All-rounder Healer Chapter 311: [Idle Talk 10] The Man’s Experiment

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Inside a room in the basement, Sadiq, the priest of the Stella Church, was standing and exploring the documents on his desk to see what they were all about.



“What…” (Sadiq)



 Sadiq also quickly flipped through the books on the bookshelf and skimmed through their contents.


 The more he read, the sterner Sadiq’s face became, and it was clear that he did not like what he saw.


 As he did so, he heard footsteps outside the room, and they stopped in front of the door. Then the door opened with a creaking sound.



“…” (Sadiq)



 The door was opened by a masked person wearing a robe covering his entire body.


 The masked figure noticed Sadiq in the room and took a fighting stance with his staff at the ready.


 But unfazed by this, Sadiq opened his mouth while reading the book.



“I never would have imagined… that you would be conducting such an experiment in the basement of the Great Church.” (Sadiq)


“…Why are you here?” (Mask)



 The masked figure answered in a low, muffled voice.



“I also once held a certain position in this large church. I know about hidden underground passages.” (Sadiq)


“…how did you know?” (Mask)



 The masked man answers again as he steps into the room.



“You’re still asking a lot of questions…. Isn’t that right? Mendez. No, I guess I should call you High Priest Mendez now.” (Sadiq)


“…” (Mask => Mendez)



 The man called Mendez was silent for a moment, then slowly removed his mask.



“It’s been a while.” (Mendez)


“Yes, it’s been a long time. Never thought I’d see you again like this.” (Sadiq)



 Sadiq closed the book and put it on the desk, then he continues speaking.



“We sometimes forget… the grace God has given us. Don’t you agree?” (Sadiq)


“…” (Mendez)



 Sadiq lowers the glowing magic ball of Light Source that was floating near the ceiling and moves it over his right hand.



“The magic Light Source, which we, those who belong to the church, use easily, is a rare thing as it is, and few people in the general public can use it. We take it for granted that we sometimes forget about it.” (Sadiq)


“…What do you want to say?” (Mendez)


“There were people who saw suspicious masked people moving around. And they were using Light Source. I’ve got several testimonies, and they all say the same thing.” (Sadiq)


“…” (Mendez)


“I only know of one place where light attribute users congregate. And I thought that if such people were going to do evil deeds in secret, the only place to do so would be this hidden underground passageway, so I came here. That’s all there is to it.” (Sadiq)


“I see…” (Mendez)



 Sadiq moved the magic ball of Light Source back to the ceiling and turns to Mendez.



“Well, I guess it’s time for you to have my questions answered.” (Sadiq)



 Sadiq took a book from his desk and held it so Mendez could see it.



“Artificial Saint Plan… What is this?” (Sadiq)


“…” (Mendez)


“Are you just going keep others asking but not answer?” (Sadiq)



 Mendes exhaled and struck the ground with the butt of his cane.


 Then he began to speak like a dam opening.



“Saint Stella’s upbringing was unique. She was born in a slum, grew up in extreme poverty, and before she knew it, she was powerful, achieved accomplishments that no one else could, and found herself awakened as a saint. Little of this has been handed down to posterity, save for oral traditions and forbidden books like this one.” (Mendez)



 Mendez pointed to a nearby bookshelf.



“I thought about it. What if Saint Stella’s awakening was a result of her unique upbringing?” (Mendez)


“Nonsense… There’s no way something like that could happen.” (Sadiq)


“Is that really the case?” (Mendez)



 Mendes walked through the room, past Sadiq, and stood in front of the door at the back of the room.



“There is a thing that Saint Stella used to eat every day of her childhood. It is inexpensive in this area and fills the stomach, but it is mildly toxic and can cause mental illness if eaten in excess. However, Saint Stella, who was supposed to have been eating a lot of it, showed no abnormality. I thought there might be a secret there.” (Mendez)



 Mendez opens the door and shows Sadiq inside.



“And after a long experiment, I discovered that there is an ingredient in the Dizzy Mushrooms that can enhance the effects of recovery magic!” (Mendez)



 Inside the room was an operating table-like bed and a cage.


 Inside the cage lay a lifeless-looking human being.



“As long as the ingredients that affect recovery magic have been found, this is definitely one of the key elements in the creation of a saint!” (Mendez)


“… you don’t understand anything, do you?” (Sadiq)


“What?” (Mendez)



 Mendes was annoyed at Sadiq, who sounded both disgusted and pitying.



“A saint is not that kind of person. It’s not about their recovery magic or anything like that. It is a completely different existence from the recovery magic we know—beyond light magic. Even if it had the efficacy to increase the effectiveness of general recovery magic, there is no connection there…” (Sadiq)


“What nonsense are you saying?” (Mendez)


“Besides, even if that story were true, what would it mean? Would it even matter if you created a saint by engaging in this kind of evil?” (Sadiq)



 Mendes snickered mockingly.



“Such naivety. Sometimes it takes a little sacrifice to save a lot of people. If a few people from the slums can be sacrificed to advance noble research, it’s a small price to pay, isn’t it? In fact, nobody cared if a few people disappeared in the slums.” (Mendez)


“So, you were responsible for the disappearance of the people in the slums.” (Sadiq)


“If so, what are you going to do about it?” (Mendez)


“It’s already decided. We have no choice but to stop here.” (Sadiq)



 Sadiq held up his cane.


 Mendez saw this and pulled the cord hanging from the ceiling.


 Masked men came out from behind Mendez.


 They held various weapons in their hands.



“I have my fair share of supporters. …It’s been a pleasure talking with you about my research after all these years. It passed the time.” (Mendez)


“I didn’t realize the Great Church was this corrupt… But do you think I just dove alone in the dark? You can come out now.” (Sadiq)



 As Sadiq said this, two people entered through the door behind Sadiq.



“Are you…Hubio the Iron Fist, and Brydon the Fresh Blood?” (Mendez)


“It’s an honor to have the head of the church remember my title.” (Hubio)


“I’m not ready to give up yet!” (Mendez)



 Hubio is the Guild Master of the Adventurers’ Guild, and Brydon is now the owner of an inn. They were retired adventurers, but the mere presence of these two giant men added to the intimidation factor.



“Surrender quietly. You don’t want to feel any pain, right?” (Brydon)


“I refuse. I can’t let my noble research end here.” (Mendez)


“I see. Well then, I guess I have no choice…” (Hubio)



 After the exchange of words, the two sides quietly entered into a battle stance.


 In a room that is not very large, the two sides closed the distance between each other and collided.



T/N: Bye-bye Great Church. So, John can become a saint or priest?






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