All-rounder Healer Chapter 310.2: [Idle Talk 9] My Engagement Was Canceled and I Was Exiled, but For Some Reason, I’m Called Saint – My Life Has Changed Because My Recovery Magic Is Too Amazing – (Web Chapter)

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T/N: The third-rate villain prince should really get his comeuppance. How a bout making him a eunuch. He’s too ballsy for a side character. Chop his dick and feed it to a Black Slime.



~3rd Person Perspective~



 Marisa swore she would never let Elena look at her like that again, but here I am, looking at her face and her trembling hands, and I feel unworthy.


 Marisa opened her eyes wide, keeping all her thoughts in her heart.


 Then, she put all her strength into her right hand, praying that Elena and her family would not be affected.


 The next moment—



“Don’t touch the saint so casually! Hey!” (Commoner)



 A man jumped in from the side and punched the crony holding Elena.


 Marissa hurriedly pulls Elena, who has lost her balance after being pushed away.



“My foot was healed by the saint and that’s the reason I’m here now. I don’t know what great family sired you, but I’ll never forgive you for trying to hurt the saint!” (Commoner)


“You…” (Ira)



 Elena recognized the man.


 The man was the very first adventurer Elena treated when she started going to the soup kitchen.


 But if Elena’s teacher had been here, he would have sharply commented, “No, Elena couldn’t heal that injury, so I healed it, didn’t I?” But there was no one here who could read the situation that way, so the conversation went on as it was.



“That’s right! What are you doing to the Saint?” (Commoner)


“Stop our tyranny!” (Commoner)


“Hurry up and get lost!” (Commoner)



 The people around the man, who had been frozen in place, were moved by the man’s courage and began to shout insults at Ira.


 The surrounding people were a little frightened by the force and retreated. However, there was a man who silenced the growing crowd.



“You f*ckers… Do you not know who I am! I’m Irajay Solmar, the crown prince of this country!” (Ira) [T/N: Sure Karen.]



 The moment Ira said this in frustration, the people around her became upset.



“The Crown Prince…” (Commoner)


“Is it true that he is the crown prince…?” (Commoner)


“Oh, no. What should we do?” (Commoner)



 The momentum that had been building among the people was now gone.



“You, you lowly paupers… Hey! They’re an eyesore, kill them.” (Ira)


“Yes sir!” (Guard)



 The guard behind Ira drew his sword and slashed at the adventurer who had struck his crony.



“Eh?” (Commoner)



 Fresh blood splattered. A body falls down.


 Before he could even draw his sword, he was cut down by a sword.



“You must pay with your life for disobeying me and assaulting a noble.” (Ira)


“Noo!” (Elena)



 Elena rushed to the fallen adventurer and held out her hands.



“I’ll heal you now! Light healing [Heal].” (Elena)


“Lady… Saint…” (Commoner)



 The adventurer spits out a gurgle of black blood and his hands tremble.



“Why!? Why would you do something like this! Isn’t he also a citizen of your country?” (Elena)



 Elena screamed.



“A citizen? These things?” (Ira)



 Ira chuckles.



“The trash living in this cesspool are useless pests who don’t pay taxes, right? They’re not citizens!” (Ira)


“No way!” (Commoners)



 Many people bowed their heads and trembled at those words.


 Is it a tremor caused by anger? Or is it fear or pity? Nobody knows, and no one moved from there.



“The wound won’t close! Why!?” (Elena)



 Elena tried her best to heal it with tears in her eyes.


 However, unfortunately, the wound could not be healed by Elena’s magic.


 Still, Elena tries her best to treat him.



“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” (Elena)



 Elena continues to heal the wound in penitence, shedding large tears.



“Lady Saint… it’s okay… it’s okay…” (Commoner)


“It’s not good! It’s not good! Please! Please heal him!” (Elena)



 Despite Elena’s treatment, the man’s movements gradually halted.



“Enough with this farce. Hey! Come quickly!” (Crony)


“Stand up quickly!” (Crony)



 Just as the cronies were about to grab Elena’s arm again, Marisa resolutely drew her sword and pointed it at the cronies.



“Come on! Lady Elena isn’t going anywhere! I won’t let you do whatever you want!” (Marisa)


“Marisa! No!” (Elena)




 Elena tries to stop her, but it’s too late.


 Now that she has turned her sword on the royal family, Marisa cannot escape punishment.



“Huh… I guess you know what it means to point your sword at me! This is treason!” (Ira)



 Treason. The people around him were shaken by those words.


 However, Marisa looked straight ahead with a determined look on her face.



“What if it is? If I don’t protect my liege here, I’m not a knight!” (Marisa)



 And Marisa felt strongly that she would become a failure as a friend.


 Marisa continues speaking.



“If I give up here, I will never be able to look Elena straight in the face again!” (Marisa)



 Marisa’s cry caused some of the people in the crowd around her to change.


 They had always called her a saint and a saint, but they wondered whether they would be able to look at Elena’s face properly the next time they saw her if they did nothing.


 As their conflicting feelings unfold, a battle begins between Marisa and Ira’s guards.


 Block the guard’s sword, parry, evade, and counterattack.


 It was a demon-like strength, not quite at the level of a student at the academy, but the sword of a first-rate swordsman.


 The escort of Ila, the crown prince, was a member of the Kingsguard, a group of the fiercest fighters in the kingdom. No matter how good they were at the academy, the students at the academy and the Kingsguard Knights were of a different caliber, to begin with.


 Gradually, the wounds began to increase on Marisa’s body, she was pushed down, and she became unable to handle the sword…



“Gufu…” (Marisa)



 The sword was plunged into Marisa’s chest.



“Marisa!” (Elena)




 Elena’s scream was the only sound in Marisa’s ears.


 The sword is pulled out and Marisa slowly falls backwards.


 The world goes into slow motion.


 Seeing Elena out of the corner of her eye in such a slow-moving world, Marisa realizes that she “couldn’t protect” her.



“Ahh…” (Marisa)



 That feeling of hopelessness is canceled out by a feeling of exhaustion.


 A lukewarm sense of peace.


 Her body relaxes, and she falls straight into Elena’s arms, knowing their warmth.



“No! No! Marisa! Light healing [Heal].” (Elena)



 But the deep wound that pierced Marisa does not heal.


 Hert [Heal] does not have that much ability.


 Feeling Marisa slowly weakening in her arms as she desperately heals, Elena hears the footsteps of despair.



“What, you can’t heal that too? She’s called a saint, but she’s useless. I’m not sure what to do. We don’t need them, huh?” (Ira)


“That’s what I’ve been saying from the very beginning.” (Sumika)



 Sumika said as she leaned against Ira.



“That’s right. I came here because the Minister of Interior told me that she was a saint, but it was a complete waste of time.” (Ira)


“Let’s go home now. I’d like to have a cup of tea soon.” (Sumika)


“That’s right.” (Ira)






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