All-rounder Healer Chapter 306: [Idle Talk 5] The Man Inside An Organization

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 In a dark and gloomy room, only the light from a single lamp on a desk illuminates the surroundings.


 One man rests his elbows on the table and seems to be thinking about something.


 In this room of silence and darkness, there is a knock at the door.



“Come in.” (Man)



 The man says, and the door opens to allow a white-robed figure.


 The man bowed lightly and did not utter a word.



“Get a test subject. I know you know this, but you will be using a newcomer from the slums who has little connection to the town.” (Man)



 As the man says this, the white-robed figure bows and quickly exits the room–but the man stops him, saying, “That’s right–“


 The man continues speaking.



“Please go and collect those mushrooms. We’re almost out of those too.” (Man)



 The white-robed figure looked back over his shoulder, heard his words, and nodded. He then left the room.



“……” (Man)



 Silence returns to the room.


 The only sound is the splash of oil sloshing in the lamp.


 The man stood up, blew out the flame of the lamp, and chanted the incantation.



“Light, illuminate my way [Light Source].” (Man)




 Magic light floats in the air, illuminating the entire room.


 The man exits through a different door than the one through which the white-robed figure entered and disappears with the ball of light from [Light Source].


 This time, the room returned to silence and darkness.






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