All-rounder Healer Chapter 310.1: [Idle Talk 9] My Engagement Was Canceled and I Was Exiled, but For Some Reason, I’m Called Saint – My Life Has Changed Because My Recovery Magic Is Too Amazing – (Web Chapter)

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T/N: Called it! My title making skills needs to be more Japanese web novel author-like, but I am so close.

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“Heave-ho!” (Elena)



 Elena lifted the bag of dried meat and placed it on the table next to the pot.



“Lady Saint, you don’t have to do these chores!” (Cook)


“Um, I’ve said it many times, but I’m not a saint!” (Elena)



 Elena said as she continued preparing the soup kitchen.


 Elena has done this many times before, so she is used to it.



“Lady Elena, it’s about time.” (Marisa)


“Oh! That’s right.” (Elena)



 Marisa called her and she went to the direction where the slum dwellers were gathered.


 Then she took a deep breath and raised her voice.



“Please, those who are injured, gather together.” (Elena)



 At the soup kitchen, Elena always provided medical treatment.


 Even the poor could be healed of their injuries, free of charge.



“Lady Saint! Please!” (Patients)


“This child has been ill since yesterday…” (Patient)


“I injured my leg…” (Patient)



 Marisa lines up the injured people who are gathering one after another.



“I’m not a saint!” (Elena)


“Please line up properly! If you don’t, we won’t be able to treat you!” (Marisa)



 For some reason, she’s been called a “Lady Saint” lately, but as the person in question, she’s too anxious and confused. Elena corrected them many times, but no one listens to her, and Elena has half given up.



 Elena mutters a small “Let’s go!” she mutters to herself and braces herself.



 Usually, her teacher would heal with her together, and he would heal patients with major injuries that she couldn’t help. But today, she had to see all the patients by herself. Because her teacher couldn’t come because of another job.



“I have to improve myself…” (Elena)



 Although she was a little nervous, she continued to treat the patients one by one.


 One, two, three. The line is long and it’s not over yet.


 Even when the soup was finished, Elena continued to treat the patients while drinking the magic potion.



“Lady Elena, let’s take a break for now.” (Marisa)



 Marisa asked her to take a break at a good time.


 Elena had sweat on her forehead and the look of exhaustion on her face.



“…alright.” (Elena)


“I’m sorry, but we are going to take a break for a while. Please wait for a while.” (Marisa)



 Marisa tries to take Elena towards the temporary tent.


 It may have been a little difficult to treat all these patients by herself.


 Looking back, her teacher usually took care of most of the treatment. That’s why the soup kitchen was able to offer free medical treatment. Elena was reminded of this once again and felt a little depressed. but–



“Yep! Alright!” (Elena)


“Lady Elena?” (Marisa)



 Even so, she quickly switched and looked forward.


 This is where Elena has changed a lot recently.


 Instead of looking at the past and immediately thinking negatively as before, she was just trying her best and trying her best to look forward. This was the change that Elena had gained through her training with her teacher.


 Marisa noticed the change and laughed.



“What is it?” (Elena)


“No… I think Lady Elena has changed.” (Marisa)



 And in a good way, too.


 At first, Marisa thought he was too young and a little suspicious, but Elena’s teacher made Elena learn recovery magic properly and changed her in this way. Marisa has no choice but to admit it now.


 Marisa decided to look forward and think about the future.


 However, a voice that they don’t really want to hear approaches them.



“You’re in the way! Get out of the way!” (Voice)


“Get out of the way!” (Voice)



 Men wearing elegant armor to be adventurers scatter the slum dwellers and approach Elena.


 Marisa stands in front of Elena, a grim expression on her face.


 The people around her looked on with puzzled expressions.



“It’s been a while, Elena.…No, Elenaria Sariol.” (Ira)



 Elena’s face clouded when she examined the man’s face.



“Lord Ira…” (Elena)



 A student at the same academy, a former party member, and Elena’s former fiancée, the man who broke it off.


 Surrounding him were his usual sycophants and the girl from some time ago who called herself Sumika.


 Elena’s face was tense and she was clutching the hem of Marisa’s dress.


 Noticing Elena’s old habits behind her, Marisa took another half step forward to protect her.



“It seems like you’ve been doing something quite audacious lately.” (Ira)


“…What do you mean?” (Elena)



 Elena carefully answers the words that sound like a question.



“You call yourself a saint by giving alms to the poor like this, don’t you?” (Ira)


“…I don’t call myself a saint.” (Elena)


“Hey, don’t try to fool me. I’ve found out that you’re excited about being called a saint.” (Sycophant)


“That kind of thing is not–” (Elena)



 Elena was about to refute the words of Sycophant A, but Ira spoke up.



“Well, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I decided to put that power to good use. Follow me.” (Ira)


“What are you saying?” (Elena)



 While Elena was looking puzzled, one of his cronies came up to Elena and grabbed her by the arm.



“Ouch!” (Elena)


“Hey! Stop it! What are you doing?” (Marisa)



 Elena stops Marisa from drawing her sword.



“I can’t help it. I refuse to get engaged to you again, but I’m going to use that power you have. Let’s go.” (Ira)




 As Ira says this, the crony who had been holding Elena’s arm pulls her arm without hesitation and tries to forcefully take her away.


 Elena’s face contorts in pain as she is forcibly pulled.


 The people around her are unable to comprehend the bizarre scene.


 In the midst of all this, Marisa, who has reached the end of her patience with their reckless approach, releases the seal on her sword with her thumb with an expression of anger. Then she made up her mind.


 If she pulled out her sword here, she could n cut down one of them if it’s a surprise attack. The second one might be possible, too. But Marisa doesn’t know about the third. As for the fourth, it was hopeless.


 And even if everything goes well, if she draws her sword here–she will die.


 If he drew her sword here, she would definitely become a criminal. Even if she manages to escape from this place, she will probably be executed somewhere. But still, she couldn’t give up now.


 If she hands Elena, she doesn’t know how she will be treated.


 Marisa’s memories of the past came flashing in her mind.


 The day she first met Elena when she was a child. At first, she was treated as a friend close to her age, but one day she decided that she really wanted to protect Elena, and since she had no talent for magic, she decided to enter the path of a swordsman. Her parents were against the idea of a butler’s child pursuing swordsmanship, but Marisa would never give in.


 And then there was Elena’s face, who worried and cheered her on. The birthdays they celebrated together. The time when Elena’s father told her that he had found his best friend at the Academy and the two of them were dreaming outside of the Academy together. …Far from the sense of hopelessness at the academy.


 Marisa swore she would never let Elena look at her like that again, but here I am, looking at her face and her trembling hands, and I feel unworthy.


 Marisa opened her eyes wide, keeping all her thoughts in her heart.


 Then, she put all her strength into her right hand, praying that Elena and her family would not be affected.


 The next moment—






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