All-rounder Healer Chapter 314: [Epilogue] A Person Who Doesn’t Come To The Match But Participates In The Afterparty

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“Is today a really, really bad day?” (Rook)



 He says this and starts running toward town.


 Was there a stampede? No, that would have left claw marks everywhere.


 If so, did some army attack? Or a large monster?


 But as far as we can see from a distance, we can’t see any signs of walls or gates being destroyed from this side.


 I ran through the snowy road without understanding the meaning at all, and finally arrived at the gate, looked down to catch my breath, and looked up to see a middle-aged woman sweeping outside the gate.



“…” (Rook)



 There was the same scene as usual… No, there were usually soldiers at the gate, and I don’t think the woman ever bothered to come sweep outside the gate.


 It’s strange, but it doesn’t seem strange. It’s a strange feeling as if bugs are crawling around my brain.


 I approached the gate and tried to talk to the woman.



“I’m sorry. I just got back. What happened?” (Rook)


“Huh? Ah, it’s already over. I think they’re holding a launch in the plaza now.” (Woman)



 After saying that, the woman went back to cleaning.


 What do you mean by “it’s already over”? Was there any event today? The harvest festival… is over, and also, it is winter, so maybe a snow festival? Well, there was smoke, so it might have been a fireworks display! Or maybe a New Year’s party considering the timing? …No, no, I just don’t like the fact that I was the only one who wasn’t invited to the New Year’s party and was sent away for work…



“I guess I’ll go to the Adventurer’s Guild for now…” (Rook)



 I entered the town through the gate without understanding what was going on.


 There are few people in the town, and many of them are tidying up stores or repairing broken walls and so on.


 The town seemed a lot rougher than the one I saw on my way out in the morning.


 What is this? Could it be…?



“Was it a bull-running festival!” (Rook)



 …No, no, I’ve never heard of cattle-type monsters appearing around here, so that’s unlikely.


 If that’s the case, then…



“Was it something like a tomato-throwing festival?” (Rook)



 Hmm… it’s not that dirty, so this would be different too.


 Well, I can’t deny the possibility that strange festivals like the Danjiri Festival or the Onbashira Festival are common in this world. There are probably still some customs that I don’t understand yet.


 As I walked to the center of the town, I gradually began to hear lively voices. And as I got closer to the square, I began to see many people out on the streets, happily gulping down their drinks from cups.


 If you look closely, you can see that many people’s clothes are tattered, many are wounded and soaked in blood, and many are bandaged.


 But their faces were radiant and they seemed to be really enjoying themselves.


 Could this be?



“I see! It’s a fighting festival!” (Rook)



 An idea flashed in my head, and I clapped my hands.


 I believe there was a strange festival in Japan where people beat each other with their bare hands. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be surprising if there is a similar festival in the otherworld!


 Feeling good about my perfect and brilliant deduction, I entered the Adventurers’ Guild and reported to the receptionist that my investigation was complete.



“The investigation is complete. There was a monster inside, but I took care of it.” (Rook)


“Thank you for your hard work.” (Receptionist)



 After much thought about reporting the monster, I decided to just report the fact that I had defeated the monster that was inside.


 But today, the Adventurers’ Guild is very lively, with more people than usual, and it’s full of macho and hot-blooded men.


 I asked the receptionist.



“It’s lively today. Was there some sort of festival going on?” (Rook)



 I was about to find the answer to the mystery filling my mind, but the moment I heard it, the receptionist stopped and looked surprised.



“By any chance, did Mr. Rook come back just now?” (Receptionist)


“Yeah, I just did.” (Rook)



 The receptionist had a complicated expression and seemed to be thinking about it.


 I haven’t told anyone about my guess, but it doesn’t make too much sense that she is this surprised.


 Eh? Could it be that they really had a New Year’s party without me? Is that why she looks awkward? No, way… right? You must be kidding?


 As I was sweating inside, the receptionist began to speak as if she was choosing her words carefully.



“Well, it’s hard to explain, but if I were to explain it simply–there’s been a revolution.” (Receptionist)


“…Huh? Revolution, you mean that revolution?” (Rook)


“Yes, I mean that revolution.” (Receptionist)



 I didn’t know what it meant, and my head was filled with confusion.



“No, I don’t understand it at all. So, what’s all the celebration about?” (Rook)


“It’s a feast to celebrate the overthrowing of the Solmar family and Saint Elena!” (Receptionist)


“……eh?” (Rook)



 Confusion has now flooded my mind.


 Overthrowing of the Solmar family? Elena? What? Elena?


 Where, what, why, is it really relevant?


 I don’t understand what’s going on anymore…


 And so, in a world where I was the only one left behind, the afterparty continued obliviously.


 It was a while later that I groaned as I remembered that ” Three years for peaches and chestnuts, eight years for persimmons, but if you use fairy medicine, it’s almost instantaneous.”




T/N: Boo! Where’s the beheading scene? *Sigh* The story is too light-hearted for such scenes.






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