strange.



“This one has a different name…” (Rook)



 The Darkness Rod is a thin staff that the lich-like skeletal monster in the Aluppo dungeon had. The Robe of Eternal Darkness is the robe worn by the same monster, and the one I am wearing now. However, since I didn’t know the names of these two items, I called them by names describing them. But using Analyze, they appear to have different names.



 And as for the Mithril Alloy Cudgel and the Mithril Spear, the names are the same as what I had called them.



“What difference does it make?” (Rook)



  Maybe they are showing the names given by the creator?


 Who first called the Mithril Alloy Cudgel and the Mithril Spear that way?



“Was it the weapon’s blacksmith?” (Rook)



 My memory isn’t very clear.



“More importantly, the question is numbers…” (Rook)



 The number in parentheses is greater than the first number on any item.


 That could mean–



“These two numbers are likely to be related.” (Rook)



 I think about it, transcribing the information from Analyze on a piece of paper.


 But I don’t understand.



“The only thing I can think of is Armament Enhancement…” (Rook)



 Having said that, since a number is attached to an item that has not been enhanced, things would be strange if this were the enhanced value. Of course, there is a possibility that the master blacksmith also enhanced somehow it.



“That’s it!” (Rook)



 I opened the time stopper box and took out a Cure Grass that’s in good condition.



“Magic ability of deciphering the world. Unravel [Analyze].” (Rook)



“Cure Grass 1”



 Letters floated in front of my eyes.



“Oh!” (Rook)



 There’s a number on the Cure Grass!


 That means an item will have a number on it, even if you don’t enhance it.



“Then what does that mean?” (Rook)



 Then, are these numbers not enhancement values, but quality values?



“So, what’s the number in parentheses?” (Rook)



 I don’t know. But there is something that might be able to change this number!



“Shion! We’re going out!” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)



 I woke up Shion, who had slipped into my fur cloak, and headed to the Adventurer’s Guild.



“Ah! Verification of Summon Unicorn… Well, maybe later.” (Rook)



 It would be a terrible idea to summon a unicorn inside this inn, it would be a terrible idea to summon it in the backyard, and it should be difficult to test it anywhere in town. Let’s try the Summon Unicorn the next time I am out of town, shall I?


 Then I leave the inn and buy ten Enhancement Scroll at the Adventurer’s Guild. I immediately return to the inn and enter my room.


 I took off my fur cloak and took out Shion—somehow Shion looked dissatisfied.


 Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to wake him up and take him around, but then I came back to the inn right away…


 In a case like this, it might be a good idea to keep Shion inside the Holy Dimension.



“Shion, would you like to eat Oran?” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Yes, I’m glad he’s in a better mood.


 I open the Holy Dimension and take out some Oran and give it to Shion.


 There are almost no Orans left.


 I looked at the Oran tree in the Holy Dimension and saw that the petals had completely fallen off and small fruits were forming.


 I might be able to eat some Oran again after a while.



“Okay! Let’s get started!” (Rook)



 I take out the Enhancement Scroll from the magic bag and take out the staff… or Darkness Rod from the back inside the Holy Dimension.


 The number I saw when I analyzed the Darkness Rod earlier was “4 (9)”. If this number was a value like the enhancement value or quality value, there could be a change.


 Wrapping the Enhancement Scroll around the Darkness Rod.



“Armament Enhancement!” (Rook)



 The Enhancement Scroll crumbles and is absorbed by the Darkness Rod.



“Okay! Success! Next… Magic ability of deciphering the world. Unravel [Analyze].” (Rook)



 I use Analyze on the Darkness Rod.



“Darkness Rod 5 (9)”



“Okay! It changed!”



 Does this mean… The first number is the sum of quality value and enhancement value. No, there may be other possibilities, so I can’t draw any conclusions.


 So, what about the numbers in parentheses? This one didn’t change even though I enhanced it.



“Wait. Maybe…” (Rook)






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