All-rounder Healer Chapter 313: [Idle Talk 12] And So The Legend…

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“What’s going on!?” (Count)



 Count Emre Sariol exclaimed from a hilltop overlooking the royal capital of Solmar.


 For some reason, the Royal Capital seems to be in turmoil, and black smoke is rising from the royal castle.



“We are investigating, but we believe that someone is attacking the castle.” (Soldier)


“A rebellion, huh?” (Count)


“Perhaps.” (Soldier)


“The heavens have not forsaken us, huh…” (Count)



 Count Sariol looks up at the sky and closes his eyes.


 Count Sariol’s march was a bad gamble. The royals had a larger army, hostages were taken, and they were fighting a battle that would normally be disadvantageous to them, so there were almost no positive factors. Of course, they had taken the time to prepare a plan to overturn the situation, but even including that, the odds of victory were not that high.


 And yet, now, there was an opportunity in front of him that he could only think was guided by the heavens. Everyone who is present could not help but feel the invisible hand of the gods.


 Count Sariol looked back at his own army, which was waiting behind him, and exclaimed,



“Behold! The heavens have been watching the misrule of the Solmar Royal Family! The will of heaven is with us! All troops, advance!” (Count)



 At these words, all the soldiers shouted and marched toward the royal capital.



 And so, those who took up the sword for various purposes and reasons gathered in the royal city of Solmar and fought for their own beliefs.


 That day, known in later generations as “The Revolution Day” or “Fall of the Solmars,” was a major turning point for the Kingdom of Zantz that changed the course of history.


 However, there are many suspicious aspects to the events of that day, and many historians of later generations have expressed their doubts.


 First of all, most historians believe that the story of how Elenaria Sariol, known as the “Saintess,” won over most of the inhabitants and adventurers of the royal capital and even called her father, Count Sariol, to her side, condemned the Great Church, and destroyed the royal family in a single day is a bit too much of a stretch.


 Researchers have suggested that Count Sariol may have used his daughter’s influence to gain the people’s approval to destroy the royal family and then reform the Great Church, but in order to dilute the stigma of his usurpation of the throne, he may have revised history with a dramatic storyline that would be popular with the people.


 However, there are as many versions of history as there are people, and there are truths that are not told in history books. Only those who were alive at the time can tell what really happened.


 Actually, there’s a story about a person who was placed in an incomprehensible situation where he had no intention of acting behind the scenes, but somehow ended up acting behind the scenes without even knowing it himself, it is a truth that is not written in history books, but it is a fact. But that is a different story…


 Thus, a legend was born.



T/N: Rook, the unintentional saboteur/revolutionary.






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