All-rounder Healer Chapter 309: [Idle Talk 8] Anger

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“A problem!” (Apprentice)



 An apprentice minister opened the door to his office with great force and rushed into the room, gasping for breath.



“You’re being rude to not even try knocking.” (Butler)


“I-I’m sorry! But that’s not important!” (Apprentice)



 Even though he was scolded by the chief butler and apologized, he didn’t flinch and placed the crumpled letter in his hand on the desk where his master was sitting.



“The letter is so crumpled… You can’t send something like this to the Count…” (Butler)


“It’s alright, Chief Butler. So, what happened?” (Count)




 The Count cut the seal of the crumpled letter with a small knife while looking at the apprentice minister.



“Yes! A messenger says that Cotte Village was attacked yesterday!” (Minister)


“What?!” (Butler)



 The chief butler shouted in surprise and looked at the count.


 The Count read the crumpled letter and quietly said, “Go on.”



“Yes, milord! The attacker was a national army of unknown affiliation…” (Minister)


“Are you saying the affiliation is unknown? Or are they planning on not letting me find out which army did this…?” (Count)


“…” (Minister)



 The Count silently held out the letter to the chief butler as he looked forward.



“Pardon me…” (Butler)



 The chief butler accepted the letter and checked inside.


 The first letter described the damage.


 The butler’s face clouded.


 Several dead. Many injured. The village was destroyed by collapsed houses. The village chief died, and his son succeeded him.


 And the second letter.



“The handwriting is different here.” (Butler)


“Ah, the village chief of Cotte Village… Actually, I think his handwriting is the former village chief’s now.” (Butler)



 The count turned his head and rested his forehead on his crossed fingers as if in penitence.


 The second letter is a letter of resignation and apology. It could be called a suicide note.


 The following is a summary of its contents.


 “I will put up with being underestimated by the people of King’s Landing. However, the treatment of Count Sariol’s daughter is unforgivable. Therefore, I decided to express “a small protest. I would like to apologize to Count Salliol and all the villagers by fighting at the front until the end.”


 The letter ended with the words, “Please take care of the rest.”


 After reading the letter, the Count leaned back against the backrest.



“He was with me at the academy.” (Count)



 Count Sariol murmured.



“He was older than me, but we got along well. We used to talk a lot.” (Count)


“He must have been very good to go to the academy despite being a commoner.” (Butler)


“He was, actually he was supposed to be my righthand man, but he took over his family and became the mayor of Cotte village.” (Count)



 Count Sariol stood up and turned to the window.


 Outside, there was still snow on the ground, but people were coming and going on the main street in the back, and there was the air of people living their everyday life there.


 The Count began to speak quietly.



“I don’t mind being insulted. I will cover my ears and pretend I did not hear it. If my daughter is treated with disdain and cruelty, it is part of the duty of any individual born into the House of Sariol. For the sake of the people’s peace, I will drink my tears and pray. If the House of Sariol is stigmatized, I will keep my mouth shut and laugh.” (Count)



 Count Sariol’s hands are clasped tightly, shaking slightly.


 Then he turns around and shouts.



“But they have laid a hand on my people! I will never allow that! I will never forgive them!” (Count)



 The chief butler, the apprentice minister, the count’s squire, the maids, everyone present nodded in agreement.



“Send relief to the village of Cotte! Leave as soon as you are ready!” (Count)


“Yes milord!” (Minister)



 The apprentice minister rushed out of the room without a shred of courtesy.



“Then… Rally all the soldiers in the territory!” (Count)


“Yes milord.” (Butler)



 The chief butler bowed and quickly turned to head out of the room.


 The Count’s face was filled with anger and a variety of other emotions that came and went.



“Chief butler—” (Count)



 The head butler said, “Count” to interrupt the count’s words as he stretched out his hand and tried to stop him.


 The head butler turns around in front of the door.



“Your decision, my lord Count. There is not a single person in this territory who would criticize the decision of the Count or the actions of the former chief of Cotte Village. We, the people of Sariol, have reached the end of our rope.” (Butler)


“I see…” (Count)



 The Count lowered his outstretched hand and quietly looked at his chief butler.


 The chief butler looked straight at him.



“You are the pillar of the people of Sariol. And your daughter is Sariol’s people’s treasure. There is no one in the people of Sariol who would stand idly by and let anyone try to harm you!” (Butler)



 The usually calm butler puts on an ogre-like face and shouts, and even his escort is pressured.


 The chief butler continues to speak.



“My lord Count, you may proceed as you wish. We will follow you.”  (Butler)



 The chief butler bows and leaves the room.


 Silence enveloped the room. But the heat remained.


 Outside the room, the sound of people running around in a hurry can be heard.


 In a few more moments, the town’s residents will probably hear about the news and the whole town will be in a flurry of activity.


 The Count took a deep breath and opened his eyes with a sigh.



“Prepare my armor and sword!” (Count)


“Yes milord!” (Maid)



 The maid runs out of the room.


 After seeing her off, the Count gives his next command.



“Catch all the ‘rats’ on watch. Do not let any of them escape.” (Count)


“Yes milord!” (Squire)



 The Count muttered to himself as the attendants went out of the room and he was left alone.



“It is time…” (Count)



 The Count looked outside for a while, reminiscing about the old days. 






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