All-rounder Healer Chapter 301.1: Bad Day

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 I head to work with some problems.



“No matter what happens, I still have to go to work…” (Rook)


“Kyu…” (Shion)



 I proceed down the road, stroking Shion, who is not sure whether to be comforting or annoyed, while I was spitting out words like a company workhorse.


 Today’s job is to survey an abandoned mine a little farther from town.


 I look at the map I was lent.



“…Have we ever been to this abandoned mine before?” (Rook)



 I have surveyed countless abandoned mines over the past winter, but I had never seen this place before.


 Places close to town are frequently surveyed, but abandoned mines far away are not often surveyed. I guess it’s simply because the further away from the town, the less dangerous it is seen, even if it causes problems. As a person who is forced to go to places that are not investigated very often, I am not happy about it because it increases the level of danger.



“I hope it doesn’t cause any problems…” (Rook)



 A few hours later, I arrived at the abandoned mine, raising a flag in such a splendid manner. I used Magi Location to explore the inside of the mine.


 After investigating a number of abandoned mines in this way, I began to notice the regularity of the internal structure of the mines. The interior of each mine is basically excavated in the same way.


 I wondered if digging in any direction would cause problems in terms of strength and increase the risk of collapses.



“But I think the abandoned mine at the Death Cave was more complicated…” (Rook)



 That place where Mr. Borok was. That place was like a maze, and I’m sure the dwarves had written markers all over the place. Do humans and dwarves have different cultures for digging tunnels, or is there a difference in technology because of the different times? No, in the first place, that cave was not only an abandoned mine, but also had an aspect of a hidden passageway connecting the underground town and the city.


 What I found there was…



“A desk.” (Rook)




 The flags I had haphazardly set up were not collected messily, and there were only desks and chairs scattered around in the last room.



“How did it end up in this place…” (Rook)



 No such items had been left behind in the abandoned mine so far.


 I lifted the overturned chair and checked its strength.



“No problem.” (Rook)



 The desk and chair are still usable.


 Perhaps they were left behind when the mine was abandoned because it was too far away.


 The adventurers who explored this place afterward did not think of carrying the desks and chairs all the way back from such a place. That was about the extent of it.



“So, let’s get the desk and chair!” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 I’m sure it won’t be a problem if I keep them, since no one uses them anymore, right?



“To a new world. Open the dimensional door, [Holy Dimension].” (Rook)



 I opened the Holy Dimension and brought in the purified desk and two chairs.



“What should we do about the layout?” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)


“The layout is very important for a comfortable room life, you know.” (Rook)


“Kyu…” (Shion)



 I thought about doing this or that, but in the end, I decided to set it up at the back of the room.


 I brought in the desk, brought in the chair, and sat down in it.



“Nice!” (Rook)



 Even though they had been neglected for years, it wasn’t in bad shape and no wobbling.


 Perhaps it was because it had not been exposed to rain and wind.


 However, both the desk and the chair were a little uneven and not smooth, as if they had been scraped by time.



“Well, that’s okay. I guess I’ll draw a map here and copy it while I’m at it.” (Rook)



 I have to return the maps loaned by the guild, so when I am given a map of a new place, I try to copy it as I see fit.


 I used the desk and chair I had just acquired to draw the map.


 I don’t know if they do any proper surveying, or if such a map is just out of sight of adventurers like us, but I don’t think the scale is correct, so there is no need to be precise. I don’t think the scale is correct, so I don’t need to copy it precisely. I just need to draw it so I can get a rough idea of where I am.



“Okay, done! Well, let’s go home.” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Shion, who was sitting on the other chair, jumped on the desk, then jumped on my shoulder and climbed into the hood.


 I made sure Shion settled into his usual favorite position, then left the Holy Dimension and headed back down the abandoned mine.



“I want to go home early and eat the dinner that Mr. Brydon made.” (Rook)


“Kyu.” (Shion)



 As we were talking, we returned to the abandoned mine and were approaching the exit when I felt something strange outside.



“…There’s something out there.” (Rook)



 There was a reaction outside the abandoned mine.


 [Light Source] was dispelled in a hurry.


 From what I can tell from Magi Location, its shape is humanoid, and its size is more than three meters. Its arms, legs, and body were thick and gorilla-like. It is clearly not human.


 The creature was camped near the exit of the abandoned mine, and it was impossible to get out.



“What is that thing?” (Rook)



 There must have been no reports in the Adventurer’s Guild that such monsters were living in this area.



“…I’m sure there have been reports of an unidentified monster in the vicinity recently.” (Rook)



 If that unidentified mystery monster is the thing, it could be a bit tricky.


 I don’t know what kind of monster it is and I don’t want to take the risk of fighting such a mystery monster here.



“I will wait and see.” (Rook)



 I watched the situation there, hiding behind a rock, but there was no sign of the mysterious monster moving from its spot.



“…Shion?” (Rook)



 Shion in my hood felt strange, so I touched him and found that he was trembling a little.


 Is Shion scared? Shion who bravely fought against the boss in that Aluppo dungeon, why?



“Is it that much dangerous an opponent…?” (Rook)



 I thought while stroking Shion.


 But if things continue like this, I won’t be able to do anything. Should I fight?


 No, no, if we don’t win, it might lead to our end.


 But that doesn’t mean we should stay here and wait for him to disappear. With the Holy Dimension, it is possible to stay for a reasonable period of time, but–


 At the moment I was lost in thought, the mysterious monster was suddenly gone.



“Eh?” (Rook)



 And that presence was suddenly approaching just a few meters away.



“Hey–” (Rook)



 I hurriedly jumped out from behind the rock, and while keeping my distance, I activated my magic.



“Light, illuminate my way [Light Source].” (Rook)



 Light filled the abandoned mine once again.


 Then the rock I was hiding behind exploded with a bang.



“Damn it!” (Rook)



 There was a black shadow. A black humanoid monster.


 Its entire body was covered in a blackish aura of an unpleasant color, giving it an eerie appearance.


 It had long arms and looked like a gorilla, but its size was not at that level.


 Since the height of the abandoned mine is a little over two meters, the monster was looking at us, curling its body a little tight.


 Its eyes were glowing blood red, and it was clearly different from ordinary monsters. It was alien, and I had a feeling that something was fundamentally different about it.



“Gaaa!” (Monster)


“What is this?” (Rook)



 While I was shouting, the monster began its approach.



“I have no choice but to do it.” (Rook)



 I made up my mind and tightly gripped m,y spear.



“Light, pierce my enemy! [Light Arrow].” (Rook)



 First, I fired the Light Arrow to distract the monster, then step backward.


 The Light Arrow from my hand hit the mysterious monster, but it dissipated in an instant.



“It is not affected…?” (Rook)



 It seems that Light Arrow does not have enough firepower.


 The mysterious monster closed the distance at once and swung its right arm out as I was preparing for my next magic.



“Goooooo!” (Monster)


“Damn it!” (Rook)



 I avoided it as I backed away, and then I thrust my spear into the monster while avoiding the barrage of fists that followed.


 But all it felt was a poke on its arm, it was as if I was poking a rubber plate with a stick.



“Are you kidding me!?” (Rook)



 What kind of monster is this? Something was different from the other monsters I had seen!


 Pressured by the mysterious monster without understanding what it was, I continued to move down into the abandoned mine, avoiding its attacks, and seeing an opening, I counterattacked. But the attacks don’t go through. I just keep getting squeezed.


 I parry the monster’s attack with the tip of my ear and backstep to gain a large distance to buy time to chant a spell.




“Sacred light, unleash a white blade [Holy Ray].” (Rook)






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