All-rounder Healer Chapter 3: Let’s Check the Window

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“Something is a little strange, isn’t it?” (Kanon)



 Kanon, who was sitting next to me, said.


 After Masa’s suggestion, we decided to break up and gather information on our own, since we still did not have enough information.


 Masa and Tanupon went to talk to people other than us, while Wota and Elfman sat at a distance, staring at the window.


 Wota is leaking disturbing words such as “Where is the steal skill cheat! … No, an extreme INT magic cheat is also good…”, and Elfman says “Elf… Elf… What?” I heard, “There is a high elf!”, But I decided not to ask them for the time being.



“What is wrong?” (Rook)



 I looked at the item in the window and asked back.


 It is hard to find something that is not strange in this situation, but… I cannot quite understand what she is saying.


“Because, like everyone else, I am talking on the premise that that cautious Masa will want to reincarnate in this strange situation. Is it not strange? He is usually more skeptical, thinking about other possibilities. Right?” (Kanon)


“When you say that, it sounds right…” (Rook)


 When I thought about it, I felt that something clicked in my mind.


 Why was I accepting the story that…”I”, would want to be reincarnated as if it is normal?  It was impossible to think of such a thing as common sense.


 Looked around again.


 People other than us are also seriously looking at the window and discussing it, but their facial expressions do not show any anxiousness or suspicion. In other words, it seems that everyone has no doubts about going to the other world of Tesla.


 I feel something like a kind of discomfort there.



“That is … weird, it is weird.” (Rook)


“That is right! It is strange, isn’t it?” (Kanon)




 Kanon leans over and shouts.


 She is very close… It is a little difficult to react.


 Right now, we are only wearing simple underwear and trousers. If she leans forward in that clothing, I will have a lot of trouble averting my eyes.


 However, I think it is great that I have noticed this discomfort. However, right now, I cannot see anything about what it means or how I can make use of it.


 I shake my head and reset my thoughts for the moment.


 In such an unfamiliar situation, having friends is completely different from not having them. Some things are bothering me, but I am honestly grateful that Masa invited me, and that should not be a bad thing.


 For now, I should concentrate on getting a good grasp of the window.


 I glanced sideways at Kanon, who was pondering with a “hmmm”, and then looked at the [Avatar] section.



Items that can be set in [Avatar] are [Race], [Gender], [Age], [Physique], [Appearance], and [Parameter]. There are six parameters, STR, VIT, DEX, INT, MND, and PIE, and the initial values are all ten. In addition, the display of [SP100] can be seen above them.


 In addition, on the left side of the screen, there is a 3D full body drawing of me, stylized like a game. Something like that was floating in front of me.


 I checked it in order.


When I tap [Race], a new screen appears.


[Human 0] [Elf 30] [Dwarf 20] [Hobbit 0] …



 Innumerable races are lined up in order, and the part of [People’s race 0] displayed first is gray. Probably the race currently selected.


 Anyway, there are many. Can you check everything?


 For the time being, tap [Elf 30].


[Elf 30]

 A long-lived species. Good with magic, especially spirit magic. However, their physical abilities are low.



 Then, a sentence that seems to explain the race of the elf appeared, and the item of SP changed to [SP70]. In addition, the parameters changed to [STR 6] [VIT 8] [DEX 14] [INT 14] [MND 16] [PIE 12]… My full-body image has also been changed to look more like an elf while retaining my normal features – mainly the ears changed.


 If I select [Human 0] from the race column again, the SP column will return to [SP100], and all the parameter values will return to the initial values. Apparently, it is possible to change the race by consuming SP by the number next to the race, and it seems that the parameters will change if the race is changed.


 Check out some races and then look at the next item.


There is no particular problem with [Gender] and [Age], and it seems that adjustments can be made without consuming points, and with regard to [Physique] and [Appearance], points are not consumed, but it seems that they cannot be changed significantly.


 I still do not know if this is just me or similar to others.


Let us leave the [Avatar] item for the time being, and then look at the [Ability].




 As a special exception, each reincarnated person shall be given as many abilities as they desire.


[Sword arts 5] [Spear arts III 5]… [Fire Attribute 5] [Water Attribute 5]… [STR 5] [VIT 5]…



 And so on, there are countless lines.


 What are abilities? It is like a skill in a general RPG, but it is not clear even if you read the explanation.


 For the time being, tap [Sword arts 5].


[Sword arts 5]

 Increased proficiency in slashing.



 The displayed SP item changes to [SP95].


 Apparently, it is also consuming SP to obtain it.


 Even so, it is a very simple explanation.


I am stuck on the word “Proficiency”, but I cannot judge by this alone, so I will try various things.


 When I looked closely, I found that [Sword arts II 5] increased under the [Sword arts 5] item.


Tap [Sword arts II 5].





[Sword arts II 5]

 Increased proficiency in slashing.



 The SP changes to [SP90].


 It is still a simple explanation, but I understand that the aptitude value is increasing.


 Next, tap [Sword arts III 5] that came out as expected, and open it in order with [Sword arts IV 5], and then.



[Sword arts V 5]

 Increased proficiency in slashing.



 [Sword arts VI] does not come out, and it seems that this is the maximum value.


 Next, I cancel all selections related to the sword, scroll over the screen, and then look at the items I am interested in.







 Aptitude for Dexterity. Affects hit rate, speed, special actions, etc.



 For most of the other items, nothing was acquired in the initial state, but for “DEX” [DEX] and [DEXII] were acquired in the beginning, and it was possible to acquire the advanced [DEXIII].


 There are six types of parameter abilities in all.




 Aptitude for muscle strength. Affects physical ability, physical attack, etc.



 Aptitude for vitality. Greatly affects stamina, durability, etc.



 Intelligence aptitude. Great effect on attack magic.



 Mind aptitude. Affects magical power, spiritual power, magic defense, recovery magic, etc.



 Aptitude for piety. Affects various resistance, magic success rate, auxiliary magic, etc.



 Moreover, DEX.


 I can start obtaining abilities starting from [STR 5], [VIT 5], [INT III 5], [MND II 5], and [PIE IV 5], respectively.


 That is, some DEX, INT, MND, and PIE are already acquired in my initial state. At a glance, I was able to confirm other abilities that were acquired without my permission.


 Suddenly I was curious, so I went back to [Avatar] and changed to another race, and then tried various things, but the numbers did not change. I think that [Avatar] does not affect [Ability].


I have come up with some idea of what the Ability is, but I am still not sure.


 Let me look at other abilities as well.


[Wind attribute 5]

 Suitability of wind attributes. Mainly speed type.


[Earth Attribute 5]

 Suitability of earth attributes. Mainly defensive type.


[Light Attribute 5]

 Suitability of light attributes. Mainly recovery type.



 I am not sure if it is the light attribute or… I am not sure what to make of this. If I am going to be a healer, you might as well take it. I am not sure if it is a good idea, but I feel like it is a good idea.



[Spear arts III 5]

 Suitability for long-handled weapons. Suitability for piercing.


[Martial arts III 5]

 Aptitude for martial arts. Suitability for hand-to-hand combat.


[Ax arts 5]

 Suitability for large weapons. Suitability for heavy attacks.


[Archery 5]

 Suitability of shooting weapons. Suitability for long-range attacks.


[Staff Arts II 5]

 Suitability for bashing.


[Shield Defense IV 5]

 Defense aptitude.



“Hmm?” (Rook)


 What about this…? I feel that important things are displayed smoothly.


 I put my hand on my chin and think about it.


 Something clicks in my head.


 The strange part of this description may be easier to understand by looking at the [Spear arts] section.


 There are two explanations in the description: “Aptitude for long-handled weapons” and “Aptitude for piercing”. In other words, the range of long-handled weapons includes weapons that can also be used for cutting, such as the naginata, and weapons that are closer to axes, such as the halberd and bardiche.


 More to say, it may include an ordinary ax.


 If so, although it is named [Spear arts], as far as the explanation is read, it covers a much larger range than the spear.


 With that in mind, what is even stranger is the [Sword arts]. Although the description has only “Aptitude for slashing”. There are also swords such as rapiers whose main purpose is piercing. Therefore, rapiers do not fall within the range of [Sword arts], but rather it is likely to fall into the range of [Spear arts] with the description “Aptitude for piercing”. Conversely, an ax or other slashing weapon could be in the range of [Sword arts].


 Moreover, the one that seems to be the most important.


 The one that seems to be the most dangerous.


 If you do not notice it, it is going to be ridiculous.


 That is [Martial arts].



 In the explanation, regarding “Hand-to-hand”, I think that it is a general term for combat techniques that are unarmed, that is, fight without weapons, but the problem is [Martial arts].


[Martial arts] is often confused with martial arts, but in reality, it refers to all combat techniques. Sword Arts, Archery, Spear Arts, Ax… Depending on the interpretation, fighting techniques are also included. In other words, if I master [Martial arts], you can master all techniques, whether it is a sword or a spear, and it can match as the strongest cheat ability! –



“… no, that cannot be right?” (Rook)



 I sighed.


 That is not true. Is it not? No matter what, it is too strange and unbalanced. However, I feel that there is no doubt that it is deeply involved in all combat skills that use the body.


 If you think about it, swordsmanship, for example, is not all about cutting the target. Body mechanics is also important, and in the days of the samurai, fighting was a more comprehensive art that included not only swordplay but also footwork and throwing techniques. Even if you fight with a sword, you also need to have the skills to use your body well in battle. In other words, even when using a sword, there must be an element of [Martial arts].


 With that in mind, when doing something with this system, I feel that a high level of one [Ability] is not enough to exert its full potential. For example, when using a spear, [Spear arts] is absolutely necessary, and then [Martial arts] and [Shield Defense]. If the spear is big, you need an [Ax arts]. If you want to cut with a spear, you need [Sword arts], and if you throw a spear, you need a [Archery]. It seems that multiple abilities are intricately intertwined and work like this.


 For now, no matter what kind of direction the avatar takes, I will try to include as many [Martial arts] as possible.


 I do not know what kind of world Tesla is in, but it is unlikely to be a safe world with such a disturbing system. The hand-to-hand combat that can exert its power with the body seems to be useful in many situations.


 …… Okay, I did a quick research and got a general idea of this system. After that, select the things I absolutely need and scrutinize them while looking at my parameter balance–



“Everyone, listen.” (Masa)



 Masa’s voice echoed.




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