All-rounder Healer Chapter 31: The First Step to My Adventure

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 We went to the village square to meet up with two merchants. We exchanged a quick greeting and decided to leave immediately.


 Apparently, yesterday Dan had told the merchants about me, so there was no trouble.



 Actually, isn’t this usually kind of awkward? I thought.


 An adventurer hired as an escort finds a companion in a village and has him join on the way back.


 It’s very suspicious.


 The client seemed to be a merchant near Mel’s parent’s house, and they had known each other for a long time.


 Otherwise, I wouldn’t normally be approved, right? I guess.



 While I followed the two carriages to the village gate, Mr. Hans stood with his arms crossed while leaning against the pillar of the gate.


 When Mr. Hans saw me, he says “you” and stops me.



“Isn’t it cold of you? You’ll leave the village, without saying a word.” (Hans)


“I said goodbye to the people I know. Also, I was looking for Mr. Hans, but you weren’t in the inn or the guild.” (Rook)


 When I said that, Mr. Hans said, “Well, I have a house in this village, and I didn’t have to work much that morning.”



 Hans continues his words.


“Well, this is the Beginning Village. Someday the guys who come to this village will leave. You will inevitably have to leave soon.”  (Hans)



 With that said, Hans lifted his body leaning against the pillar, walked over here, brought his face closer to me, looked at me, and continued his words.



“That magic. Be careful when using it. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes I can tell, even if I do not understand the spell.” (Hans)


 After saying that, Hans raised his hand and waved gently before returning to the village.


 At this moment, I became tense.


 I knew based on Mr. Hans’ words and actions After I used [Holy Light] he began thinking deeply about it. But I don’t think he knew what kind of magic [Holy Light] was.


 Even so, I think that the fact that he came all the way to see me and gave me some advice means that, although he wasn’t able to confirm anything, he knew my magic was not normal…


 Then, the next question is how many people felt the same when they saw my magic.


 I’m trying to recall the situation at that time.


 Was there anyone other than Mr. Hans who seemed to realize something was different?


 Hmm… I don’t think so.


 Many people were surprised to see my magic, but I can’t say anything conclusive because I don’t know what they were surprised with.


 I felt that Mr. Hans was quite good at observing, from the way he walked and based on his past stories. From that point of view, I think it would be better not to use it in front of high-ranked adventurers and church officials who specialize in recovery magic.



 But… that said, those are some difficult things to do.


 I’ve already joined this party as a healer.


 I can’t just say, “I can’t use recovery magic,” it sounds like a flat joke. I’ve already used [Holy Light] in front of them. Even if I were to tell them, they would probably just think, “What the hell is he talking about?”


 That would be impossible.


 Then, I have to think about my next move.


 The first thing I can think of is my flashy performance—



“Why are you still standing there! We’re leaving!” (Mel)



 Mel’s voice can be heard from a distance.


 When I turned towards her, I saw the carriage is already far and is steadily moving down the road.


 Dangerous. My talk with Mr. Hans left me deep in my thoughts.


 So, I turn to the village again.


 I saw Mr. Hans walking away.



“…” (Rook)



 Still, I would like to chase after Mr. Hans and ask what was weird with my [Holy Light] and what he felt uncomfortable with. Then I would be able to understand various things.


 If Mr. Hans already noticed something different about it, I might not have been so careful and secretive about the Holy Light. Moreover, I might not have to ask in a roundabout way. It is possible to ask direct questions to get answers. It would be easier than trying to find out the problem later.


 I looked at the carriage again.


 The three of them were looking at me as they moved along with the carriage.


 Hesitation, conflict, advantages, disadvantages, and many other factors we’re going around and around in my mind.


 After a few moments, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.





“Hm… what am I worried about?” (Rook)



 I exhale and start running towards the carriage, muttering quietly.


 Well, isn’t it impossible to return to the village now?



 I’ve already started my adventure.


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