All-rounder Healer Chapter 310.3: [Idle Talk 9] My Engagement Was Canceled and I Was Exiled, but For Some Reason, I’m Called Saint – My Life Has Changed Because My Recovery Magic Is Too Amazing – (Web Chapter)

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T/N: What a loser simp.

Hey Rook, where are you? Hero up.



~3rd Person Perspective~



 Sumika said as she leaned against Ira.



“That’s right. I came here because the Minister of Interior told me that she was a saint, but it was a complete waste of time.” (Ira)


“Let’s go home now. I’d like to have a cup of tea soon.” (Sumika)


“That’s right.” (Ira)



 The group turned on their heels as if nothing had happened. And then they talked about the topic of tea sweets that will decorate their teatime.


 But Elena was having none of it. She just keeps heeling desperately.



“Oh… It’s no good…” (Elena)



 She desperately, desperately tries to heal Marisa while continuing to shed large tears.


 She was Elena’s first and best friend. A precious person that she cannot afford to lose.


 But she cannot be cured. She cannot heal her wounds. Elena can’t fix it.


 Elena wonders if her teacher were here at a time like this, would he have been able to fix it? But her teacher is not here. She has no choice but to do something by herself.



“Marisa! Please! Marisa!” (Elena)



 Elena’s scream echoes.


 A man looks up at that voice.



“F-f*ck you!” (Commoner)



 The man takes a step or two out of the crowd and reaches for the sword at his waist.



“What the f*ck is a crown prince! Doing such cruel treatment to the saint! If I stay silent here, I will never be able to walk under the sun for the rest of my life! I won’t have the right to look at my friends and daughter!” (Commoner)



 Saying this, he drew his sword and pointed the tip at the crown prince.


 Then, someone follows him.



“…That’s right, right. I’ll regret it for the rest of my life if I let you go free. I don’t want that!” (Commoner)


“Ah, I’d be a fool if I don’t do anything here!” (Commoner)


“You can say whatever you want, calling someone trash or pests! This is a country that shouldn’t be ruled by the likes of you!” (Commoner)



 The words of one man became a spark, and the fire blazed and roared.


 Soon it spread throughout the crowd, not only to the slum dwellers, but also to the townspeople who had heard the commotion and were gathering in the distance.


 The dissatisfaction with the country up to this point burst out of their mouths as if they had found a way out.



“Because you bastards raised taxes, my store…” (Commoner)


“Even though the economy is such a wreck, you are going to take it easy and have tea? You’re f*cking ridiculous!” (Commoner)


“I know what’s going on! I know that the crown prince was the one who took money from the Radin Trading Company to shut down the mine!!” (Commoner)


“Is that true!?” (Commoner)



 The people’s hostility spread and enveloped the crown prince’s group.


 A little overwhelmed by the atmosphere, Ira shouted angrily.



“Shut up, you peasants! Do you, and your family members want to be put to death for treason?” (Ira)



 The guards drew their swords at once, spreading out to surround Ira and pointing them at the people.


 The people flinched and took half a step back, creating a stalemate.



“Who the among you are against the country?! Hey! Kill a few people to set an example!” (Ira)



 With these words, the guards stepped forward, looking for a target, and advanced on one woman.


 It was the woman who had been cooperating with Elena in the soup kitchen.



“What? Are you going to kill me?” (Cook)



 The woman grabbed a cooking knive she was carrying and held it out in front of her like a sword.



“Don’t you dare take advantage of me just because I’m a woman! We have experienced the pains and joys of life! We have more guts than those idiots who can only hide behind others!” (Cook)



 While saying this, the woman took a swing and glared at the Crown Prince.



“What! You dare insult the royal family! Kill that thing!” (Ira)


“Yes sir!” (Guard)



 The guard raises his sword.


 Everyone around him gasped.


 Then, just as the sword was about to fall—a miracle happened.



“Huh?” (Guard)



 The sound of horses’ hoofs came out of nowhere.


 Then a white shadow swooped down, leaping over the people and buildings.



“That is!” (Commoner)


“U-unicorn…” (Commoner)


“A unicorn! A unicorn has appeared!” (Commoner)



 A unicorn, a horse with a white body and a horn sprouting from its forehead. It landed in the middle of the crowd and gazed into Elena’s face.



“Unicorn…” (Elena)



 Elena calls out its name.


 The unicorn approaches Elena and brings its face close to hers.



“Please, unicorn! Help me! Please…” (Elena)


“…” (Unicorn)



 Elena bowed her head as if she was begging for help as the unicorn continued to send out large waves from the crowd.


 The unicorn heard her without a word, dropped its head, and turned its horn toward Marisa.


 The next moment, a warm glow emanated from the horn and enveloped Marisa’s body.


 Then the redness returned to Marisa’s face, which had been growing pale, and Marisa woke up coughing.



“I… How?” (Marisa)



 She wakes up with a confused look on her face, and as she does so, she looks at the white horse in front of her and mutters, “Unicorn…”


 Behind Marisa, the man who was first cut down is also incidentally revived, and he rises with a muffled groan, “Where am I?”



“Marisa!” (Elena)


“Elena? Did I survive?” (Marisa)



 Elena hugged Marisa.


 The crowd was speechless at the sight of it.


 Then, out of nowhere, a word came out of the people who were watching the two hugging each other and a man following them.



“A miracle.” (Commoner)



 A miracle. It didn’t take long for word to spread through the crowd.


 It spread rapidly and eventually spread throughout the city.



“What are you doing! What’s with the unicorn! Kill it now!” (Ira)


“No, but…” (Guard)



 The crown prince’s party begins to rage.


 In this country, a unicorn is “A messenger of the gods that accompany the saint.” Thanks to the legend left behind by Saint Stella, that image has permeated every corner of the people of this country. It would have been suicidal to point a sword in the direction of a unicorn.



“The unicorn is with the saint…” (Commoner)


“Unicorns are messengers of God…” (Commoners)


“The gods’ messenger… An oracle.” (Commoners)



 The word “oracle” spread among people.


 It spreads unstoppably.


 The unicorn at the center of it all is munching on Oran fruits that were supposed to be distributed at the soup kitchen.


 Then a man shouted.



“Lady Tessretia did not abandon the saint! She sent the unicorns here to guide us! What have we to fear?” (Commoner)



 From the crowd, “Indeed!” and “It is the goddess’ will,” and other words of agreement with the man were uttered.


 The man shouted louder.



“The will of the gods lies with the Saint!” (Commoner)



 At those words, an earth-shaking shout rose from the surroundings, “Yeeees!!!”


 Everyone around them took up weapons, and those without weapons grabbed whatever was close at hand, be it a stone, a pot, or a log, and raised it above their heads, shouting,



“Protect the Saint! The gods are on our side!” (Commoner)


“Crush the crown prince! Do not let him get away!” (Commoner)


“Everyone, follow me! Charge!” (Commoner)


“Oooooooo!” (Commoner)



 With an earth-shaking sound, the avalanche-like crowd rushed in like demi-gods.


 The sight was breathtaking, and everyone present was boiling with blood.



“Your Highness! We will no longer be able to hold this place! Let’s retreat to the royal castle for now!” (Guard)


“What are you talking about! All of you lowlifes should be slaughtered!” (Ira)


“Impossible! Our numbers are too different!” (Guard)



 One of the guards grabbed the Dauphin, swinging his sword, opened a path and retreated toward the castle.


T/N: Die, die~ Shitty prince, die~! <3 Wee!






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