All-rounder Healer Chapter 308: [Idle Talk 7] Three People In The Tavern

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“How have you been lately?” (Customer)


“Don’t ask, me that. You know what’s going on.” (Customer)



 In a corner of the bar, a group of men who were sipping a lager that had lost their spirit were talking.



“The number of customers has decreased since the mines stopped working.” (Customer)


“Then there’s the tax increase.” (Customer)


“What the f*ck were they thinking? That’s what I want to know.” (Customer)



 One person gets too heated and bangs on the table.


 Then a waitress who was walking nearby yelled.



“Hey! I’ll kick you out if you continue!” (Waitress)


“Oh, my bad, Ginny…” (Customer)



 The man, now trying to be smaller, tried to change the focus by sipping his lager.



“Not at all… we’re the only ones who tolerate you loitering with just a single cup. You should order a little more sometimes.” (Waitress)


“I’m grateful, you know?” (Customer)


“Yeah, that’s right!” (Customer)


“Sacred White Horse Pavilion has the best tavern in town!” (Customer)



 Saying that, the men drank their lager again.



“Heh… Exactly.” (Waitress => Ginny)


“Just leave it at that, Ginny.” (Brydon)


“Father……” (Ginny)


“You’re stopping by today too! Mr. Brydon!” (Customer)



 Brydon placed the plate in his hand on the men’s table.



“It’s a treat from me. Some leftovers.” (Brydon)


“Seriously? Thank you for the meal!” (Customer)


“As expected of Mr. Brydon!” (Customer)


“Delicious!” (Customer)



 The men were eating with great gusto.


 They looked like different people from the ones who had been drinking a little too much earlier.



“You don’t have to go that far…” (Ginny)


“They are Ginny’s childhood friends. I have to take good care of them.” (Brydon)



 In a large town, children of the same age gather in every block and inevitably become good friends.


 In this way, even as everyone becomes an adult, a sense of camaraderie and unity is fostered in the community.



“And when there’s trouble, it’s on both sides, isn’t it? They don’t do this because they want to. They’re only doing this because they don’t have jobs because of the slump and their family businesses.” (Brydon)


“I know that, but…” (Ginny)


“Well, listen. The name of this ‘Sacred White Horse Pavilion’ is named after the Saint, Lady Stella, and her beloved unicorn. It may not be as good as Saint Stella, but this name is meant to give people hope.” (Brydon)


“I’ve heard that so many times.” (Ginny)


“That’s right… But if a plate of skewers can give people hope, it’s a small price to pay, don’t you think?” (Brydon)



 The men who were chomping on the food next to them were shouting things like, “My wish has been granted!”, “Hyahaha, wish come true!”, and “I am enjoying the hope!”


 However, when Ginny glared at them, they quickly became quiet.



“Sure, maybe.” (Ginny)


“Right? There’s hope lying around everywhere.” (Brydon)



 There is a big difference between having hope and not having hope, even if it is small.


 Brydon wanted his daughter to remember that.


 He wanted his daughter, who would take over the inn after him, to carry on the philosophy of the “Sacred White Horse Pavilion”.



“Mr. Brydon, you have a visitor.” (Employee)


“Ah, I’m going now.” (Brydon)




 Brydon was called by the clerk who was tending to the inn, and he headed toward the entrance of the inn.


 As she watched him go, Ginny thought for a moment,



“The people’s hope, the unicorn…” (Ginny)



 Ginny wondered if she too could create a store that could give people that kind of hope.


 She hugged the tray, feeling uneasy. But no answer came.



“Oh? What happened?” (Customer)


“Are you training your hugging skills?” (Customer)


“Eh? Ginny, did you find someone you like?” (Customer)




 As usual, her childhood friends were spouting stupid lines, and Ginny had to use her tray.






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