All-rounder Healer Chapter 307: [Idle Talk 6] Secret Talk

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 In a large, luxurious conference room, a man is sitting at one of the tables, which are also large, long, and massive.


 The man was wearing a fine-looking coat and was waiting for someone while sipping tea elegantly.


 After a while, there is a knock at the large door, and a large man enters.


 The man, with a fine sword at his waist and a cloak of fine cloth draped across his back, walked with his large, muscular body, commanding his surroundings, and took a seat on the opposite side of the seated man.



“Sorry to keep you waiting, Sir Minister of Interior.” (General)


“I’ve just arrived too, General.” (Minister)



 Without so much as a conventional greeting to each other, they quickly got down to business.



“It seems that His Highness the Crown Prince has done something troublesome again.” (General)


“Oh… It’s really a headache.” (Minister)



 Permission to postpone the purchase of ore by the Radin Trading Company.


 The country’s finances were strained by the outrageous decision to postpone the sale of ore, which is a state-owned business and supports the country’s finances.



“His Excellency the Duke who approved this is also a problem.” (General)


“It seems that he is making the most of his position as the elder brother of Her Highness the Queen and the uncle of the Crown Prince… Most likely, there is a lot going on behind the scenes with the Radin Trading Company.” (Minister)



 The two men’s faces show no signs of urgency in spite of the fact that a serious problem is occurring. In fact, both of them seem to have some leeway.



“But, depending on how you look at it, we can use the situation to our advantage, can’t we?” (General)


“Yeah, that’s right.” (Minister)



 The two men looked at each other, and the corners of their mouths were turned up.


 The Minister of Interior continued.



“The budget decrease will be compensated for by raising taxes. And by creating an atmosphere of strife… It will increase the demand for metals.” (Minister)


“Hmm. Since ancient times, the price of metals has increased during times of war.” (General)


“If we do that, then the mines will reopen, domestic demand will recover, the importance of the military will be reevaluated, and–” (Minister)


“Will it be easier to pass the military spending increase plan?” (General)


“No, I will get it through. If I can get the General’s cooperation, that is.” (Minister)



 Both had the corners of their mouths lifting again.



“The problem is where to create the spark…” (General)


“We don’t want to make enemies on the outside now, just in case.” (Minister)


“I know. I’m going to poke inside… The territory Count Sariol. Recently, the Radin Trading Company failed to buy food in that village.” (General)


“I see…then we’ll have a reason to move the army. Besides… If we divert the food that Radin Trading Company was supposed to get to another company, we can weaken Radin Trading Company, and in turn, the duke who protects it. If I can weaken His Excellency’s faction.” (Minister)


“Hmm. We can kill two birds with one stone.” (General)


“In addition–” (Minister)



 The Minister of Interior continued speaking, trying to add to the general’s words.



“If we can make the trading company that we are going to sell to a trading company that is close to the General, it will probably warm the General’s bosom. Three birds with one stone, you might say.” (Minister)


“Yeah? …Well, that might be the case.” (General)



 The two of them smile with just their faces and stare intensely into each other’s eyes.



“By the way, is the General sure that Count Sariol will not cause any trouble after this operation?” (Minister)


“Huh? Ah, that won’t happen. That family has never had the courage to do that. If they could have done that, they wouldn’t have allowed themselves to be annexed to our country, they would have fought, and they would have been destroyed long ago.” (General)


“I see…” (Minister)


“Besides, I guess Sariol’s child is still at the academy?” (General)


“Yes, she’s still enrolled.” (Minister)


“No one in that family has the kind of courage to rebel when there’s a hostage. At best, they will send a letter and that will be the end of it!” (General)



 The general chuckled.



“Besides. Even if the Sariol family were to rebel, what would happen? After all, they are rural aristocrats. It’s not about the number of people! The knights stationed in the capital will easily crush them!” (General)



 The general laughed, and the Minister of Interior replied with a short “That’s very encouraging…” while thinking, “Our country depends on those country nobles for most of its food.”



“…Afterwards, it might be interesting to poke at His Highness the Crown Prince a little.” (Minister)


“Oh?” (General)


“Maybe if we fire him up a bit, he might get into a bit of trouble and make the fire a little bigger.” (Minister)


“Sure, that might make it more interesting.” (General)



 The two continued to have secret talks, and the details of the scheme were worked out.



“Then, Your Excellency, General, I hope you will proceed as planned.” (Minister)


“Ah, the Minister of Home Affairs is also looking forward to an increase in military spending.”



 They shook hands firmly and walked out of the room side by side.




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