All-rounder Healer Chapter 305: [Idle Talk 4] Situation in Cotte Village

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 On the same day, a peddler from the Radin Trading Company was on his way to the village of Cotte for the winter sales.



“Indeed, I drew quite the short stick.” (Peddler)



 The main purpose of the winter peddling to Cotte Village was to buy food, and they made almost no sales. In other words, the merchant’s personal reputation was hardly affected. However, since the food they buy is essential in the capital, it is an important job that cannot be removed and cannot be stopped. As a result, this job was treated as a poor one in the Trading Company, and “such a person” was sent to this job.


 In addition, it was not a popular job in the middle of winter because of the severe cold and, in some cases, the risk of death.


 Regardless of their inner feelings, the wagon proceeded smoothly and arrived at the village of Cotte on schedule. However, the village gate remained closed and showed no sign of opening.


 The peddler got off the wagon and walked to the gate.



“Hey, I am from Radin Trading Company, here to peddle again this year. Open the gate.” (Peddler)



 When he shouted that, a man climbed up on the observation platform by the gate and shouted back.




“We refuse! We can’t accept any peddlers this year!” (Guard)


“Eh?” (Peddler)



 The peddler is rendered speechless by the words he never imagined hearing.


 This peddling was carried out in the same way every year, and it was supposed to be a simple job of just repeating the same routine, but when he was refused, it was hard for him to understand.



“Bah, don’t be stupid! There’s no way I am accepting a refusal! Open the gate now!” (Pedler)


“We refuse! Go back!” (Guard)



 Even the peddler can’t hide their frustration at these incomprehensible words.



“Listen to me! This is not a matter for you to decide on your own, and if you’re not careful, it could become a matter between the state and your own Count Sariol! If you understand, get your asses out of here and open the gates!” (Peddler)


“We refuse! I’m sure Count Sariol will understand!” (Guard)



 Count Sariol will understand.


 The peddler feels and thinks something at these words.


 He was curious about the reason for their refusal.



“What’s the reason in the first place? You’ve been doing well so far without any problems!” (Peddler)


“If we’re doing well…” (Guard)



 The man’s voice trembled.


 The peddler understands that the shiver is not from the cold and is a little overwhelmed.



“Ask yourself the reason! I’m tired of dealing with your tyranny!” (Guard)


“What–” (Peddler)



 The discussion went on and on, and in the end, the peddler was not allowed to enter the village and returned to the royal capital.


 On the carriage ride home, everyone was silent.


 The responsibility for the failure of a peddling operation that should have been an easy success, the things that would happen in the future, and many other things occupied their minds.





“I have to report this to my superiors as soon as possible…” (Peddler)



 The carriage journeyed toward the Royal Capital.



A/N: Well, your trading company made an artificial shortage, what do you think was going to happen? Also, did your boss really have the gall to push the royal family to ransack Cotte Village? Guillotine, Brazen Bull, Iron Maiden, Burning, etc. can someone kill the royal family and the greedy merchants.






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